3 seasons available

The Real Housewives of Miami

TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2011

Homemakers, businesswomen, and philanthropists. Meet the women who make Miami, FL home.

Homemakers, businesswomen, and philanthropists. Meet the women who make Miami, FL home.

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3 seasons available (41 episodes)

3 seasons available

(41 episodes)

Episode 1

Til Lies Do Us Part

Miami's hottest housewives are back with a vengeance but alliances have changed and friendships have been shattered.
Episode 2

Hurricane Adriana

Adriana and Lea's feud comes to a boiling head when the two finally meet.
Episode 3


Alexia reveals a secret from her shocking past.
Episode 4

'Black' Magic

Lea reveals a surprising secret to Lisa about the details behind Adriana's web of lies.
Episode 5

A Cause for Concern

Lea's annual Gala has arrived, but this year not all of the ladies wish to RSVP.
Episode 6

A Ple-thora of Lies

All the ladies are brought together under one renovated roof at Lea's house for a birthday party that is anything but typical.
Episode 7

La La Land

Joanna finally gets help with her soon-to-be LA wedding, when Lisa and Lea join in on this girls' only LA trip.
Episode 8

Mama Elsa Comes Home

Elsa returns home from the hospital and proves to be as feisty as ever.
Episode 9

Birkin Buddies

Marysol confronts Lea at Alexia's birthday party.
Episode 10

Brazilian Bridezilla

After six years of romantic bliss, Adriana and Fredrick finally get to consummate their marriage license among the eyes of the church.
Episode 11

The Black Sheep

Lea and RJ must make their routine trip back home to Texas and bring Lisa along for the ride.
Episode 12

Bridesmaid Breakdown

Joanna is feeling the pressure of planning her wedding and takes it out on Lisa.
Episode 13

Blame It On the Alcohol

It's Joanna's last night being single and the girls go to Vegas. Adriana meets resistance when she tries to mend fences with Lea. Everyone is shocked to see Joanna and Adriana start to bond, and Lisa's erratic behavior starts to get on the ladies' nerves.
Episode 14

Mrs. Zago

In the season finale, the ladies race to get Joanna to the altar while Romain anxiously waits for his bride-to-be. Lisa and Alexia get some good news and Adriana sees a new side to Lea that changes everything.
Episode 15

Reunion, Part 1

The ladies of Miami reunite to set the record straight on some of the most talked about antics of the season.
Episode 16

Reunion, Part 2

Lisa is on the attack, after Joanna makes accusations about her, ready to reveal skeletons in her closet.

"Banged Like a Chicken Cutlet"

Joanna Krupa: “Who’s My Pimp?”

Marysol On Ailing Mama Elsa

Did Joanna Break up Yolanda and Mohamed?

Lisa Threatens to Walk Out

RHOM Fashion Regrets

RHOM Impersonations

RHOM Reunion Fashion

Want to Get Pregnant? Stop Drinking.

Was Joanna a Hooker?

Why Aren’t Johanna and Romain Having Sex?

A Fun Night Turned Into a Nightmare

Housewives Go Topless

Joanna and Romain Say “I Do”

Lea Ices Out Adriana

The Worst Nightmare in History

Who's Got the Hottest Shoes?

Lea Gets Down in Vegas

‘Wives Gone Wild!

“Whore” Galore

Adriana and Lea Make Peace

Joanna Blows up at Lisa

Joanna Gives Lisa the Boot

“The Best Strippers Money Can Buy”

Joanna Loses a Prenup, Gets a Present

Lea’s Family Tragedy

Lisa vs. Lea and Joanna?

Where's Lea from?

Adriana and Frederic's Vows

Adriana's Pre-Wedding Panic



Lea Knew That Marysol Knew That She Knew

Who's Part of a Clown Show?

Alexia Opens up to Her Son

Healing Water

Joanna Just Wants Sex

Marysol's Father Pays a Visit

Miami Is a Big Plastic Surgery Town

Afraid of the Outcome

Joanna's Ultimatum

Meet Alexia's Mom Nancy

MIA Is in BH

The Queen of Birkins

The"I Do's" Have Yet to Be Said

In Awe of Joanna's LA Home

Who's Going to Jail?

Dinner With the in-Laws

Even the Men Have Their Drama

Join Alexia As She Works Out

Kinda Sexual and Inappropriate

Lea's Closet Tour

Lisa and Joanna's Love Affair

Preparing for RJ's Birthday

The Men Lay Out Their Issues

Adriana and Marysol Samba to Get Fit

Flo Rida Performs at Lea's Gala

Gala Drama On the Bus

Gay Polo Comes to an End But the Drama Doesn't

Gay Polo or Lea's Gala

Lea's Gala Drama

A Hello Turns Sour

Black Magic and Sleeping Around

Dishing the Dirt About Adriana's Marriage

Drama With the Husbands

Frederic Takes On Lea

Joanna's New Miami Crib

Marysol On Cuban Mothers

Someone's Doing Black Magic

Alexia's Turbulent Past

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