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The Practice

TV14DramaCrimeMysteryTV Series1997

Set in Boston, the award-winning "The Practice" centers on the passionate attorneys o...more

Set in Boston, the award-winning "The Practice" centers on the pa...More

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Episode 1

We the People

Newcomer Alan Shore, who embezzled money from a law firm, represents a down-and-out man who planted a kiss on a stranger.
Episode 2

The Chosen

Jamie and Ellenor represent a man accused of killing his pregnant wife; Shore takes on the case of a fellow attorney who was fired because she insists she hears the voice of God.
Episode 3

Cause of Action

After Ellenor confides that her client, Brad Stanfield, is actually guilty of murder, Shore violates attorney-client privilege to turn Stanfield in.
Episode 4

Blessed Are They

Ellenor worries that Brad Stanfield may somehow get out of custody and harm her; Sheila and Shore are both assigned unusual pro bono cases, though Eugene suspects Sheila is incompetent; Eugene represents a man charged with murder.
Episode 5

The Heat of Passion

Eugene is assigned the case of a white supremacist accused of murder; Shore and Tara bond over Roland Huff’s defense; Jamie misses a filing deadline.
Episode 6

The Lonely People

Eugene’s representation of a white supremacist accused of ordering a racially motivated murder affects his relationship with Jamie; Shore defends a man charged with killing his wife and her lover, and gets involved with the client’s sister.
Episode 7

Rape Shield

Believing his client — who’s been accused of sexual assault — is guilty, Berluti pays scant attention to the case; Jamie and Shore are busted for convincing a client that a case settled when it didn’t.
Episode 8

Concealing Evidence

Shore hacks into opposing counsel’s computer to win a settlement for a client suing a drug manufacturer for causing her husband’s suicide; Shore hides a murder weapon to protect a mentally unbalanced client accused of murder.
Episode 9

Victims' Rights

Shore represents a 12-year-old girl who seeks asylum in the U.S. rather than returning to her home in Romania, where she’ll be forced to marry; Eugene tries to help a man who wants to make sure his wife’s killer is brought to justice.
Episode 10

Equal Justice

Alan Shore uses unorthodox tactics when he's appointed by the court to defend a young man accused of murder. Meanwhile, Tara must try her first case when she's thrown into covering Shore's previously scheduled client.
Episode 11

Police State

Police shoot a man suspected of killing a cop; the entire firm rallies to help the man, who is refused medical treatment while he is questioned, but the firm is outmaneuvered when the police use a coerced confession to railroad the innocent suspect.
Episode 12

Avenging Angels

Berluti represents a man accused of attacking the suspect in his daughter’s death, but the defendant insists on pleading guilty; and Shore takes undercover photos of a woman having an affair to blackmail her into accepting a small divorce settlement.
Episode 13

Going Home

Shore represents a childhood friend, Paul Stewart, who’s accused of bludgeoning his mistress to death.
Episode 14

Pre-Trial Blues

Shore continues defending his childhood friend Paul Stewart, who insists he did not kill his mistress, though he was seen leaving her home the night she was murdered.
Episode 15

Mr. Shore Goes to Town

Shore’s childhood friend, Paul Stewart, is accused of murdering his mistress, Brenda Wilbur; in defending him, Shore betrays another friend, and admits an old affair.
Episode 16

In Good Conscience

Jamie and Ellenor represent a client who’s suing for malpractice after his wife died during labor; and Eugene and Berluti secretly plan to fire Shore.
Episode 17

War of the Roses

After he is fired, Shore breaks into the firm to steal records and provoke Eugene; Shore also hires an attorney, and sues the firm; and Ellenor represents a woman accused of assaulting a police officer, basing her defense on a freedom-of-speech argument.
Episode 18

The Case Against Alan Shore

Ellenor reluctantly testifies as Shore’s case for wrongful termination goes to trial; Shore and Tara get job offers from a new firm; and Jimmy reconsiders his entire life.
Episode 19

The Firm

Berluti quits the firm and starts his own practice; Denny Crane proves his competence by winning a large settlement; and Heather arranges a light sentence for a rapist.
Episode 20

Comings and Goings

Hannah finds herself extremely attracted to him; Eugene is offered a shot at a judgeship; and Berluti’s practice attracts many clients, and also a threat from another neighborhood lawyer who sees Berluti as poaching turf.
Episode 21

New Hoods On the Block

Berluti’s new practice is threatened by a lawyer who considers the neighborhood “his” turf; Hannah and Ellenor face off in a products liability case; Shore admits his feelings for Tara; and Eugene is appointed a judge.
Episode 22


Crane and Shore represent a man accused of sexually harassing disabled women; Berluti tries to rein in his dysfunctional legal practice; Shore acknowledges his attraction to Sally; and Bobby Donnell’s old firm closes forever.


About this Show

The Practice

Set in Boston, the award-winning "The Practice" centers on the passionate attorneys of Donnell, Young, Dole & Frutt. To these lawyers, every case is important and every client worth a fight to the bitter end. Legal maneuvering is the firm's modus operandi and they have it down to a science, making even the most questionable arguments seem convincing. And while they can't - and don't - win every trial, the pursuit of justice remains the priority until the final verdict is announced...and sometimes afterwards. Pursuing justice, however, often confronts the firm with serious ethical and moral issues of conscience. "The Practice" is one of television's most acclaimed series. The popular drama has won a Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series, a Peabody Award, Viewers for Quality Television Award, was nominated several times for Emmy awards (winning twice) and received an American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award, among many others.

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