5 seasons available

Tree Fu Tom

TVY • Fantasy, Animation, Kids • TV Series • 2013

A magical 3D CGI adventure series for 3-5 year olds, Tree Fu Tom follows the adventures of Tom, his best friend Twigs and a cast of playmates in the m...more

A magical 3D CGI adventure series for 3-5 year olds, Tree Fu Tom follows the adventures of Tom, his best friend Twigs and a cast of playmates in the m...more

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5 seasons available (72 episodes)

5 seasons available

(72 episodes)

Episode 1


Tom arrives to find Treetopolis in the midst of the annual migration of the ‘sticky bugs’ so called because they have a habit of attaching themselves to living things and then not letting go. As the bugs swarm, Tom and Twigs manage to avoid them, but Zigzoo is not so lucky and ends up with one stuck between his hands. Not being able to touch the bugs, our heroes try and use Zigzoo’s robot, on voice control, to free their friend but their attempts to dislodge it fail and soon another is drawn towards Zigzoo and tries to attach itself to the first one. To escape, the friends jump onto a boat and speed off with the robot steering, unfortunately things get a bit confused with everyone shouting conflicting instructions to avoid the bugs causing the robot to go into meltdown, locking the boat into a tight turn that creates a dangerous whirlpool. Tom uses BWM to pull everyone to safety. But their relief is short lived as soon the bugs are back in force and Zigzoo ends up with even more attached to his hands. Panicking, Tom and Twigs try and use Zigzoo’s other machines to free him. This proves futile until Tom finally hits on a solution, ‘popple flowers’, the bugs favourite food, he flies off to find Ariela who knows where to find popple flowers and when he returns he discovers that Twigs is covered in bugs too. Using BWM, he freezes the swarming bugs just as Ariela flies in with two bunches of their favourite treat. It’s touch and go for a few moments but finally the popple flowers prove too irresistible for the bugs and they unstick themselves much to Zigzoo and Twigs relief.
Episode 2

Ranger Tom and the Musha Rangers

Collecting slime for one of their schemes, the Mushas disturb the habitat of a colony of slime-sipper beetles, forcing them to leave their home. The Tree Fu Rangers discover the empty, ruined nest and find an abandoned egg. Rickety rallies his troops to help out and earn their ‘Friend of the Forest’ badge. They will lure the beetles back, repair the nest and take the abandoned egg to Ariela to get her advice on hatching it. Watching this willing workforce, the Mushas decide to form their own Ranger group, the ‘Musha Rangers’ enticing Chezz, Twigs and Hazel to join with the promise of easily earned badges and lots of them. Meanwhile at Ariela’s Ranch, Tom arrives to find Ariela with Zigzoo, who is about to start smashing boulders in one of her fields, with his helping hand machine. As Tom shows Ariela the egg, its legs hatch out and it runs off into the path of the machine. Seeing the danger, Tom uses BWM to freeze Zigzoo’s machine and rescue the runaway egg, just in time for it to hatch fully into a baby beetle. Back at the slimepools the new recruits are tricked into earning their ‘Slime Sucker’ badges and unwittingly contribute to the Mushas plan. Gathering slime, they supply a slime cloud squirting machine, a device designed to rain slime down over Treetopolis. In the process Chezz gets sucked into the machine and spat out, atop a slime cloud on its way to the castle. As the cloud erupts Tom uses BWM to contain the falling slime and funnel it back to the slimepools while Twigs catches Chezz as he falls. In the end order is restored with the mother and baby beetle reunited on a nest rebuilt by the Tree Fu Rangers.
Episode 3

Flicker Goes Out

At Spell School, Tom and Twigs are chosen by Treetog to learn a new kind of magic with the mysterious Red magic master, Muru. However to perform red magic, they first need a red crystal, so Muru sets them on a journey to the deepest, darkest caverns to find one. Nearby the Mushas overhear this and decide they want the red crystals for themselves and hatch a plan to get some. Back with Tom and Twigs, Treetog assigns Squirmtum, with his glowing friend Flicker to guide them and Zigzoo offers his new invention, the Mega Torch 4000 to provide extra light. Squirmtum insists they won’t need the torch as he has Flicker to light the way, but Zigzoo persuades them to take it anyway. As they enter the caverns a debate ensues over which light source is the better. Tom convinces Squirmtum to give the torch a try and he is very impressed. Flicker however is not and flies away feeling sad. Just as the brave adventurers find a source of red crystals their torch gets broken plunging the cavern into complete darkness. Squirmtum calls for Flicker to help with light and realises he’s not there. Panicking he ends up wedged in a hole and about to cause a cave collapse. Tom uses BWM to save him. Meanwhile the Mushas capture Flicker in a jar and use him to light their way to the crystals, however just as they locate them, they trip, losing Flicker and plunging their cavern into darkness. Panic ensues again and in the chaos everyone except Tom falls into a chasm, clinging to a large root. Flicker reappears and his glow shows Tom the danger his friends are in, then Muru magically appears and reveals a red crystal at Tom’s feet before coaching him in how to use Red magic. This he does with BWRM and the ‘Elephant Power’ spell, lifting his friends to safety and reuniting Squirmtum with Flicker.
Episode 4

It's a Kind of Magic

Tom flies in to find an impatient Twigs waiting for their Red magic teacher Muru to arrive for a lesson. Appearing out of nowhere with a magic time control stick, Muru starts the lesson only to be called away almost immediately. Gone in a flash he leaves the stick behind. Unable to resist playing with it, Twigs accidentally breaks the stick and before he can put things right, it comes to life and flies off, running amok around Treetopolis. After a wild pursuit, Tom and Twigs end up in a field of flowers searching for the stick when Twigs disturbs an angry bee. Chased around, Twigs ends up clinging on to the bee in real danger. Tom uses BWRM to summon up the ‘Speedy Cheetah’ spell in order to fly fast enough to rescue his friend. The stick then reappears and Tom and Twigs continue the chase to the Dead Branch Desert, a hot and arid area where they encounter a magic bush with branches that look very similar to the time stick. Twigs decides to harvest a new stick and also take a few extras for himself but in the process the bush comes to life taking hold of him and slowly turning him into wood. Tom needs to rescue his friend and uses BWRM to invoke the ‘Gigantic Gorilla’ spell to break Twigs free. As they prepare to head back for their lesson, Muru reappears suddenly beside them having seen the whole episode in his own magical way. He tells them that their adventure was their lesson with the key learning goal being ‘don’t mess with things you don’t understand’.
Episode 5

Dark Sprites

When Squirmtum becomes frightened by strange noises coming from within the caverns, Tom and Twigs go to investigate. Once inside, they discover Rootle and Shade, two Dark Sprites who inhabit the deep root caverns. Striking up a new friendship, the Sprites show off the wonders of their underground world which includes mumble corn, cave grubs and colourful crystals. They even give Twigs a red crystal of his own, as a keepsake. Revealing that they have never been above ground, Tom invites them to come up and see the rest of Treetopolis. The Dark Sprites refuse because they are frightened of light so Tom asks Zigzoo if he has a machine that can create dark in the daylight and of course he does. The Dark Sprites emerge from the caverns to be met by the Shadowbot, a voice activated shadow-casting robot. Under the safety blanket of its temporary shadow, Tom and Twigs give Rootle and Shade a tour of the above ground world. Things are going well until suddenly the machine runs out of power. As its shadow starts to shrink, the Dark Sprites start to panic and Tom uses BWM to power the machine back up. To make sure it stays that way, Twigs puts the red crystal, he was given earlier, into the Shadowbot’s power cell. Red crystals being unpredictable, this causes the machine to go crazy, running off spreading permanent darkness wherever it goes. It’s now up to Tom to find the runaway Shadowbot and remove the red crystal before it does too much damage. He does this with BWM and in the end the Dark Sprites learn to overcome their fears of light.
Episode 6

Ranger Tom: a Friend Indeed

It’s a Tree Fu Rangers day and Tom arrives to find Twigs and Chezz arguing and tussling over a strange object made up of a spirocap fungus, a helipod seed and powered by silver sap. It belongs to Rickety and when it gets broken, the Rangers have their challenge of the day, to undertake a scavenger hunt to find the components to rebuild it. Heading off on the hunt, Twigs and Chezz continue to argue, this time over what to find first and how to find it. Tom is caught in the middle trying to keep everyone working together and focused. Directing the group to the caverns to find the silver sap, things take a turn for the worse when Twigs and Chezz end up getting trapped in small cave by a boulder. Tom uses BWM to free them after which they decide to split up and find one vital component piece each. Twigs goes in search of a helipod seed and ends up airborne and clinging helplessly to an out of control seed. Chezz on the scent of a spirocap fungus finds himself in the path of a hungry chomper fungus and it’s down to Tom to rescue them both again. He does this with BWM using a giant bubble to pick them up and carry them to safety, reunited the three friends now decide to work together to collect the components they need and return with them to The Ranger Clubhouse. Rickety uses the bits and pieces to rebuild the object, which he reveals as a Buddy-o meter, a device that detects Rangers who work well together. The machine detects a very strong friendship, spins up into the air in a shower of fireworks and the Rangers each receive their ‘Together is Better’ badges.
Episode 7

How to Train Your Buggle

It’s the day of the Treetopolis pet show, ‘Trufts’, with excited owners training their pets for the big event. Tom arrives to find Twigs trying to train his buggle, called Whizzy. Try as he might, Twigs just can’t get Whizzy to respond to any of his commands. All she seems to do is ‘click-raspberry-whistle’. Ariela says that to train Whizzy, Twigs needs to find a way to really understand her, so he and Tom set about trying to do just that. In the process Whizzy gets accidentally swapped with a very similar looking but badly behaved and smelly buggle called Whiffy, owned and trained by the Mushas. Tom then has to use BWM to rescue the badly behaved Whiffy (who they now think is Whizzy) when he gets stuck in a fungus. Still not realising the mix-up, the two sets of owners head to Trufts, the Mushas with the well behaved Whizzy, Twigs with the out of control Whiffy. They soon realise something is wrong as Puffy’s pet wins an award and Twigs’ creates mayhem sending a herd of aphids into a wild stampede. In the process, Twigs and the two buggles get catapulted onto a tall windmill, dangling precariously above Ariela’s barn. Tom uses BWM to save them and they finally realise the pet mix up. Tom and Twigs also notice that Whizzy responds to the ‘click-raspberry-whistle’noise she’s been making all along and realise this is the way to communicate with her. As the aphids continue to run amok, Twigs commands Whizzy to find them and bring them home. She performs this task perfectly and wins the Trufts award for Best in Show.
Episode 8


At the Dead Branch Desert, Tom finds Twigs impatiently waiting for Muru to turn up to for their Red magic lesson. When Muru does arrive he reveals a magical ‘spell stone’, a wonderful device that shows all the red spells available. The ‘Digging Desert Mole’ is the spell he wants them to focus on and he demonstrates it before asking Tom and Twigs to practise it by moving a large pile of dust into a hole. Leaving them to do this, Tom struggles to master the spell while Twigs gets impatient and starts looking through the spells on the spell stone and suggests they try a different spell to move the dust, the ‘Gigantic Gorilla’. Tom thinks they should try the ‘Wind of the Wings’. Unable to agree they cast both spells simultaneously and create a treenado, a spiralling tornado that sucks up everything in its path. In an attempt to stop it they try the spells again but only succeed in making things worse. Fearing it will destroy the Dead Branch, Tom does the BWRM ‘Elephant Power’ spell to stomp the treenado out. Just as they congratulate themselves on making everything safe they receive a frantic call from Zigzoo telling them of the appearance of a dust storm in the rest of Treetopolis. They fly to his aid and find they have just transferred it elsewhere. The treenado continues to rampage throughout the tree and they find themselves rescuing Sprites and Ariela as the dust starts depositing and rising around them. Tom realises he needs the ‘Digging Desert Mole’ spell, the one he failed to master earlier on and using BWRM successfully digs a tunnel back to the desert. The treenado flows through the tunnel and back where it came from thus saving the rest of the tree. Muru arrives and reveals that he’s been watching them the whole time.
Episode 9

Friendship Day

Tom arrives to find Treetopolis being decorated for ‘Friendship Day’. Twigs shows him the large piñata held afloat by a hoverscope beam and takes him to the fountain to explain about the Friendship ceremony and buddy buns, tasty treats made by Squirmtum and Zigzoo. Tom points out the table is empty which means the buddy buns haven’t arrived which sends Twigs into a panic. Just then Treetog summons them to the castle to see the ‘Rainbow Crystal of Friendship’, which chooses Squirmtum and Zigzoo to be this year’s ‘Special Friends’. She asks Tom and Twigs to take the crystal to them and ensure they come to the fountain, together. Meanwhile at the pond, Zigzoo is fixing one of Ariela’s machines which needs a new sap cell. Ariela suggests he asks Squirmtum for one but Zigzoo reveals they are not speaking, instead he goes to get some sap from the hoverscope. When Tom and Twigs deliver the crystal to Squirmtum and learn about the falling out, they look for Zigzoo, but when they find him they discover he’s dropped the hoverscope’s sap cell causing the piñata to start falling, threatening his houseboat. Tom uses the BWM ‘Helping Hand’ spell to avert danger. Zigzoo reveals he fell out with Squirmtum over the buddy bun flavour. He wanted chuckleberry chip but Squirmtum wanted frosty berry fondant. Tom convinces Zigzoo and Squirmtum to make up, but they end up arguing on an out-of-control hover platform and Tom has to use the BWM ‘Super Freeze’ spell to bring the platform safely to ground. Zigzoo and Squirmtum reconcile and decide to make the buddy buns by combining both their flavours. They deliver the buns and the friendship crystal to the fountain and a rainbow jet streams from the fountain popping the piñata, which explodes sending sparkle spores into the sky.
Episode 10

Box of Tricks

Twigs has a new leafboard that is very hard to master and requires great concentration to operate. Tom is about to try it when they’re both called away for a Red magic lesson at the Dead Branch. They arrive to find a mysterious box that is very heavy and hard to move. Muru arrives and teaches them a new spell, the ‘Gripping Bear’ which enables them to lift the box but only if they stay focused on it. He asks them to deliver the box to Treetog but warns them not to open it. Using the new spell, things start out well but soon become difficult through lack of concentration. First Twigs smells trillicakes and then hears a strange voice. Distracted by this they drop the box and discover that it’s magic and can speak. The Mushas turn up and the box tries to lure each of them to open it: Twigs with the promise of trillicakes, the Mushas with slime bars. Tom convinces Twigs to ignore the box thinking it’s a test from Muru and they continue on their way to Treetog, pursued by the Mushas. The box continues to tempt Twigs and he eventually gives in, opens the lid and gets sucked inside. The Mushas catch up and a tug-o-war ensues with Tom over the box with it ending up balanced on the brink of a chasm. Tom uses BWRM to save the box only to have it swiped from him by the Mushas. The box then lures Puffy and Stink to open its lid and they get sucked inside. Tom tries to be strong but the box also lures him with the offer of a new leafboard so he too gets sucked inside. Tom uses magic to prise the box open but in so doing sends it into a spiralling vortex that threatens to suck in everything around it. He uses the BWRM ‘Crocodile Snap’ spell to close the box and remove the danger. They continue on their way, deliver the box to Treetog and learn a valuable lesson about concentration.
Episode 11

Ranger Tom: Beetles and Grubbles

It’s a Tree Fu Rangers Day and Tom arrives to find Rickety explaining a new game ‘Beetle and Grubbles’ that teaches the Rangers how to track. Chezz is chosen to be the ‘Beetle’ meaning he gets to lay a trail of signs while the rest of the Rangers or ‘Grubbles’ have to track him by following this trail. Rickety reminds them that the game is all about having fun, but Twigs and Chezz forget this and try to outdo each other. When the game begins Chezz starts laying trail signs but not wanting to be beaten he cheats by covering up a sign to make it hard for the Grubbles to find, he then heads into the Fungus Forest. However the Grubbles discover the hidden sign, but then Twigs followed by the other Sprites get stuck to a sticky fungus. Tom uses BWM via the ‘Super Pull’ spell to free them and the dejected Grubbles go back to the base camp thinking that Chezz must have won. On their return they discover that he’s not there and Rickety asks Tom and Twigs to go back out and find him. Meanwhile Chezz continues on his way unaware that a Big Foot Beetle is following him and eating all his trail signs, finally hearing strange noises, Chezz becomes a little scared and then realises he’s run out of berries for his trail. Clutching his last berry he decides it’s time to end the game and retrace his steps back to base, but he comes face to face with the very friendly but also hungry Big Foot Beetle and a wild chase ensues. Tom and Twigs arrive to see this and tell Chezz he needs to throw the berry away. He does, but in the process, accidentally falls into a cannonball fungus and gets blasted into the air. Tom uses BWM via the ‘Helping Hand’ spell to catch Chezz and drop him to safety. Returning to the base camp, Rickety gives everyone badges for playing the game.
Episode 12

Need for Less Speed

Today is the day that the fruits on the Wonderful Wish Fruit plant ripen and there is a race to pick the first fruit, because that means you get to choose what all the rest of the fruit will taste like. Everybody wants to take part in the race, Zigzoo has his amphibious cart, Ariela has Teabiscuit, Squirmtum his hover platform, the Mushas their spore bike and Tom and Twigs have borrowed the Turbo-Rantula from Rickety. Rickety is reluctant to lend it to them and tells them to drive carefully or it will overheat and break down, but Tom and Twigs don’t really listen. They have also forgotten that they were meant to meet Muru for their Red Magic lesson but after much pleading Muru lets them off to compete in the race, but then cryptically adds it will also be their Red Magic lesson. The Mushas are up to their usual mischief, tricking Squirmtum into stopping to help them then taking his sap cell so he is stranded. Meanwhile things don’t start out well for Tom and Twigs as they nearly drive into a chasm but Tom rescues them using BWRM and the ‘Elephant Power’ spell. The Mushas then sabotage Zigzoo and Ariela and then Tom and Twigs have to dodge the Mushas obstacles and eventually the Turbo-Rantula overheats and breaks down. Tom manages to fix it and when they finally arrive at the plant they find that everyone is stuck to the Wonderful Wish Fruit plant’s leaves. Twigs rushes in convinced he can get to the fruit by being really fast and ends up stuck to the plant too. Then Tom remembers Muru’s words that there is more to Red Magic than speed and does the BWRM ‘Chameleon Camouflage’ spell and manages by stealth to outwit the plant and pick the fruit, which releases everyone from its leaves. Tom then wishes that each fruit picked is the flavour that everyone wishes for.
Episode 13

The Good, the Bad and the Mushas

Muru is teaching Twigs and Tom two red magic spells but they cannot master either of them. He says they need to understand the spirit of animals and knows how both of them can do that, so he takes them to Ariela’s Ranch. Observed by the Mushas, Puffy says she wishes they could go as fast as Muru, because they think of all the extra mischief they could do, but first they would need to get a red crystal. Ariela has to take her beetles to the Red Rock Canyon for sparkle bark to cure their foot fungus. She is jumpy as the last time she went there she was caught in a sawdust storm then a rockslide. Muru suggests that Twigs and Tom accompany her and in the process they will learn to understand animals and master Red Magic. The Mushas follow them, as they are convinced that is where they will find some red crystals. On the way a sawdust storm erupts blowing Ariela into a patch of sinking sawdust, in an effort to rescue her, Twigs ends up in it too. Tom uses BWRM and the ‘Digging Desert Mole’ spell to rescue them but the herd of beetles has disappeared. The storm then picks up the Mushas carrying them to Red Rock Canyon, where they are disappointed to find no red crystals just red rocks and Ariela’s beetles and they decide to hitch a ride home on two of them. Meanwhile Ariela, Tom and Twigs work out that the beetles have probably headed to the Red Rock Canyon to find shade. In her effort to get the beetles moving, Puffy shouts causing a landslide, which traps some of the herd while the two the Mushas are riding gallop off into the desert. Tom uses BWRM and the ‘Rhino Charge’ spell, which allows him to break through the rocks and free the trapped beetles. Meanwhile Ariela whistles and the runaway beetles come back, leaving the Mushas to walk home on foot.
Episode 14

Racquette Risks a Rescue

Tom and Twigs are playing a challenging version of Squizzle called ‘Silly Squizzle’ when Rickety arrives with his granddaughter Racquette. She wants to join in but is stopped by Rickety who wants to keep her from doing anything too exciting, however Racquette finally manages to persuade her reluctant Grandfather to let her play with Tom and Twigs. They take her on a tour of Treetopolis starting at Ariela’s Ranch where Ariela gives Racquette a bucket of seed to feed her aphids. Tossing the seed exuberantly, Racquette over excites Teabiscuit, causing him to bump into her and upend the bucket on his head. Racquette then gets flung onto his back and rides him like a bucking bronco until Tom rescues her. They continue the tour with a visit to Spell School. Watching Chezz move jittery split peas with magic, Racquette tries to copy him, until Tom realises she doesn’t have a magic sapstone and can’t do magic. As Tom and Twigs try to stop her they knock over a bag of peas, causing them to multiply out of control and stack up in the courtyard. Now posing a threat, Tom uses BWM to clear them away. The final destination is Squirmtum, who gives them a tour of the caverns in his Cavern Coaster. They stop near the sap taps where Squirmtum and Tom alight to replenish some empty cells. Leaving Twigs and Racquette alone in the Coaster, she suggests they help Squirmtum by gathering some more empty cells. Impulsively releasing the Coaster’s brake, she breaks it and they career out of control towards the bottomless pit. Tom rushes to the rescue, using BWM via the ‘Lifting Wind’ spell to stop the falling coaster. Racquette helps by spinning a web sail and together with Tom’s spell they sail to safety. In the end Racquette is given a chance to prove herself and Rickety learns to trust her.
Episode 15

Musha Island

Twigs and Bertie are struggling to pull an unidentified object from the Great Slime Lake when Tom arrives to lend a hand. The three friends work together and use magic to lift the object free, discovering it’s actually a small sailing boat. Excited to play on it, Tom suggests a pirate game complete with eye patches and a pretend adventure and then makes a treasure map. The Mushas, hiding nearby, see and overhear all of this and thinking there really is treasure, decide to be real pirates. Needing a pirate flag, Tom and Twigs go to make one, leaving Bertie on board with the map. No soon as they’ve left, the Mushas appear, climb aboard the boat and pretend to be Bertie’s friends in order to get hold of his map, making him part of their crew and set sail to find a treasure island. Tom and Twigs return just in time to see the boat pulling away and fly out to investigate. The Musha crew avoids them by steering the boat haphazardly but in the process they cause it to start sinking. Tom uses BWM via the ‘Super Lifto’ spell to right the boat and re-float it. The Mushas then trick Bertie into using magic to tie Tom and Twigs up just as the boat runs aground. The Mushas leap off the boat and claim the landmass as ‘Musha Island’ by planting a flag but in doing so soon see the error of their ways, as it is in fact a dangerous giant spinning fungo disc which starts spinning rapidly up and out of the slime. Tom persuades Bertie to untie them. Tom now has to use BWM via the ‘Magic Go Back’ spell to stop the spinning fungo disc which is heading towards the Ranger Clubhouse. He successfully places it back on the Great Lake and Bertie learns a valuable lesson about true friends.
Episode 16

An A-Maze-Ing Adventure

Tom arrives to find Twigs trying to guess what will be in today’s red magic lesson. Muru appears telling them that on his way to meet them, he saw something amazing and points to some water. They don’t think water’s very amazing so Muru decides to send them on a quest to find something really, really, really amazing. Meanwhile the Mushas are plotting mischief but dive for cover when Muru, Tom and Twigs approach. They hear them talking about this really, really, really amazing thing and decide they want it too so follow them. Muru tells Tom and Twigs that to reach it they must go through a magic door. Twigs rushes at it, but it slams shut, Tom then works out how to keep it open with a rock. Muru says that beyond the door is a maze and in it they will find something that needs their help - if they help it, it will help them. In the maze Twigs needs a rest and sits down on a rock, triggering a giant grumbleberry to come rolling after him. Tom has to use BWRM and the ‘Speedy Cheetah’ spell to snatch Twigs to safety. Thirsty they continue the quest. The Mushas are in the maze and Puffy stands on a rock, this time triggering spikes that start coming towards them and they both flee, running past Tom and Twigs who are rescuing a dried up plant. They flee too and they all end up trapped at the bottom of a cavern. Stink stumbles on a treasure chest, but is disappointed to find it only contains water. Tom gives some to the plant which grows, breaking through the cavern roof and offering them an escape route, but Stink refuses to leave and petulantly jumps up and down on another rock which causes the hole in the roof to start closing. Now they really do need to leave, so it’s time for BWRM and the ‘Gigantic Gorilla’ spell giving Tom enough power to carry everyone to safety.
Episode 17

Red Musha Mischief

The Dark Sprites (Rootle and Shade) are visiting Treetopolis and want to do something new, but everything Tom and Twigs suggests they have seen already. Finally Tom decides to show them a new Red Magic spell. The Mushas are listening in and think they have something new to show the Dark Sprites - their Slime Bubbler, however they’ve just run out of slime so head to the Fungus Forest to get more. Twigs is demonstrating the ‘Jumping Kangaroo’ spell when he gets hit by a slime bubble, then Tom gets hit too. Rootle and Shade are mesmerised by the bubbles and go looking for them and Tom and Twigs head off to find the Dark Sprites. When they find them, they’re introduced to their new friends Pink and Stuffy who are really Puffy and Stink and the Dark Sprites are disappointed when the Slime Bubbler runs out of power before it can churn out more bubbles. They ask the Mushas if they have any other cool things they can play with as they only have red crystals in their caverns. Puffy realises if they can get red crystals they can do Red Musha Mischief, so they let the Dark Sprites play with their stinkifier and pogo stick but then things go awry and the Dark Sprites get trapped on the out of control pogo stick and Tom has to use the BWRM ‘Jumping Kangaroo’ spell to rescue them. Rootle and Shade decide they’ve had enough of the Mushas stuff, until they arrive on their spore bike and offer the Dark Sprites a ride to the deep root caverns. Tom and Twigs follow them and see Shade giving Puffy a red crystal, which she puts in the Slime Bubbler which causes it to go into overdrive and Tom uses BWRM ‘Speedy Cheetah’ spell to stop it and save everyone. The Dark Sprites decide they have had enough of the Mushas cool stuff and decide to play squizzle with Tom and Twigs instead.
Episode 18

Ranger Tom and Ginormous George

Tom arrives to find Twigs building a tent to earn his Tent-builder badge. Racquette has been made a Ranger for the day so she can help and Twigs asks Tom to help too. They get building but they hear cries from Puffy and Stink and rush off and rescue them only to discover that they were just having a great time in a patch of tickle toadstools. The Rangers go back to their tent but the Mushas realise that those ‘do goody’ Rangers always come running when you shout for help which gives Stink his most marvellously mischievous idea ever. The Rangers hear the Mushas crying ‘help’ and they head off to the rescue. They find Puffy claiming there is a fungus chomping creature on the loose called Ginormous George and Stink, who is hidden, starts making chomping noises and crying for help. The Rangers race off to rescue Stink but then Racquette slips on the giant ‘slime trail’ that Stink has been painting and both her and Stink end up trapped on a fungus. Tom uses BWM and the ‘Super Freeze’ spell to rescue them. The Rangers suspect the Mushas have made it all up so Stink has an idea and tries to cram Puffy into the transform-o-booth, but she pushes him in instead and he transforms into Ginormous George and starts eating and getting bigger much to Puffy’s alarm. Puffy tries to get the Rangers to help her but they think it’s another trick and continue their tent building. Puffy tries to get Stink back into the transform-o-booth but he flattens it. Meanwhile the Rangers complete the perfect tent when Ginormous George appears and destroys it before heading off to the clubhouse. Tom needs BWM and the ‘Magic Go Back’ spell to turn Stink back to himself. The Rangers finally manage to finish the tent and earn new Ranger badges all round.
Episode 19

Dead Branch Challenge

Racquette tells Tom and Twigs she’s invented a new type of squizzle where you aren’t allowed to use your hands. They think it’s impossible, but Racquette says you just have to think of new ways of moving it. Tom tells her they have to meet Muru for their Red Magic lesson. Racquette asks to come too, but they say they have to get there very fast and she won’t be able to keep up but when they arrive they find Racquette already there. Muru sets them all a challenge, they must cross the Dead Branch Desert without flying or stepping on the ground. If they find the challenge impossible, Muru will come and fetch them. Twigs thinks they should admit defeat immediately until Tom works out they can bounce on bark curls. They come to the last curl and there is nothing left but prickle bud plants and Twigs wants to give up again. Then they see a family of bark beetles. Tom speaks to the beetles who say they are thirsty so Racquette lassoes a prickle bud plant and they all eat slices to quench their thirst (Twigs saving a piece for later). The beetles then give them a lift a little further. Now they have to get across a windy bit of desert. Racquette spins some parachutes and they glide across, but she gets caught in a wind and Tom rescues her using BWRM and the ‘Jumping Kangaroo’ spell. There’s only one last bit of desert to go and even Racquette thinks they should give up, but after encouragement from Tom, she throws a web tightrope over to the Red Rock Canyon and they walk across. Twigs starts to eat his slice of prickle bud plant and some juice falls on the ground, waking up a giant desert plant that grabs him so Tom uses BWRM and the ‘Gripping Bear’ spell to rescue him. They arrive at Red Rock Canyon where Muru shows them they could of crossed it by walking on their hands.
Episode 20

Raiders of the Lost Bark

Tom arrives to find Twigs trying to catch some whizz bark for his Bumper Book of Bark. They do the ‘Jumping Kangaroo’ spell together and catch some bark, however a strange creature arrives and grabs the bark and runs off. Ariela says it is a Treemite and they seem to like bark. Luckily Tom gives Twigs his piece of bark, which Twigs adds to the book and Ariela tells them that when the book is full, it turns itself into anything you wish for, as long as it’s made out of bark. The next kind of bark Twigs needs is tumble bark. Ariela tells them they can find it near Whisper Canyon and off they race, not hearing her also say that they need to be quiet there. They arrive to find the Treemite pursuing the tumble bark. Twigs gives chase and they both end up trapped inside the out of control rolling tumble bark, which is heading for Whisper Canyon. The noise they make starts landslides and cracks appear and Tom has to rescue them using BWRM and the ‘Gigantic Gorilla’ spell. The Treemite escapes with the bark but luckily Tom gives Twigs a piece that has snapped off. They now have only one piece of bark to find – sparkle bark, however the Treemites have taken it and vanished. Tom uses the power of the desert fox spell to hear where they have gone and they discover the Treemites have used the bark to build a strange giant bark ball. Twigs takes a tiny piece of sparkle bark from the ball, causing it to start rolling towards them and then towards Ariela’s Ranch. Tom uses BWRM and the ‘Wind of the Wings’ spell to avert disaster but in the process the ball is destroyed and then they discover it was actually the Treemite’s nest. Tom then has a brainwave, they complete the book and wish for a new Treemite home.

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