The Rachel Maddow Show

News, Talk & Interview, Political • TV Series • 2015

Launched in 2008, “The Rachel Maddow Show” follows the machinations of policy making in America, from local political activism to international diplom...more

Launched in 2008, “The Rachel Maddow Show” follows the machinations of policy making in America, from local political activism to international diplom...more

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'Indivisible' shifts to offense as Democrats retake some power

Change in political playing field prompts update to protest guide

Leadership of DOJ uncertain as Trump is challenged on Whitaker

'History is here to help' and deliver the new episode of Bag Man

Bag Man, Episode 4 is now available!

Democrats call for Whitaker recusal on Mueller investigation

Error of greater concern than fraud to Gillum watching re-counts

Florida election moves to courthouse as counting continues

Rouda passes 'Putin's favorite congressman' with local appeal

Trump tweet wrong, unhelpful to California firefighters

Florida again the scene of a post-election ballot-counting fight

Lawyers in pitched battle over thorough counting of Florida votes

NBC News: Trump likely faced indictment but for presidency

New Trump acting-AG tied to fraud scheme under FBI investigation

Turnout among key groups for Democrats added to GOP midterm loss

Deadly fires ravage California communities

Trump struggles to distance himself from his own acting-A.G. pick

Sensing Trump threat, widespread protests call to #ProtectMueller

Sharice Davids flips Kansas seat, makes history on many fronts

Democrats still winning as Election Day counting continues

Cummings vows renewed dedication from Oversight under Democrats

GOP hurt by Donald Trump bungling in Democratic midterm victories

'Un-called' congressional race could be another Democratic flip

Despite obvious impropriety, Whitaker recusal on Mueller unlikely

Panicked by Democrats, Trump installs loyalist to top DoJ spot

Senators caution Trump on obstruction of Mueller investigation

Underwood flips GOP seat in first-time run focused on health care

Mueller investigation more secure with Democrats leading House

House Democrats to replace Trump lap dogs with accountability

Minimum wage, redistricting, Medicaid get 2018 voter blessings

Republicans lose claim to 'party of law & order'

How will Trump handle a Democratic Congress?

Schmidt: 'The unchecked corruption is at its end'

Democrats still see victory in Beto O'Rourke loss; 2020 pondered

Initial House estimates favor Democrats, but not without danger

Voter suppression concerns weigh heavy on Georgia voters

Democrats look to draw support of independents with key issues

Large swath of 2018 voters doing so for the first time

Rachel Maddow's Bag Man podcast, Episode 3 now available

GOP retirements pushed by grassroots activists widened 2018 field

Fate of Congress could be in California's hands

Virginia, Florida could set stage for midterm election's outcome

Democratic gains require overcoming extreme GOP gerrymandering

Keep track of 2018 turnover with Vulnerable Incumbent Bingo

Episode three of Rachel Maddow's Bag Man podcast now available

North Miami voters wait hours, determined to cast 2018 votes

Democrats seek to turn national poll advantage into local results

Early voting in 2018 far outpacing 2014 early voting

House Intel Democrats hope to end Nunes' coddling of Trump

Tight gubernatorial race in Georgia will be a battle of turnout

Trump admin in no apparent rush to fill anti-Semitism envoy job

Trump keeps choice stark in 2018 election of love and hate

Democratic control of committees most worrying prospect for Trump

What time do you need to tune in for election results Tuesday?

Kemp responds to cyber security alert with partisan attack

Trump official picks bad time to oppose minimum wage out loud

Court rejects Kemp's attempt to block new citizen voters

Michael Cohen speaks out with new accusations of Trump racism

Programming Note! Special MSNBC election coverage all weekend!

Secret waiver clears possible Trump Russia Rosenstein replacement

Trump insults of African-Americans follows recognizable pattern

Rachel Maddow presents Bag Man, an MSNBC podcast

Some GOP candidates stranded by Trump's low-road 2018 strategy

U.S. military assessment of caravan doesn't match Trump's panic

Documents Expose Trump Border Deployment as Political Stunt

2018 a case in point for the value of every single vote

Voter I.D. Law Contradicts Reality of Native American Life in ND

Road map for Nixon impeachment published, could guide Mueller

Trump fooling no one but his base with border closure threat

Obama/Trump states not a lock for Republicans in governor races

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