6 seasons available

Top Gear USA

TV14 • Comedy, Lifestyle & Culture, Sports, Automotive • TV Series • 2010

Featuring super-cars, extreme stunts and challenges, car reviews and celebrity interviews, the U.S. version of the wildly popular BBC series Top Gear ...more

Featuring super-cars, extreme stunts and challenges, car reviews and celebrity interviews, the U.S. version of the wildly popular BBC series Top Gear ...more

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6 seasons available (72 episodes)

6 seasons available

(72 episodes)

Episode 1

Rubicon Trail

The hosts travel deep into California’s rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains to do something that's never been done before: photo map the Rubicon Trail, America’s most notorious 4x4 route. They lay life and limb on the line to take on a trail known for eating up and spitting out even the best four-wheel drive vehicles. It's a race against time to photo map the entire trail before a critical meeting where they must present their images to Google.
Episode 2

America vs Europe

Tanner, Adam, and Rutledge tackle automotive stereotypes by taking on the age old question: which country makes the best car? The guys battle it out in cars from past and present, manufactured in the countries of their ancestors: Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom; and go head to head against one of America's most badass, track prepped speed demons.
Episode 3

Budget Racing

Motor racing is one of the most expensive sports in the world, but does it have to be? To prove anyone can race on a budget the Top Gear hosts compete as a team in "24 Hours of Lemons," an endurance race where every car must cost less than $500. Each host buys a used car and they compete against each other to find out which car is the best. The winning car is entered in the race and the losing cars are destroyed.
Episode 4

Car for Life

The average American owns 8 different cars in their lifetime, but what if you could only own one? Tanner, Adam and Rutledge each pick one vehicle from their birth year that can excel in every stage of life including youth, parenthood, middle age, and the senior years. A series of challenges will determine which, if any, of their cars can escape the final stage of life...death.
Episode 5

Military Might

Is there a "civilian" vehicle tough enough to serve in the U.S. military? To find out, the hosts each pick a vehicle they think can survive combat and meet at Fort Irwin, a base the size of Rhode Island and the U.S. Army’s premier training facility. They test themselves and their vehicles in the most realistic combat training available, including racing a tank, evading sniper fire, and assisting a large scale rescue mission during a firefight with live explosives.
Episode 6

American Aftermarket

America loves speed, and for some people the fastest cars out of the factory just aren't fast enough. Upgrading and modifying cars is a billion dollar business, but upgrade packages can cost as much as the car itself. So Tanner, Adam, and Rutledge want to know if amped up performance is worth the price. To find out, the guys take three iconic American muscle cars with the best aftermarket upgrades money can buy and put them through a series of adrenaline fueled tests to see just how much bang you get for your buck.
Episode 7


The U.S. Postal Service has asked for proposals to build a new delivery vehicle to replace their classic postal truck. Rut, Tanner and Adam answer the call, modify the used automobile of their choice, and put it through a series of tests to find out which could make the best new postal delivery vehicle.
Episode 8

Winter Drop Top

Convertibles are associated with warm, sunny weather but are we missing half the fun? Common sense and conventional wisdom say a convertible is probably not the best car for winter driving. So Top Gear thumbs its nose at common sense and the hosts take to the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains to test all-wheel drive convertibles in challenges that make the Winter Olympics look like a walk in the park. But will they freeze to death doing it?
Episode 9

City Saviors

In the 1800s about five percent of Americans lived in the city. Now it's more like eighty percent. Is the American dream of four wheeled freedom dying? Or is there a perfect city car? The Top Gear hosts test their choices for the best city car by navigating the concrete jungle and all the dangers that lurk within: parking, traffic and the cops. Can they find a city savior?
Episode 10


The island nation of Cuba has the most unique car culture in the world. For over 50 years a strict embargo has made it illegal to import cars, parts, and tools from the U.S. This trapped classic American automobiles in a time capsule. In an unprecedented opportunity, the Top Gear hosts visit Cuba to find out how these cars from the golden age of American manufacturing are still on the road. They test and modify three classic American cars, then attempt to make history by competing in a government-sanctioned drag race and become the first Americans to legally race in Cuba in half a century.


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