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The X-Files

TV14DramaCops & Detectives • Science FictionThrillerHorrorSupernatural • Aliens • TV Series1993

The truth is out there. FBI agents Scully and Mulder seek it in this sci-fi phenomeno...more

The truth is out there. FBI agents Scully and Mulder seek it in t...More

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Episode 1


As the alien Bounty Hunter continues his relentless pursuit, Mulder encounters puzzling new evidence regarding his sister.
Episode 2


The agents encounter a family of inbred, animal-like brothers living on a farm in a remote section of Pennsylvania.
Episode 3


Mulder believes a creature from an African folktale may be responsible for the disappearance of several black men in the Philadelphia area.
Episode 4


The agents hunt for a kidnapper whose mind’s eye is captured on film.
Episode 5

The Field Where I Died

A woman with multiple personalities—whom Mulder believes is the reincarnation of a love from a past life—plays a key role in the FBI’s efforts to disarm a religious cult leader.
Episode 6


Patients undergoing cosmetic surgery die horrible deaths at the hands of doctors possessed by witchcraft.
Episode 7

Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man

A Lone Gunmen member is targeted for extermination after he uncovers information linking the Cancer Man to several assassinations.
Episode 8


A tip from Krycek leads Mulder and Scully to a Martian meteorite fragment containing an alien life form.
Episode 9


Mulder escapes from a Russian gulag and uncovers more clues pertaining to a mysterious meteorite fragment. Scully is jailed after she refuses to cooperate with a Senate Subcommittee hearing.
Episode 10

Paper Hearts

An incarcerated serial killer claims Mulder’s sister was one of his many victims.
Episode 11

El Mundo Gira

A community of migrant workers attributes several strange deaths to El Chupacabra—a creature straight out of Mexican folklore.
Episode 12

Leonard Betts

A headless corpse walks out of a hospital morgue—triggering the search for a highly-evolved humanoid life form that possesses unimaginable regenerative powers.
Episode 13

Never Again

While Mulder is vacationing, Scully finds herself attracted to a handsome divorcee whose Betty Page-like tattoo seemingly has a mind of its own.
Episode 14

Memento Mori

When Scully is diagnosed with cancer, Mulder hunts for research files pertaining to a group of female abductees who also contracted the disease.
Episode 15


Mulder suspects that a Golem, a man-made monster described in Jewish folklore, may be responsible for the deaths of several hate-mongers who murdered a Jewish man.
Episode 16


A seemingly invisible Vietnam vet begins killing the military’s top brass.
Episode 17

Tempus Fugit

The agents investigate the apparent downing of a commercial jetliner by a UFO.
Episode 18


As the investigation into the crash of a commercial airliner continues...Mulder is placed under military arrest after he discovers the existence of a UFO crash site. Scully mourns the loss of a fellow agent.
Episode 19


The agents search for answers when an elderly man uses a technology of the future to commit murder.
Episode 20

Small Potatoes

The agents search for a man who possesses the ability to change form.
Episode 21

Zero Sum

Skinner is framed for murder after he covers-up the death of a young woman who was attacked by a swarm of bees.
Episode 22


The agents suspect a mentally-disturbed man is connected to the deaths of several girls whose spirits attempted to make contact with the living.
Episode 23


Mulder becomes the prime suspect in an apparent double homicide.
Episode 24


Mulder and Scully search for the truth when an anthropologist discovers what could be the frozen remains of extraterrestrial life.

Top 5 Scully Moments

An End That Must Be Faced

Jackson Makes A Run For It

Jackson Talks About His Past & Relationship With Scully

Mulder & Scully Receive News About Their Sons Whereabouts

Scully Asks Walter For Help

Scully Tracks Down Mulder

Doctors Open A Patients Body

Mulder & Scully Investigate The Crime Scene

A Mysterious Woman Looks For A Heart

Scully & Mulder Check In To A New Case

A Woman Interrupts The Surgery

A Little Boy Disappears From The Playground

A Little Girl Disappears While Watching TV

Mulder & Scully Investigate The Playground

Mulder & Scully Search The House Of A Felon

Mulder Believes Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Mulder Talks With A Mother

Scully Deals With A Distraught Father

Mulder Arrives At His Destination

Mulder Gets A Weird Fish

Mulder Has Trouble With His Credit Card

Scully Gets In A Driverless Car

The Smart Home Turns On Scully

Scully & Mulder: Out Of This World

Davey Tells Mulder & Scully About His Conspiracy Theory

Davey Traps Walter

Mulder & Scully Visit a Suspect

Scully & Mulder Meet with the Deputy

Walter Skinner Has Gone AWOL

A Dark Figure Is Seen Throughout Scully's Home

A Deadly Fight Breaks Out On An Abandoned Ship

The DOD Hijacks Mulder & Scully's Investigation

Mid-Season Trailer

Scully & Mulder Research A Monster

Scully Cries Out To Her Son

Scully Wakes Up In A Hospital

The Mystery Surrounding William

He's Fox Freakin' Mulder

Mulder Hears A Strange Noise

Mulder's First Twilight Zone Episode

Scully Has A Secret Memory

Scully Meets With The Stranger

A Stranger Confronts Mulder

The World Has Gone Crazy

Arkie's Crazy Story Is Discussed

Little Judy Gets A Surprising Visit

The Motel Manager Makes An Offer To Mulder He Can't Refuse

Mulder Makes A House Call To An Interesting Witness

Scully & Mulder Disagree Over Ghosts Being Real

Mulder & Scully Are In Big Trouble

Mulder & Scully Confront Walter

Mulder & Scully Search Through A Graveyard

Scully & Mulder Research A Building

Scully & Mulder Wake Up To A Shootout

Visions of the Future

The Cigarette Smoking Man Tells the Story of Life in the World from "My Struggle III"

A Man Gets Hit by a Car from "My Struggle III"

Mulder Points a Gun at the Cigarette Smoking Man from "My Struggle III"

Scully Can't Find Her Son from "My Struggle III"

Scully Has a Seizure & Is Unconscious from "My Struggle III"

Best of Agent Mulder

Best of Agent Scully

Declassified: The End of the World

Show & Not Tell: Gillian Anderson

Top 25 UFO Sightings

What To Expect This Season

About this Show

The X-Files

The truth is out there. FBI agents Scully and Mulder seek it in this sci-fi phenomenon about their quest to explain the seemingly unexplainable. Their strange cases include UFO sightings, alien encounters and abductions, and just about everything else among the paranormal.

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