1 season available

The ZhuZhus

TVG • Kids • TV Series • 2016

Frankie is on a quest for fun and adventure with her four pet hamsters, the Zhu Zhus. The Zhu Zhus are Pipsqueak, a leader like Polly, Mr. Squiggles, ...more

Frankie is on a quest for fun and adventure with her four pet hamsters, the Zhu Zhus. The Zhu Zhus are Pipsqueak, a leader like Polly, Mr. Squiggles, ...more

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

Happy Bounciversary / Say It, Don’t Spray It

Frankie enlists the Zhus to help her plan an anniversary party that Mom and Dad will never forget. After returning a skunk to the wild the Zhus get themselves lost in the woods and Dad and Frankie must find them before nightfall.
Episode 2

Home Run Hamsters / Chip Off the Old Chunk

Frankie forgets her glove at home and the Zhus must get it to her in time for the big game. The Zhu Zhus, after being told to not come to the grocery store with Frankie and mom, must find a way to sneak along and right a wrong.
Episode 3

Walter-Gate / Janitor Day

A dog that Frankie is looking after escapes the backyard and she needs to find him! The Zhus decide to make friends with Mr. Kerdel the school janitor so that they can spend the day at school with Frankie. It’s a nice idea that goes horribly wrong.
Episode 4

Goldfish Fingers / Skate-lebrity

Frankie and the Zhu Zhus snap a pipe while doing some plumbing and the house starts flooding. Chunk gives Frankie a makeover for her big TV skateboarding debut, but it backfires.
Episode 5

Zombie Sleep Over / The No-Kart Race

During Frankie’s first sleepover gets spooky after she and her friends watch a zombie movie. Frankie’s illness means no Go Kart race, but the Zhus get her in – too bad she’s asleep in bed.
Episode 6

Storming the Cat Castle / Ha Ha Hamsters

Num Nums is nabbed by the neighbour’s cat and Frankie and the Zhus mount a rescue mission. Frankie and the Zhus try to get on a TV show called “World’s Funniest Pets”.
Episode 7

Fur-Vivor / Zhuper Girl

A rainy day forces Frankie to create the first-ever indoor Iron Hamster Games. Frankie pretends to be Zhuper Girl and Squiggles takes his role as the villain too far.
Episode 8

Wingin’ It / Friendship Friend-zy

Frankie and the Zhus try to teach a baby bird they saved how to fly. The Zhus try to prove who is Frankie’s best friend so they can earn a Friendship Bracelet.
Episode 9

Dreams O’Clock / Badge to the Bone

With the opportunity to befriend her favourite musician Frankie gets super nervous. Frankie and the Zhus take mom camping, whether she wants to go or not!
Episode 10

Full Groan / The Shell Game

Frankie has a project for school on what she wants to be when she grows up but she can’t decide. Frankie must take care of an egg for 7 days, without breaking it, to get new skateboard.
Episode 11

If Wishes Were Rainbows / Deja Zhu

Frankie and the Zhus travel to the end of the rainbow to ask a favour of the Rainbo-Roo. Frankie and the Zhus each tell a very different story when asked about a broken lamp.
Episode 12

A Total Bust a Move / The Grand Zhu Zhu Pets Hotel

The Zhus fear Frankie is going to embarrass herself by dancing in a school talent show. Frankie treats her Zhus to an all-inclusive resort weekend in the backyard.
Episode 13

Zhu Years Eve / Lookies for Cookies

Frankie is determined to stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year. Squiggles hides the family cookie jar as part of a scavenger hunt and forgets where.
Episode 14

The Pumpkin Whisperers / Zhuper Zhide Kicks

Frankie and the Zhus enter a pumpkin growing contest against Madge, the mean neighbor. Zhuper Girl and her four Hamster sidekicks battle the evil pirate, Girl Beard.
Episode 15

The Wrong Stuff / Chunklette’s Web

Chunk is blasted from a cannon and when he lands he is mistaken for an invading alien. Chunk develops a fear of spiders so Frankie and the gang work to help him overcome it.
Episode 16

Story Book It / A Hairible Mistake

The Zhus create wild adventures for Frankie in order to help her write a book. Frankie gets a new haircut but hates it. She and the Zhus try to fix it and just make it worse.
Episode 17

Weathering Heights / Trashing of Zhuper Girl

Frankie and her Zhus begin to make an emergency kit for the house and things get out of hand. Frankie and the Zhus become Anytown cleanliness superheroes.
Episode 18

Zhurassic Park / Hamster a La Kart

When the Zhu Zhus make ‘cave paintings’, a tale of pre-historic hamsters comes to life. Frankie and the Zhus work together as a team to defeat cheater Madge in a Go Kart race.
Episode 19

Zhu and Improved / The Unfortunate Cookie Crumbles

A string of failures make Squiggles quit science, but in the end his weird ways save the day. Frankie and the Zhus have an unlucky day while working hard to avoid being unlucky.
Episode 20

Now Zhu See Me, Now Zhu Don’t / Walk a Mile in Our Zhus

Frankie performs a magic trick and Chunk believes that he is now invisible and mayhem ensues. Frankie dreams she is Zhu-sized and finds that being small is fun, but it has its challenges.
Episode 21

Zhu Got Game / And the Hammy Goes to

Frankie and the Zhus find a board game that transforms the house into a mysterious castle. After discovering her Zhus have never won a trophy Frankie nominates them for her own Awards Show.
Episode 22

Ball in a Day’s Work / How Zhu Get Ahead in Advertising

Frankie and the Zhus live out daydreams on how to retrieve a confiscated baseball. Frankie and the Zhus shoot a commercial to advertise her parents’ plumbing company.
Episode 23

Prankster’s Paradise

The Zhus must make sure Chunk’s prankster cousins don’t ruin the fancy party that Frankie is throwing.
Episode 24

Your Days Are Num Num Numbered / Zhus the Boss

Num Nums announces she is no longer ‘going to be Num Nums’ and bad things start to happen. Frankie and the Zhus are allowed to make up the rules of the house for a day.
Episode 25

Zhu Land

Frankie and the Zhus travel through a magical tube to a hamster world called Zhu Land.
Episode 26

Zhuper Girl In A Jam / Pollylocks and the 4 Zhus

When Frankie and the Zhus include the Gelato twins in a game of Zhuper Girl things go zhuper bad. Frankie has the Zhus act as puppets for a show at school, hoping the janitor won’t catch them.

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