1 season available


TV14 • Anime, Comedy, Animation, International, Romance • TV Series • 2008

Toradora! tells the tale of Ryuji (dragon) and Taiga (tiger) helping each other confess to their crushes. From the classroom, to the pool, to a summer...more

Toradora! tells the tale of Ryuji (dragon) and Taiga (tiger) helping each other confess to their crushes. From the classroom, to the pool, to a summer...more

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1 season available (25 episodes)

1 season available

(25 episodes)

Episode 1

(Sub) Tiger and Dragon

Toradora! Is a romantic comedy involving Taiga and Ryuji. They seem to have little in common, but they team up to achieve a mutual goal. Check out the two main characters and the others supporting them.
Episode 2

(Sub) Taiga and Ryuji

As Ryuji spends more time with Taiga, he finds both kindness and weakness in her. He promises to be the dragon to help the tiger capture the heart of her love.
Episode 3

(Sub) Your Song

This episode focuses mainly on Ryuji's crush, Minori. She runs around working hart at both softball practices and part-time jobs. Ryuji watches in admiration from afar. This episode has both comedy and drama to show what makes Minori so attractive.
Episode 4

(Sub) That Look You Had

Kitamura tells Ryuji he first me Taiga when he tried to ask her out. Taiga also shows a different side when she tries to find a picture of Kitamura, but can't decide on one she likes.
Episode 5

(Sub) Kawashima Ami

The final main character, Ami Kawashima, appears. Ryuji was caught off-guard by her true nature. She acts like an innocent angel, but she is, in fact, a selfish little demon. She could be a new source of problems as she doesn't get along with Taiga at all.
Episode 6

(Sub) True Self

Was Ami actually jealous of Taiga who can be herself in front of anybody? She lets loose a river of tears when she finally confronts and gets rid of the stalker following her around. Did we finally get to see her natural self?
Episode 7

(Sub) Pool's Open

This episode focuses on pools and poolside antics. Ami's model body, Minori's healthy look, and Taiga who has supposedly grown since last year's picture all appear!
Episode 8

(Sub) Who Is This for?

Expressing such deep emotions is difficult. Taiga would never have said Ryuji is hers in tears if it wasn't for this incident. Sounds almost like a confession or a proposal but
Episode 9

(Sub) When You Go to the Sea

Even the reserved Ryuji plans to do something during his summer vacation beach trip. However, this plan relies solely on Taiga, so maybe he should reconsider�
Episode 10

(Sub) Fireworks

On this trip, Ryuji sees a new side of Minori. Ami is interested in Ryuji, and Taiga watches and Ryuji grows closer to Minori. Perhaps a new chapter in their relationship will begin.
Episode 11

(Sub) Ohashi High School Culture Festival, Part 1

Is Taiga going to reconcile with her father because of Ryuji? Ryuji realizes he has been transposing his own thoughts and feelings about his father onto Taiga. He realizes how much it hurts when Taiga goes back without saying a word. Did he ever stop to consider her feelings at all?
Episode 12

(Sub) Ohashi High School Culture Festival, Part 2

The wrestling show was a big hit. Everyone in attendance got kick out of it� except for that 30-year-old woman. Somehow, Taiga doesn't seem happy as she waits for her father. Ryuji and Minori also don�t seem happy, after getting into an argument. These tense moments last into Part 3 of the Culture Festival.
Episode 13

(Sub) Ohashi High School Culture Festival, Part 3

Taiga is bearing the sadness she feels about her father not coming to the beauty pageant. However, Taiga mustered a smile for both Ryuji and Minori, who arrived on the scene battered and bruised.
Episode 14

(Sub) Palm-top Tiger of Happiness

The story picks up after the school festival, but before voting for the student council. Check out Taiga screaming at Ryuji! Yasuko's comment becomes an important clue!
Episode 15

(Sub) Distant Stars

Kitamura, who has always been a model student, has gone nuts. You only get to see "blonde Kitamura" twice. What's even more rare is Ryuji, Taiga, and Kitamura together at Ryuji's house. Even thought she's bad at it, Taiga's attempts to cook are adorable.
Episode 16

(Sub) One Step Forward

The climax begins with Kitamura's confession. Taiga and Sumire fight each other, getting bloodied and beaten up. There is an interesting scene near the episode's end.
Episode 17

(Sub) Mercury Is Retrograde at Christmas

Starting with this episode, the opening and ending themes change, and thanks to the catchy subtitle, it's a memorable episode. You'll get hooked on Taiga's lovely smile, but Minori's depression is worrisome. Also, Haruta's imagination sequence is a refreshing change.
Episode 18

(Sub) Underneath the Fir Tree

A surprising chock reverberated through Japan when the giant Christmas tree collapsed. The shock was especially large because everyone knew how hard Taiga and Ami worked on it. Other than this, the scene where Taiga talks about her present is definitely worth watching.
Episode 19

(Sub) Christmas Eve Party

There are two major scenes in this episode. First is the event with Taiga and Ami. The other half deals with Ryuji, Taiga, and Minori's drama. The scene where Taiga runs crying was animated carefully.
Episode 20

(Sub) Stay Like This Forever

It's the new year, but everybody is stuck on what happened at the Christmas event. It's difficult to watch Taiga and Minori working so hard for each other's well-being, but never getting the results they intended. Thought it is nice to hear a teacher claim she has burnt to nothing!
Episode 21

(Sub) Can't Help Myself

A dramatic pacing shift! Minori and Ami get into a fist fight and Taiga gets lost in a blizzard. Towards the end, Ryuji accidentally hears Taiga's feelings about him.
Episode 22

(Sub) When You're Around

With Taiga gone, Ryuji's future is uncertain. It's an interesting scene because it reflects Taiga and Ryuji's future a little, as well. The scene at the ramen restaurant is a great change of pace.
Episode 23

(Sub) Path to Take

The sudden change from the lovely Valentine's Day scene is powerful and shows that Minori is serious. Another memorable scene is when Taiga reassures Ryuji that Yasuko will all right.
Episode 24

(Sub) Confession

Minori and Ami gave up on their feelings, while Ryuji and Taiga elope. Since Episode 24 is like the climax, it's longer than the rest. Also, the ED theme runs in the background.
Episode 25

(Sub) Toradora!

The final episode where every character's story comes to an end. Ryuji and Taiga get together, and afterward, Taiga takes a different path. There are also scenes of heart-warming friendship between the classmates.



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