1 season available

The Time Tunnel

TVPG • Family, Time Travel, Drama, Adventure, Science Fiction • TV Series • 1966

A science-fiction series about a US research project stationed beneath the Arizona desert, where two scientists use their amazing time machine to proj...more

A science-fiction series about a US research project stationed beneath the Arizona desert, where two scientists use their amazing time machine to proj...more

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1 season available (30 episodes)

1 season available

(30 episodes)

Episode 1

Rendezvous With Yesterday

Dr. Tony Newman is stunned to have successfully survived a trip through the Time Tunnel, but that survival may be short-lived when he realizes he's landed aboard the Titanic!
Episode 2

One Way To The Moon

When Tony and Doug land in a spaceship headed for Mars, their added weight on the ship ends up putting the mission - and their lives - in jeopardy.
Episode 3

End Of The World

Tony and Doug arrive in 1910, just as the appearance of a comet convinces the people in a small town that they are going to die and that it would be futile to save a group of trapped miners.
Episode 4

Day The Sky Fell In

When Tony and Doug arrive in Pearl Harbor the day before the Japanese strike, Tony realizes he has the chance to learn why his father was never found after the attack.
Episode 5

The Last Patrol

The two time travelers are mistaken for British spies when they arrive outside New Orleans during the final pivotal battle of the War of 1812.
Episode 6

The Crack Of Doom

Tony and Doug try to convince a scientist on the island of Krakatoa that the volcano he has been studying is about to unleash the most powerful eruption the world has ever known.
Episode 7

Revenge Of The Gods

Tony and Doug's knowledge of ancient Greek and Trojan history helps keep them alive after they arrive in 1200 B.C. and get caught up in the war between Ulysses and Paris.
Episode 8


Doug and Tony try to convince Chief Sitting Bull and General Custer that the upcoming battle at Little Big Horn will have devastating consequences for both sides.
Episode 9

Devil's Island

In 1895 Tony and Doug find themselves fighting for their lives after they're mistaken for two escaped political prisoners exiled to Devil's Island.
Episode 10

Reign Of Terror

Tony and Doug land in Paris in the middle of the French Revolution and are rescued by a storekeeper who believes they have come to help free Marie Antoinette.
Episode 11

Secret Weapon

When a scientist claiming to have constructed a time tunnel ten years earlier offers his services to General Parker, Tony and Doug are sent back to 1956 to investigate.
Episode 12

The Death Trap

Tony and Doug land in Baltimore where they learn of a plot to kill President Lincoln during his train ride to Washington for his inauguration.
Episode 13

The Alamo

The time travelers land at the Alamo on March 6, 1836, just nine hours before the famous fort falls in one of the most renowned battles in American history.
Episode 14

The Night Of The Long Knives

Tony meets Rudyard Kipling after he and Doug materialize just before a battle between British troops and Afghanistan tribes in which the future of India could be determined.
Episode 15


Doug is captured by the Gestapo and brainwashed into trying to kill Tony after the two time travelers land in Cherbourge, France, 48 hours before the D-Day invasion
Episode 16

The Revenge Of Robin Hood

In 13th century England, Doug and Tony thwart King John's attempt to capture Robin Hood and prevent the signing of the Magna Carta.
Episode 17

Kill Two By Two

Doug and Tony are captured and forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with two Japanese on a deserted South Pacific island during World War II.
Episode 18

Visitors From Beyond The Stars

Tony and Doug materialize in an alien spaceship on its way to raid Earth and are further shocked to discover the year is 1885.
Episode 19

The Ghost Of Nero

The time travelers encounter the vengeful ghost of Nero when they are swept back to a villa in the Italian Alps during World War I.
Episode 20

The Walls Of Jericho

Tony and Doug find themselves taking part in one of the Bible's most well-known stories after they materialize outside the walls of Jericho.
Episode 21

Idol Of Death

The time travelers arrive in Mexico in 1519 just as Cortez's army begins its deadly rampage through the country.
Episode 22

Billy The Kid

While Doug is hunted down by Billy the Kid, Tony faces death by hanging after he is mistaken for the notorious outlaw.
Episode 23

Pirates Of Deadman's Island

Tony and Doug are taken prisoners by pirates on the Barbary Coast in 1805 just as the American ships, which wiped out the pirates, launch their attack.
Episode 24

Chase Through Time

Tony and Doug chase a tunnel saboteur through the Grand Canyon and through time, from 1547 to 1 Million A.D. and back to 1 Million B.C.
Episode 25

The Death Merchant

When the time travelers arrive in Gettysburg during the Civil War, Tony loses his memory and Doug encounters another man caught up in the time vortex - the philosopher Machiavelli.
Episode 26

Attack Of The Barbarians

While Doug helps Marco Polo, Tony falls in love with a woman in 13th century Mongolia and decides to give up time traveling.
Episode 27

Merlin The Magician

Tony and Doug are frozen in time when a mysterious man in a cap appears in the Project base. This Merlin takes the guys out of time and sends them back to 544 A.D., Cornwall England.
Episode 28

The Kidnappers

A metallic man of the future takes Ann to his planet for scientific study.
Episode 29

Raiders From Outer Space

Doug and Tony land in the desert during the historic 1883 battle of Khartoum just as a far greater battle against an alien race intent on destroying Earth begins.
Episode 30

Town Of Terror

The time travelers materialize in 1978 in a small New England town taken over by aliens, who plan to drain all the oxygen out of Earth's atmosphere.

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