9 seasons available

The Real Housewives of New York City

TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2008

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, friendships and home lives.

A group of wealthy Manhattan housewives balance their careers, friendships and home lives.

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9 seasons available (174 episodes)

9 seasons available

(174 episodes)

Episode 1

Talk of the Town

Dorinda complains about Sonja's bad mouthing of her. Bethenny and her realtor friend Fredrik get to work to sell the apartment she got back in the divorce. Carole has made some changes to her living situation. Luann confronts Ramona about Tom.
Episode 2

It Girl, Interrupted

Tinsley Mortimer, has just moved back to the city and is the latest boarder in Sonja's townhouse. Ramona fills Dorinda in on the dirt she has about Tom. Sonja throws a tea party to introduce everyone, except Dorinda, to Tinsley.
Episode 3

A New Low

The ladies head to the Hamptons. Dorinda prepares to see Sonja for the first time since learning about the gossip she has been spreading about her. Ramona takes the wrong approach with Bethenny when asking about her film role from 20 years ago.
Episode 4

The Etiquette of Friendship

Ramona's dinner party continues and Dorinda confronts Sonja about her incessant trash talking. Carole disinvites Ramona from her Election Night party for not taking it seriously. Tinsley gets drinks with Luann and Dorinda, but leaves out Sonja.
Episode 5

The Politics of Friendship

Carole and her mom go canvassing in Pennsylvania, and later Carole and her friends watch the results at her party. Dorinda conspires to get Ramona to a surprise party she’s throwing for her, but Ramona unknowingly throws a wrench in the plans.
Episode 6

Wishful Invitation

Carole attends the memorial service Dorinda has for her husband who died five years ago. Tensions between Sonja and Tinsley are on the rise. The bridesmaids get peek at Luann's wedding dress. Ramona decides to confront Bethenny yet again.
Episode 7

Bidding On Love

Ramona gets advice from her daughter about her situation with Bethenny. Tinsley has to answer to Sonja when she meets a young suitor who does not meet all the qualifications on her list. Bethenny meets Luann’s fiancé for the first time.
Episode 8

Return of the Berzerkshires

Bethenny meets with Fredrik Eklund to discuss selling the Mercer apartment. Dorinda hosts the ladies at her Berkshire home. Before Luann arrives a few of the women make Dorinda aware of new rumors about Tom and they decide an intervention is needed.
Episode 9

Two Weeks Notice

The ladies join Dorinda in telling Luann what they've been hearing about Tom. Bethenny urges Luann to get out now if she has doubts. Ramona's weird behavior at dinner throws everyone off. The conflict between Bethenny and Ramona reaches new heights.
Episode 10

Black Out and Get Out

Bethenny and Ramona's fight reaches an explosive level. Carole shows Tinsley an available apartment. Luann and Tom host a final pre-wedding lunch with Dorinda and old friends, Jill and Bobby Zarin. Carole serves as model and host of an art opening.
Episode 11

A Countess No More

Bethenny hosts her annual holiday party, but Ramona's not invited. Luann and Tom get married. Tinsley learns that "Frenchie" has moved into Sonja's townhouse. Luann and Tom host an NYC reception for the friends not invited to the wedding.
Episode 12

Regency Reunion

Sonja's love triangle gets more complicated. Tinsley goes apartment hunting. Fredrik and Bethenny look over her apartment as they plan to put it on the market. Carole and Dorinda go to Washington DC. Ramona throws a party at her apartment.
Episode 13

A Bronx Tale

Dorinda fights with Sonja while the ladies lunch in the Bronx.  Tinsley breaks down. Despite the tension between Ramona and Bethenny, all of the ladies head to Vermont. Tinsley feels ganged up on when the group discusses her current life decisions.
Episode 14

A Slippery Slope

Sonja digs a deeper grave for herself. While the ladies hit the slopes, a big news story about Bethenny breaks. Bethenny is on the fence about inviting Ramona to Mexico.The ladies play "Truth or Dare" and Dorinda ends up attacking Luann.
Episode 15

Oil and Vinegar

Back in NYC, Carole has her day in court. Sonja gets an intimate cosmetic treatment. At a dinner thrown by Dorinda, Bethenny is forced to face Ramona and the Mexico invite situation. Tinsley practices her flirting on a blind date set up by Carole.
Episode 16

Three Tequila… Floor!

The ladies arrive in Mexico and Ramona and Sonja scramble for the best room, swiftly alienating themselves from the the group. Tinsley confronts Ramona and Sonja about a damaging article. Luann takes a tumble. Bethenny reprimands Sonja.
Episode 17


The drama continues as Bethenny confronts Ramona about attending the trip. Tinsley readdresses the article with Sonja, while some of the other ladies try their hand at surfing. Bethenny takes the ladies on an educational day-drinking trip.
Episode 18

Make Out, Make Up

The ladies drink up and strip down back at the villa. Sonja spreads the love while Bethenny and Ramona have a nude detente in the pool. Dorinda and Bethenny get into a fight. Some of the ladies split off for a day of fishing and whale watching.
Episode 19

Thank You and Good Night

Tinsley has Carole over to see her new digs. Luann and Tom challenge each other in tennis. Bethenny is renovating a new apartment, but finds distraction with a new fling. Dorinda has John over for a romantic dinner. Tinsley throws a party for Sonja.
Episode 20

Reunion, Part 1

Dorinda and Sonja hash out their early season issues. Luann faces more allegations about Tom and continues to defend her marriage. Bethenny questions Ramona's attitude toward others and the housewives speculate on Ramona's behavior.
Episode 21

Reunion, Part 2

Tinsley opens up about her re-entry into NYC life and reveals some big news. Carole reflects on the election and the status of her relationship, while Sonja discusses her personal love triangle. Bethenny gets emotional about her personal life.
Episode 22

Reunion, Part 3

The women look back on their fun-filled trip to Mexico, from Luann's fall to the drinking marathon; Bethenny questions the sincerity of Ramona's tearful apology; in the hot seat, Ramona is forced to address the accusations she made against Bethenny.

What RHONY Learned This Season

Why Did Sonja Forgive Aviva?

RHONY On Aviva’s Leg Incident

Sonja’s Morgan’s Inspirational Speech

At Least Aviva Drescher’s Not 50

Aviva Wants Carole to Use Her Words

How Does Sonja's Internship Program Work?

Ramona Thinks Aviva Turns On People

Ramona Tries to Shut It Down

Andy Asks Ramona About Her Marriage

Who Left With Harry?

Andy Visits RHONY Backstage

Aviva and Andy Have Asthma in Common

Did Harper Lee Use a Ghostwriter?

Heather and Ramona Talk Berkshires

Where Does Sonja Morgan’s Money Come from?

Has RHONY Changed Sonja Morgan?

The Final Moments Before the RHONY Reunion

Andy’s Favorite RHONY Shoe

RHONY’s Biggest Fashion Regrets

The RHONY’s Best Impressions

What Are the RHONY Wives Wearing

Who Would Play RHONY in a Movie?

Ramona On That Glass Incident

A Second Opinion On Aviva X-Rays

Aviva Drescher Throws Her Leg

Did LuAnn Sleep With Sonja’s Man?

First Look at the RHONY Season 6 Reunion

Ramona Consults On Carole's Love Life

Aviva Gets a Leg up

Visiting the God of Prosthetics

Avery Is Off to College

Carole’s 50th Birthday Song

Did Sonja Get Ditched?

Harry Gives Sonja a Ring

Heather’s Toast As Written by Carole

Kristen and Josh Work Together

The Ladies Prepare to See Aviva

A Sing Off: Ramona’s Peeved at LuAnn

Mario Singer’s “Effortless” Performance

Melting Layers of Fat With the RHONY

Next Time: LuAnn Won’t Sing

Heather Thomson Sings!

Next On: Therapy, Tarot, and Tears

Sonja Morgan Communes With the Spirits

Can Kristen Relate to Josh's Business?

Extended: Carole’s Bear Prank

Friends Freak Out, and Say Their Sorry

Ramona Doesn’t Think Much of Heather’s Hubs

Is Heather Bossy? What's Wrong With That?

Extended Fight: LuAnn Vs. Sonja

LuAnn’s Etiquette for Peeing in the Woods

The Housewives' First Rodeo

The RHONY Burys the Hatchet

The RHONY Throws the Hatchet

Who’s Bossy: Heather or Kristen?

Did Sonja Throw LuAnn Under the Bus?

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Part 1

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Part 2

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Pt.3

Go Yell It On the Mountain Sneak Peek, Pt.4

Danger Zone: the Housewives Go Repelling

Sonja Morgan Gets Cabin Fever

Aviva’s Asthma Evidence

LuAnn Doesn’t Want to Get Gossiped About

RHONY in the Wildernesss Continues

RHONY Makes It to Montana

Did Sonja Sleep With Carole’s Ex? Sonja Morgan’s Facialist Reveals All

Is Sonja Morgan Quad-Polar?

Next Time: The ‘Wives Go West

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