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Ugly Betty

TVPGComedyDramaTeenTV Series2006

In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. Styles come and go, an...more

In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. St...More

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Episode 1


A plain young Mexican-American woman living in Queens, NY gets thrown into the world of high fashion when she becomes an executive assistant at an upscale Manhattan fashion magazine.
Episode 2

The Box and the Bunny

Betty loses a proof of the entire magazine, including photos of an actress that would create embarrassment for the magazine if they get out.
Episode 3

Queens for a Day

Betty uses her local connections to lure a famous photographer to shoot a spread for the magazine.
Episode 4

Fey's Sleigh Ride

Betty, Betty, Marc and Amanda fear they have inadvertently leaked the secret of Mode's big Christmas photo-shoot.Marc and Amanda fear they have leaked a Mode secret.
Episode 5

The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe

Betty has a series of frightful experiences on Halloween, including dealing with her growing attraction to Henry; Daniel visits his mom in rehab.
Episode 6

Trust, Lust and Must

Sofia Reyes, new to Mode, leaves a lasting impression on Daniel and Betty.
Episode 7

After Hours

Assigned to review a posh new hotel, Betty takes a break from her family troubles; Daniel is dismayed when Sofia Reyes and her team take up residence in the Mode conference room.
Episode 8

Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral

Daniel attends his parents brunch in hope of seeing Sofia; Wilhelmina tries something she has never before attempted, cooking a turkey.
Episode 9

Lose the Boss

Betty struggles to put together a last-minute Mode photo shoot with a famous couple and their baby the day after Thanksgiving; dejected Daniel recuperates from a hangover at the Suarez house.
Episode 10

Fake Plastic Snow

Betty questions her relationship with Walter and her feelings for Henry. Daniel is certain of his love for Sofia and Amanda makes a play to get Betty's job.
Episode 11


The assistants whip themselves into a frenzy over who will get the swag when Christine announces she is going to clean out the magazine's closet.
Episode 12

Sofia's Choice

Betty discovers evidence that casts doubt on Sofia's intentions. Seeing a kinder, gentler Wilhelmina shocks Mode staffers and Ignacio finds it difficult to bond with his immigration caseworker.
Episode 13

In or Out

Betty determines to get Daniel back to work and over his sadness by setting him up on a date with a supermodel. Wilhelmina decides who will continue working at Mode.
Episode 14

I'm Coming Out

Betty hustles to ensure Mode's runway show goes off without a hitch during New York's Fashion Week; Christina prepares for the debut of her own designs; a shocking revelation abruptly halts Mode's show.
Episode 15


The masked woman's shocking announcement leaves Mode in chaos and the Meades at odds.
Episode 16


Daniel reconnects with a woman he once stood up for a date in college, who is now a powerful attorney; Betty befriends a likable out-of-towner she meets in the cafeteria.
Episode 17

Icing on the Cake

Betty impulsively invites her orthodontist to be her date for Charlie's birthday party; Wilhelmina tries to come between Daniel and Alexis; a very unusual designer declares that Amanda is his muse.
Episode 18

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

When his suspicious mom arrives in town, Marc convinces Betty to pretend to be his girlfriend; Daniel and Alexis struggle to work together.
Episode 19

Punch Out

Daniel reverts to his old hard-partying ways; a tell-all writer with Fey Sommers' diaries starts stalking the Meades.
Episode 20


Betty tries to avoid Daniel, Christina and Henry; Alexis gets asked out on her first date as a woman; Amanda begins a flirtation with a designer whom she assumes is gay.
Episode 21

Secretaries Day

Betty looks for ways to come up with extra money to solve a family dilemma while trying to plan the magazine's big assistants-week bash at a medieval-themed restaurant.
Episode 22

A Tree Grows in Guadalajara

Betty and her family go to Guadalajara to solve Ignacio's immigration problems; Betty questions her aunt and cousin about her late mother; Jordan visits Alexis.
Episode 23

East Side Story

Betty's romance with Henry heats up; Wilhelmina's power play moves forward; old ghosts create new problems for the Suarez family.

Job Offer

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Recap: Thing Fall Apart

About this Show

Ugly Betty

In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. Styles come and go, and the only constants are the super thin beauties who wear them. How can an ordinary girl from Queens possibly fit in?

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