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The Real Housewives of Orange CountyThe Real Housewives of Orange County

TV14RealityTV Series2006

The O.C. ladies are back as the series goes behind the gates for a voyeuristic look a...more

The O.C. ladies are back as the series goes behind the gates for ...More

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Episode 1

Under Construction

Vicki announces that Brooks is living with her. Heather is busy building her dream house. Shannon and David are trying to repair their broken marriage. New housewife, Meghan King Edmonds, is ready to play ball. Tamra gets a new pair of boobs.
Episode 2

Take a Swing

Shannon and David are pushed to new limits as they finish up couples retreat. Vicki throws a Fiesta party where Heather introduces her friend Meghan. Vicki and Tamra's shaky friendship becomes more complicated as the two come face-to-face.
Episode 3

Whine Country

The ladies travel to Napa to celebrate the launch of Heather's new sparkling wine. Meghan is excited for her first trip to wine country, but is apprehensive after her recent run-in with Shannon. Tamra reveals her newfound relationship with the Lord.
Episode 4

Charity Case

A trip to Napa concludes with tensions high. Back in OC, Brooks considers unconventional treatments. Meghan puts final touches on her OC charity event. Shannon receives news and unresolved issues between her and Meghan become the topic of scrutiny.
Episode 5

Game Changer

Vicki gets a phone call that forever changes her life. Shannon offers an olive branch to Meghan when she hosts a Bunco party at her house. Meghan moves into another house and Heather has an unorthodox date night with Terry that gets a little bloody.
Episode 6

Full Circle

Vicki's mother's passing has sent shockwaves throughout OC, causing the women to take a deeper look at their family lives. While Vicki travels to Chicago to mourn, Tamra heads north to celebrate the birth of her granddaughter.
Episode 7

Bowling in Heels

Vicki enlists a medium to communicate with her mom. Shannon discovers that to lose weight, she has to do more than exercise. Tamra and Eddie struggle to work together at the gym. The ladies go out for a night of bowling and a surprise announcement.
Episode 8

Judgy Eyes & Tahitian Skies

When Meghan hosts a couple's game night, her husbands' absence becomes fair game for gossip with the other ladies. Shannon and David meet with their therapist. The women head off for a tropical get away to French Polynesia.
Episode 9

Swimming With Sharks

The women of the OC travel to the island of Moorea. The group splits up for dinner leaving Shannon, Vicki and Tamra to take a few shots at Heather and Meghan’s friendship.
Episode 10

Girl Code

Vicki and Shannon deepen their friendship by discussing the details of David’s affair. Later Tamra, wanting to get everything out in the open, sparks a controversy over girl code.
Episode 11

A Psychic Surprise

Shannon and David discover that disciplining their kids is easier said than done. Vicki learns that Brooks has made a life altering decision. Tamra's psychic makes a shocking claim leaving the ladies in disbelief.
Episode 12

Racing to the Truth

Meghan, Heather, Tamra and Shannon head to NASCAR while Vicki enjoys a getaway with Brooks. Shannon tries to put on a happy face for her birthday dinner. Heather throws a luncheon at her unfinished home, where Meghan confronts the OG of the OC.
Episode 13

Sex, Lies & Leeches

Heather's luncheon ends as Vicki storms off, upset with Meghan for questioning Brooks' cancer treatment. Tamra hosts a wild "Sex Party" that has Heather covered in blood and Vicki going for blood as she confronts Meghan.
Episode 14

A Storm Is Coming

The day after Tamra's sex party, the ladies are in disbelief over Vicki’s attack on Meghan. Vicki visits Briana in Oklahoma, but underlying tensions about Brooks brings the trip to an explosive end.
Episode 15

Fire Signs

When Shannon throws an Aries themed party, Brooks finally gets his chance to confront Meghan face-to-face for her relentless digging into his past. And an off-handed comment by Brooks throws Tamra into a rage.
Episode 16

Suspicious Minds

Shannon's Aries party continues with Vicki and Brooks making an early exit leaving the other ladies questioning Brooks’ behavior. Tamra shows her son Ryan his new home in the OC. Meanwhile, Shannon questions her friendship with Vicki.
Episode 17

Broken Records

After a trip to the doctor with Brooks, Vicki tries to put an end to the cancer debate, but when Meghan hosts a viewing party in celebration of Heather's big night, a new revelation about Brooks has everyone stunned.
Episode 18

Satan Loves Confusion

Vicki's daughter Briana visits the OC and meets Tamra for lunch with some shocking information about Brooks. Shannon confides in Heather and Tamra in a way she never thought possible. The ladies prep for Tamra’s baptism in some unconventional ways.
Episode 19

Baptism by Fire

The ladies gather together to witness Tamra's baptism, but Vicki is the one who feels crucified. Shannon and Vicki come face-to-face when Shannon discovers that Vicki has committed the ultimate betrayal.
Episode 20

Reunion, Part 1

The reunion kicks off with the housewives gathering on the couch to rehash the past year. Tamra reveals the heartbreaking family drama she has been keeping secret for the past year.
Episode 21

Reunion, Part 2

On part two of the reunion, the ladies look back at the best OMG moments. Shannon faces scrutiny about her marriage and David's affair. Jim Edmonds is put in the hot seat and Briana is no holds barred when it comes to her opinions about Brooks.
Episode 22

Reunion Part 3

The reunion concludes as the women share their doubts about Brooks' cancer. Shannon discusses the validity of the PET/CT Scan, Tamra and Heather confront Vicki about possible blackmail, and the ladies react strongly to Andy's interview with Brooks.
Episode 23

Brooks Tells All

Andy confronts Brooks Ayers on the season's burning questions including avoiding Shannon's doctor, his treatment, and his public image. Brooks also reveals why he finally ended his relationship with OC matriarch Vicki.

Meghan Speaks Her Mind

Meghan's Hashtag Hats

The Art of Pot Stirring

Breaking Girl Code

Playing Telephone in Tahiti

Does Terry Fart?

Heather's Champagne Toast

Is Shannon Crazy?

Let's Kiss On It

Next On #RHOC: Trouble in Paradise

Tamra's Saved!

You're a Stepmom, Not a Mom

What's On Tamra's Phone?

An OC Shark Attack

Tamra Goes Skinny-Dipping

Lizzie Confronts Meghan in Tahiti

Next On #RHOC: Tears in Tahiti

Vicki Judges Meghan's Decision Not to Work

The Newlywed Game

Paying Job vs. Stay at Home Mom

Does That Mean Shannon's Not Going?

Meghan Comes Off Very Entitled

Meghan Is Acting Quite Arrogant

Shannon Trusts That David Is Telling the Truth

Tour Heather's O.C. Crib

Vicki Receives Devastating News

Tamra Gets Naughty at the Winery

Meghan Is My Mini Me!

Today Marks a Sad Day in the Life of Shannon

Vicki, Can We Just Move On?

Where Did Shannon and David Go?

Are Tamra and Lizzie Friends Again?

Meghan and Jim Try to Go Furniture Shopping

The OC 'Wives On Living in Orange County

The OC 'Wives On Meghan

Tamra and Vicki's Tumultuous Relationship

You Don't Need Botox!

The OC 'Wives Are Back!

Are Brooks and Vicki Moving in Together?

Is Vicki the Lucy? Or Tamra?

What Is Shannon's Porn Name?

Heather Thinks Maybe People Just Don't Like Her

RHOC Impersonations

Next: Part 2 of the Reunion Gets Crazy

Vicki and Shannon Go Full Throttle

Episode 18 Recap: Tamra's Darkest Fears Revisited

Episode 18 Recap: The Finale Squeezed

Episode 17 Recap: Run, Tamra, Run!

The O.C. ‘Wives Get Eaten by Fish

What Will Happen at Vicki’s Party?

Next Time: Is Tamra Vicki’s Friend?

Which RHOC Wife Is Jealous?

Vicki Gunvalson Gets Car Sick

What's the RHOC's Freak Factor?

Our Own Psychic

Shannon's Emotional Tightrope

Tamra Suffering from the Wine Flu

What Did Tamra Really Tell Shannon

Recap: The Real Hunger Games

The "D" Word

Tamra's Secret-Spiller's Remorse

Tamra Won't Tell Heather Anything Again

Shaken Fake Baby Syndrome

Shannon Beador Dishes On #RHOC

Next On #RHOC: Viva La Mexico?

Briana's Announcement Recapped

Briana's Having a Boy!

Next On #RHOC: Who Told Heather?

Shannon Baring Her Soul Revisited

Vicki Feels Like Less Than Heather

About this Show

The Real Housewives of Orange County

The O.C. ladies are back as the series goes behind the gates for a voyeuristic look at the scandalous truths, mending friendships, rocky marriages, sizzling romances, and ever-changing loyalties inside the wealthy Southern California suburb.

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