2 seasons available

The Outer Limits - Original

TVPG • Horror, Supernatural, Science Fiction • TV Series • 1963

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission...." The Control Voice that b...more

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"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission...." The Control Voice that b...more

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2 seasons available (49 episodes)

2 seasons available

(49 episodes)

Episode 1


An ultimate future soldier hunts an enemy into the present. With Lloyd Nolan, Michael Ansara. Written by Harlan Ellison.
Episode 2

"Cold Hands, Warm Heart"

Astronaut, Jeff Barton returns from a successful and much - heralded orbit of the planet Venus. His heroic exploit earns him full command of a proposed space flight to colonize Mars. But before funds for the project can be appropriated, General Barton must appear before the Senate Committee, with a complete report.All is well, until unexpected physiological changes begin to occur which dramatically affect Barton's appearance and well-being. In a dream, he relives an encounter with a Venus Creature he is beginning to resemble. All the facilities of space medicine are applied to effect a cure. They are only partially successful until coupled with the power of love manifest by the astronaut's wife. If he recovers in time to testify convincingly to the Senate Committee, he'll write a new chapter in Man's history in space.
Episode 3

"Behold, Eck!"

Quite by chance, eye-specialist James Stones fashions several pairs of glasses which enable his patients to see an otherwise invisible, horrendous two dimensional monster. The creature attacks each patient, not to do harm but merely to take away his glasses. Using his own pair of special lenses, Dr. Stone discovers that all the creature wants is to find a way back to the outer world, whence he came accidentally. Failure to close this door within hours will mean the destruction of Earth. Dr. Stone, working frantically to make more lenses, is thwarted when the creature suddenly becomes visible to all and panic ensues. As the city's security forces trap the creature in a blazing room, Dr. Stone works feverishly to save him, so he can close the fateful doors that threaten the earth. The doctor succeeds, completes grinding the lenses, and enables the harmless monster to return to his two dimensional world.
Episode 4

Expanding Human

A man experimenting with conciousness expansion drugs becomes super-human and not really human at all.
Episode 5

Demon With a Glass Hand

Alien soldiers seek the last human survivor of a future war, a man with a glass hand. With Robert Culp. Written by Harlan Ellison.
Episode 6

Cry of Silence

A couple (Eddie Albert, June Havor) finds a canyon whose inhabitants are under alien control.
Episode 7

Invisible Enemy

A Mars expedition arrives to discover its predecessor's fate and loses a crewman in a sea of sand. With Adam West.
Episode 8

Wolf 359

A scientist's (Patrick O'Neal) wife (Sara Shane) works to destroy a creature escaped from a miniature, artificial planet.
Episode 9

I Robot

A robot is put on trial for the murder of his creator.
Episode 10

The Inheritors, Part 1

Soldiers struck by bullets made from the meteorite ore become geniuses. With Robert Duvall, Steve Ihnat.
Episode 11

The Inheritors, Part 2

Soldiers made geniuses by bullets made from meteorite ore kidnap children. With Robert Duvall, Steve Ihnat.
Episode 12

Keeper of the Purple Twilight

A scientist (Warren Stevens) exchanges emotions for an alien's technical knowledge.
Episode 13

The Duplicate Man

A 21st-century scientist duplicates himself so the double can search for an escaped alien.
Episode 14


Six future astronauts are put through a simulation of a long space flight.
Episode 15

The Brain of Colonel Barham

A brilliant, dying space explorer (Anthony Eisley) agrees to have his brain put into a robot body.
Episode 16

The Premonition

A test pilot (Dewey Martin) and his wife are trapped in limbo after his plane exceeds previously known speeds.
Episode 17

The Probe

The inhabitants of an airplane that crashed in the eye of a hurricane find a floating alien laboratory.


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