2 seasons available

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

TV14Talk & InterviewComedyLate NightTV Series • 2014

Join Jimmy Fallon for a daily mix of jokes, sketches, celebrity interviews and musica...more

Join Jimmy Fallon for a daily mix of jokes, sketches, celebrity i...More

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2 seasons available (95 episodes)

2 seasons available

(95 episodes)

Season7 8
Episode 1

Julianne Moore, Chace Crawford, Polo G

Jimmy celebrates the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, invites people from all over the country to show off their talents in another Show Me Something Good, interviews Julianne Moore and Chace Crawford and welcomes musical guest Polo G.
Episode 2

Keira Knightley, Chelsea Clinton, Tame Impala

Jimmy shows an advertisement for Trump's new show, So You Want to Be a Supreme Court Justice, interviews Keira Knightley and Chelsea Clinton and welcomes musical guest Tame Impala.
Episode 3

Joy Reid, Derrick Johnson, Anitta ft. Cardi B & Myke Towers

Jimmy sits down with MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid and NAACP President Derrick Johnson to discuss the Breonna Taylor case and welcomes musical guest Anitta, performing "Me Gusta" featuring Cardi B and Myke Towers.
Episode 4

Chris Rock; Jonathan Majors; Sasha Sloan

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #HomeSchoolFail, interviews comedian and actor Chris Rock and actor Jonathan Majors and welcomes musical guest Sasha Sloan.
Episode 5

Sting, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Gashi ft. Sting

Jimmy shares some of his favorite uplifting viral videos in a new What Are You Doing Wednesdays: Friday Edition, pens thank you notes in another Thank You Notes, interviews Sting and Gugu Mbatha-Raw and welcomes musical guest Gashi.
Episode 6

Jim Parsons; Shepard Smith; BTS

Jimmy kicks off BTS week with a performance of “Dynamite” with BTS and The Roots, interviews Jim Parsons about The Boys in the Band and talks with Shepard Smith about Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s first presidential debate.
Episode 7

John Cena, BTS

Jimmy kicks off the show with a live monologue following Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s debate, catches up with the first in-studio guest since the start of the pandemic, John Cena, and welcomes musical guest BTS for their second performance of the week.
Episode 8

BTS, Chris Colfer, Tampa Bay Lightning

Actor Chris Colfer; BTS talks and performs.
Episode 9

Michael Che & Colin Jost, Kaitlyn Dever, BTS

Jimmy challenges BTS to a game of Zoom Olympics, faces off against guests Colin Jost and Michael Che in a Joke-Off and interviews Kaitlyn Dever about Dear Evan Hansen the movie.
Episode 10

Adam Sandler; Millie Bobby Brown; BTS

Jimmy challenges Millie Bobby Brown to a Lip Sync Battle, catches up with Adam Sandler and welcomes BTS for their fifth and final performance of #BTSWEEK.
Episode 11

Daniel Craig, Billie Eilish & FINNEAS

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtags #IGotBusted and celebrates James Bond Day with Daniel Craig before welcoming musical guests Billie Eilish and FINNEAS.
Episode 12

Lin-Manuel Miranda; Luis Miranda; Ruby Rose; The Highwomen

Jimmy shares some footage he found of Mike Pence preparing for his debate against Sen. Kamala Harris, then chats with Luis and Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ruby Rose before welcoming musical guest The Highwomen.
Episode 13

Maya Rudolph, Matt Bomer, 070 Shake

Jimmy shares some of his favorite uplifting viral videos in a new What Are You Doing Wednesdays, chats with Maya Rudolph and Matt Bomer and welcomes musical guest 070 Shake.
Episode 14

Eddie Redmayne, Guy Raz, Lele Pons X Guaynaa

Actor Eddie Redmayne; journalist Guy Raz; Lele Pons and Guaynaa perform.
Episode 15

Kevin James, Lenny Kravitz, Nate Bargatze

Jimmy pens thank you notes to the fly that landed on Mike Pence's head in a new Thank You Notes, challenges Kevin James to a new game called Fake Off, chats with Lenny Kravitz and welcomes comedian Nate Bargatze.
Episode 16

Gwen Stefani, Swizz Beatz & Timbaland, Bebe Rexha ft. Doja Cat

Jimmy shares a commercial he saw for an album called Gwen's Gone Country, chats with Gwen Stefani, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland and welcomes musical guest Bebe Rexha ft. Doja Cat.
Episode 17

Natalie Portman; Billy Porter; Lous and the Yakuza

Jimmy enjoys a special mail-in ballot rap from The Roots’ Tariq Trotter, then chats with Natalie Portman and Billy Porter before welcoming musical guest Lous and the Yakuza.
Episode 18

Anthony Mackie, Lily James, Black Thought ft. Portugal. the Man and the Last Artful, Dodgr

Jimmy shares some of his favorite uplifting viral videos in an all new What Are You Doing Wednesdays, chats with Anthony Mackie and Lily James and welcomes musical guest Black Thought featuring Portugal. The Man and The Last Artful, Dodgr.
Episode 19

Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Patton Oswalt; Of Monsters and Men

Jimmy kicks off the show with a live monologue following Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s final presidential debate, catches up with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patton Oswalt and welcomes musical guest Of Monsters and Men.
Episode 20

Chelsea Handler, Senator Bernie Sanders, The War on Drugs

Jimmy pens his weekly thank you notes in an all new Thank You Notes, chats with Chelsea Handler and Sen. Bernie Sanders and welcomes musical guest The War on Drugs.
Episode 21

Sterling K. Brown, Zoe Lister-Jones, Matthew 'Super' Delisi, Rina Sawayama

Jimmy asks The Roots to improvise songs about fans on the spot in an all new Freestylin' with The Roots, chats with Sterling K. Brown, Zoe Lister-Jones and Matthew "Super" Delisi and welcomes musical guest Rina Sawayama.
Episode 22

Shawn Mendes, Tig Notaro

Jimmy shares some books you probably should avoid reading this year in a new Do Not Read, chats with Shawn Mendes and Tig Notaro and enjoys a musical performance from Mendes.
Episode 23

Ken Jeong; Pete Buttigieg; Sam Hunt

Jimmy shares some of his favorite uplifting viral videos in an all new What Are You Doing Wednesdays, then chats with Ken Jeong and Mayor Pete Buttigieg before welcoming musical guest Sam Hunt.
Episode 24

America Ferrera; David Dobrik; Corey Seager; Brothers Osborne

Jimmy shares "Monster Hangover," a "Monster Mash" parody, reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #NewHalloweenTraditions, then chats with America Ferrera, David Dobrik and Corey Seager before welcoming musical guest Brothers Osborne.
Episode 25

Nick Offerman, Stacey Abrams, Busta Rhymes ft. Anderson .Paak

Jimmy pens his weekly thank you notes to things like the Halloween full moon and pumpkin-carving sets, looks into the Audience Suggestion Box, then chats with Nick Offerman and Stacey Abrams before welcoming musical guest Busta Rhymes ft. Anderson .Paak.
Episode 26

Anthony Anderson, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Big Boi & Sleepy Brown ft. Killer Mike & Big Rube

Jimmy runs through the results of some little-known polls in another Tonight Show Polls, then chats with Anthony Anderson and Sen. Elizabeth Warren before welcoming musical guest Big Boi and Sleepy Brown featuring Killer Mike & Big Rube.
Episode 27

Sarah Silverman, Dua Lipa, Steve Kornacki, Common ft. Black Thought & PJ

Jimmy shares some of his favorite uplifting viral videos in another What Are You Doing Wednesdays, then chats with Sarah Silverman, Dua Lipa and Steve Kornacki before welcoming musical guest Common featuring Black Thought & PJ.
Episode 28

Kenan Thompson, Kate Mara, James Blake

Jimmy invites his audience to show off their unique talents in a new Show Me Something Good, takes turns with Kenan Thompson asking random questions in Think Fast!, then chats with Thompson and Kate Mara before welcoming musical guest James Blake.
Episode 29

Milo Ventimiglia; Marc Maron; Oneohtrix Point Never

Jimmy pens his weekly thank you notes in a new Thank You Notes, then chats with Milo Ventimiglia and Marc Maron before welcoming musical guest Oneohtrix Point Never.
Episode 30

Kaley Cuoco, Megan Rapinoe, Josh Johnson

Jimmy takes a moment to put some things out to pasture in a new Go On, Git, then chats with Kaley Cuoco and Megan Rapinoe before welcoming stand-up comedian Josh Johnson.
Episode 31

Vince Vaughn, Lorraine Bracco, Gus Dapperton

Jimmy compares duplicate Instagram captions in a new Picture This, then chats with Vince Vaughn and Lorraine Bracco before welcoming musical guest Gus Dapperton.
Episode 32

Michael Strahan, Brené Brown, Patty Smyth

Jimmy asks The Roots to improvise songs about audience members in a Veteran’s Day edition of Freestylin’ with The Roots, then chats with Michael Strahan and Brené Brown before welcoming musical guest Patty Smyth.
Episode 33

James Spader, Chris Paul, 21 Savage & Metro Boomin

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets in a new edition of Hashtags, then chats with James Spader and Chris Paul before welcoming musical guests 21 Savage and Metro Boomin.
Episode 34

Post Malone; Phoebe Robinson; 2 Chainz

Jimmy pens his weekly thank you notes in a new Thank You Notes, plays every drinking game ever with Post Malone, then chats with Malone and Phoebe Robinson before welcoming musical guest 2 Chainz.
Episode 35

Chance the Rapper; Erin Andrews; G Herbo

Jimmy asks NFL players to casually drop weird phrases into their interviews in a new Drop It In, then chats with Chance the Rapper and Erin Andrews before welcoming musical guest G Herbo featuring Chance the Rapper.
Episode 36

Whoopi Goldberg, Emma Corrin, Dierks Bentley

Jimmy shares some music you might want to avoid in a new Do Not Play, then chats with Whoopi Goldberg and Emma Corrin before welcoming musical guest Dierks Bentley.
Episode 37

Dan Levy; Michael J. Fox; Julia Michaels

Jimmy plays a brand new Tonight Show game with Dan Levy called Best, Worst, First, then chats with Levy and Michael J. Fox before welcoming musical guest Julia Michaels.
Episode 38

Sarah Paulson, Henry Golding, Car Seat Headrest

Jimmy plays a brand new Tonight Show game with Sarah Paulson called Guess the Impression, then chats with Paulson and Henry Golding before welcoming musical guest Car Seat Headrest.
Episode 39

Leslie Mann, Colin Quinn, SAINt JHN

Jimmy pens his weekly Thank You Notes, then chats with Leslie Mann and Colin Quinn before welcoming musical guest SAINt JHN.
Episode 40

Emma Stone, Ben Falcone, Josh Groban

Jimmy makes up his own news headlines in a new News & Improved, then chats with Emma Stone and Ben Falcone before welcoming musical guest Josh Groban.
Episode 41

Joe Scarborough; Mika Brzezinski; Paul Bettany; Internet Money; Gunna; Don Toliver; Nav

Jimmy addresses his name appearing in several Lifetime movies, then chats with Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski and Paul Bettany before welcoming musical guest Internet Money featuring Gunna, Don Toliver & Nav.
Episode 42

Melissa McCarthy, The Original Cast of "Saved By The Bell," Sheryl Crow

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #CookingFail, then chats with Melissa McCarthy and the original cast of Saved by the Bell before welcoming musical guest Sheryl Crow.
Episode 43

Jerry Seinfeld, Bad Bunny

Jimmy pens Thanksgiving-themed Thank You Notes, then chats with Jerry Seinfeld and welcomes Bad Bunny for a chat and a musical performance.

Bad Bunny: Yo Visto Asi

Hashtags: #CookingFail

Jimmy and The Roots React To Chris Evans’ Viral Video

Jimmy Challenges Melissa McCarthy to a "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies Sing-Off

Melissa McCarthy Thinks Nicole Kidman Is a Wonderful Weirdo

The Original Cast of Saved by the Bell Spills Behind-the-Scenes Secrets from the Show

Sheryl Crow Performs "You Don't Know How It Feels" in Tribute to Tom Petty

Trump Pardons Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn | The Tonight Show

Internet Money ft. Gunna, Don Toliver & Nav: Lemonade

Jimmy Fallon’s Name Became a Lifetime Holiday Movie Easter Egg

Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski on Handling Political Conversations During Thanksgiving

Mika Brzezinski Helped Joe Scarborough Not Get Emotional Announcing Joe Biden’s Win

Trump Pardons His Last Thanksgiving Turkey | The Tonight Show

WandaVision Made Paul Bettany Realize Sitcoms Are His Wheelhouse

Emma Stone Reveals Monica From Friends Inspired Her Voice-Acting in The Croods: A New Age

Emma Stone Sat Next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at Her First Golden Globes

Josh Groban: The World We Knew (Over and Over)

Melissa McCarthy Thinks Ben Falcone Has a Crush on Harry Styles

News & Improved: Old Navy Announces New "Pandemic Chic" Line

Trump Fires His Lawyer for Wild Conspiracy Theory Claims | The Tonight Show

Colin Quinn Roasts Florida and Other States in a Game of Overstated

Colin Quinn Ruined Robert DeNiro’s 60th Birthday Party

Leslie Mann Turned Cameron Diaz Into Her Roller-Skating Buddy

SAINt JHN: Sucks To Be You

Thank You Notes: Trump’s Twitter, Zoom Thanksgiving

Trump’s 2020 Election Lawsuits Get Thrown Out by More States | The Tonight Show

Car Seat Headrest: Can’t Cool Me Down

Giuliani Has Hair Dye Malfunction During Trump Lawsuit Press Conference | The Tonight Show

Guess the Impression with Sarah Paulson

Hashtags: #NewThanksgivingTraditions

Henry Golding Became a Weapon While Training for Snake Eyes

James Blake: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Sarah Paulson Teases Transformation Into Linda Tripp for Impeachment: American Crime Story

73 Questions with Harry Styles | Vogue Parody

Best, Worst, First with Dan Levy

The Hills Made Dan Levy Stop Watching Reality TV

Jimmy Fallon Throws a P’Jimmies Dance Party

Jimmy Fallon Unveils His New Alex Mill Pajama Collection

Julia Michaels: Lie Like This

Michael J. Fox Watched Back to the Future with Princess Diana

Trump Ditches Mar-A-Lago For White House on Thanksgiving | The Tonight Show

Dierks Bentley: Gone

Harry Styles Refuses to Dogsit for Emma Corrin

Jimmy Challenges NBA Draft Prospects on NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

Lindsey Graham Pressured Georgia’s Secretary of State to Question Ballots | The Tonight Show

Whoopi Goldberg Clashes with Alexander Skarsgård in Stephen King’s The Stand

Whoopi Goldberg Explains Her Loving Relationship with Baby Yoda

Chance the Rapper’s Dad Didn’t Want Him to Become a Rapper

Erin Andrews’ Wedding Almost Inspired a Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode

G Herbo x Chance the Rapper: PTSD

Jimmy Had NFL Players Secretly Drop Funny Words into Interviews

Kid Raps with Chance the Rapper

Trump Admits Biden Won the Election, Yet Still Claims Fraud | The Tonight Show

2 Chainz: Can't Go For That

Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Parody) Starring Jimmy Fallon in 30 Rock

Can You Make Jerry Seinfeld Laugh? Submit a Video to The Seinfeld Challenge

Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone Play Every Drinking Game Ever

Phoebe Robinson Is Using The Secret to Get Sasha and Malia Obama as Interns

Post Malone Says Drake Sucks at Beer Pong

Thank You Notes: COVID-19 Vaccine, IHOP

Trump Supporters Prepare for Million MAGA March in D.C. | The Tonight Show

21 Savage x Metro Boomin: Runnin' / Mr. Right Now

Chris Paul Addresses Rumors He's Leaving Oklahoma City Thunder for the Phoenix Suns

Hashtags: #TimeToMove

James Spader Teases the New Season of The Blacklist

Jimmy Gets a Sneak Peek of a Brand-New PS5 Game

The Tonight Show Is James Spader's First Outing in Eight Months

Trump Wants to Wreck Fox News with His Own Network | The Tonight Show

Biden Slams Trump for Refusing to Concede Election | The Tonight Show

Brené Brown Reveals Which Four Skill Sets Make the Best Leaders

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