14 seasons available

The Real Housewives of Orange CountyThe Real Housewives of Orange County

TV14RealityTV Series • 2006

The O.C. ladies are back as the series goes behind the gates for a voyeuristic look at the scandalous truths, mending friendships, rocky marriages, si...more

The O.C. ladies are back as the series goes behind the gates for a voyeuristic look at the scandalous truths, mending friendships, rocky marriages, si...more

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14 seasons available (254 episodes)

14 seasons available

(254 episodes)

Episode 1

New Friend, New Flames

Shannon feels better than ever and immediately hits it off with Kelly’s new friend, Braunwyn. Gina starts the year dealing with a recent DUI, while Emily takes on the role of single mother when her husband Shane studies for the BAR exam.
Episode 2

(Not So Happy) Housewarming

Brauwnyn and Sean spend Valentine’s day at their love shack, while her mom watches their seven kids. Tamra invites the ladies to her housewarming party and warns Kelly that Vicki will be there.
Episode 3

All Aboard the Rumor Train

As Tamra’s housewarming party continues, Kelly’s tear-filled exit prompts the other women to air their grievances. Gina confesses a painful secret to Emily. Shannon and Braunwyn cement their friendship.
Episode 4

Breakdown in Beverly Hills

Shannon plans a group day trip so Gina can visit Rodeo Drive for the first time. While in Beverly Hills, Emily breaks down about personal issues. Shannon and Emily argue over a radio interview and talks about an ugly rumor leads Kelly to explode.
Episode 5

Liar, Liar, Friendships on Fire

Shannon surprises the group with tourist clothes and a double decker bus ride through Hollywood. Tamra confronts Braunwyn about communicating with her enemies. Gina misses a court appearance and a warrant is issued for her arrest.
Episode 6

Family Affair

Emily is threatened by Gina’s growing friendship with Shannon. Tamra and Shannon coach Vicki on how to deal with Kelly on their upcoming trip to Arizona. Gina is frustrated by Emily’s repeated efforts to convince her to join the Vegas trip.
Episode 7

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Gina meets with a new lawyer about her DUI. Then, the ladies travel to a wellness resort in Miraval, Arizona. At a sound bath, Kelly bonks Shannon over the head which leads to an unexpected trip to Urgent Care.
Episode 8

Let’s Get Metaphysical

At Miraval, Kelly tries to defend herself about the “bonk” but her plan backfires. Emily and Gina’s strained friendship comes to a head. Tamra tries to mediate peace between Kelly and Shannon.
Episode 9

Miracle at Miraval

The Miraval trip continues as Vicki unleashes another rumor about Kelly, leading Kelly to explode at the Tres Amigas. At dinner, an emotional discussion leads to an unlikely apology. And the ladies have some late-night fun in the hot tub.
Episode 10

Big O’s and Broken Toes

Gina’s double date with Shane’s cousin is canceled due to a broken toe. Emily goes to Tamra and Eddie for help to lose weight. Shannon gets an O shot. Braunwyn has a family photo shoot. Emily catches up with former housewife, Alexis Bellino.
Episode 11

Hot Mess Express

For Shannon’s birthday, the ladies celebrate with a trip on a train to Del Mar. Vicki and Meghan King Edmonds come along. Still upset over the canceled double date, Gina avoids Emily. Tamra and Braunwyn’s flirtation finally comes to a boil.
Episode 12

Fashion Show Faux Pas

Braunwyn’s daughter Rowan makes her debut at OC Fashion Week with her clothing line. Shannon takes on the role of momager as she coaches daughter Adeline on how to walk a runway. Gina grapples with whether to reconcile with her ex or move forward.
Episode 13

Spilling Tea and Throwing Shade

The ladies gather to celebrate Vicki’s birthday with a royal tea party. Kelly refuses to attend. At the party, Gina and Braunwyn clash and rumors about Kelly have the ladies up in arms.
Episode 14

Best Frenemies Forever

The gossip from the Tea Party has Braunwyn in Kelly’s crosshairs, but Braunwyn defends herself and comes clean about who truly talked about Kelly. Shannon gets a shock when she finds out someone has been negative towards her.
Episode 15

The Orange Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Shannon and Braunwyn help their daughters prepare for college. Gina gets some advice from her mother that makes her think twice. Emily and Brauwnyn advise Kelly about her estranged mother. Shannon and Tamra get together and hash things out.
Episode 16

Viral Videos and Vendettas

A video of Tamra listing rumors about Kelly goes viral. While Shannon prepares for divorce court, Kelly makes contact with her mother. Things get wild when Braunwyn throws a weaning party to celebrate the end of nineteen years of breast feeding.
Episode 17

Florida Fun and Fury

Tamra, Gina and Emily learn exciting news about Vicki. Shannon shares the results of her divorce hearing. Vicki’s daughter Briana visits. The ladies travel to Miami and head out for a fun night of clubbing, but the night takes a turn.
Episode 18

Wild, Wild Key West

The ladies drive to Key West in two divided groups. Vicki and Kelly have another argument, leading Vicki to explode. Gina wonders about reconciling with Matt. Once again on vacation, an accident occurs, which leads to another ambulance ride.
Episode 19

Some Fences Are Made To Be Broken

Vicki returns from the hospital in Florida with a sprained ankle. On a sunset cruise, Kelly attempts to make amends. Back home, Gina tells her mom that she is calling off her divorce. Emily and Kelly take an anger management session.
Episode 20

Whooping It Up for Wedding Bells

Braunwyn and her mom Dr. Deb meet for yoga while continuing to avoid their unresolved issues. Emily is surprised at a medical diagnosis. The ladies celebrate Vicki’s engagement with a “farmhouse chic” party, but Tamra melts down after seeing Kelly.
Episode 21

Reunion Part 1

Shannon gives an update on her love life. Vicki grows agitated backstage waiting to join the ladies onstage. Once reunited, the ladies hash it out over the unforgettable trip to Miraval including the gong heard around the world.
Episode 22

Reunion, Part 2

Tensions flare between Kelly and the Tres Amigas as they debate about what went down at Miraval. Braunwyn opens up about her complicated relationship with her mother. Emotions run high as the Kelly versus Vicki feud is replayed.
Episode 23

Reunion, Part 3

The confrontation between the OG of the OC and the new housewife escalates. Andy wishes Vicki farewell, Emily talks about the worst year of her life, and Shane joins the ladies providing a surprising perspective on their marriage.

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Vicki Judges Meghan's Decision Not to Work

The Newlywed Game

Paying Job vs. Stay at Home Mom

Does That Mean Shannon's Not Going?

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Tour Heather's O.C. Crib

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Tamra Gets Naughty at the Winery

Meghan Is My Mini Me!

Today Marks a Sad Day in the Life of Shannon

Vicki, Can We Just Move On?

Where Did Shannon and David Go?

Are Tamra and Lizzie Friends Again?

Meghan and Jim Try to Go Furniture Shopping

The OC 'Wives On Living in Orange County

The OC 'Wives On Meghan

Tamra and Vicki's Tumultuous Relationship

You Don't Need Botox!

The OC 'Wives Are Back!

Are Brooks and Vicki Moving in Together?

Did Shannon Replace Tamra On the Fun Bus?

Is Vicki the Lucy? Or Tamra?

What Is Shannon's Porn Name?

Heather Hires a Hot Painter

Brooks Joins the Reunion

Are Jeana and Tamra Speaking?

Heather Thinks Maybe People Just Don't Like Her

Vicki Says Tamra Lies All the Time

What Did Tamra Do to Her Face?

Where Do Vicki and Tamra Go from Here?

Lizzie Thinks Tamra Hits Below the Belt

The OC 'Wives Fashion Regrets

The OC Wives Big-Screen Dreams

RHOC Impersonations

What Heather Dubrow Also Learned in Bali

David Explains Writing That Email

Next: Part 2 of the Reunion Gets Crazy

What Did Brooks Say About Vicki?

Will Vicki Makeout With Shannon's Husband?

Does Tamra Make Stuff up?

RHOC Reunion: Heather Gets Bangs

Vicki and Shannon Go Full Throttle

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Episode 18 Recap: The Finale Squeezed

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Tamra’s Real Opinion On Brooks

Terry Cuts David Down

Why Terry’s Really Mad at David

Episode 17 Recap: Blood Sucking Monkey

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