1 season available

The New Adventures of Figaro Pho

Fantasy, Kids, Adventure • TV Series • 2015

Figaro is the world's most loveable scaredy pants! A warm hearted adorable and mischievous character. He has mustered up the courage to venture outsid...more

Figaro is the world's most loveable scaredy pants! A warm hearted adorable and mischievous character. He has mustered up the courage to venture outsid...more

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1 season available (39 episodes)

1 season available

(39 episodes)

Episode 1

Figaro On Ice

Winter has arrived in Cogville. An ice skating competition is underway and Figaro has his heart set on winning first prize. The only problem is his skating skills are terrible.
Episode 2

School of Cool

Looking over his balcony, Figaro Pho can see Rudy... the coolest kid in Cogville... skateboarding the half pipe in the town centre. He's so awesome. Figaro has to hang out with him!
Episode 3

Figarette Pho

After visiting the Cogville Cineplex, Figaro is struck by the call of nature. With the boy's toilet occupied, he has no choice but to duck into the girl's stall.
Episode 4

The Bag Piped Piper

Figaro tries to join Rudy's and Prudence's band, but his "old skool" keyboard performance is met with ridicule. Dejected, Figaro retreats to his mansion where he finds a set of bagpipes...
Episode 5

Doctor Dred

When Figaro's nose is injured while playing frisbee, there is only one place to go...The doctor's surgery.The other patients have poor hygiene, there is a skeleton manning the reception desk and very strange sounds are coming from the doctor's office...
Episode 6

Kung Fu Pho

Figaro and Rivet are disturbed by a pesky fly buzzing around the living room. An attempt to shoo away the bothersome creature goes awry when it turns out the fly is a martial arts expert.
Episode 7

Zombie Pho

After watching a zombie film in the cinema with Rivet, Figaro becomes afraid that a zombie invasion has hit the town of Cogville. Everywhere he looks he sees the undead. Even his friends, Rudy and Prudence, appear to have been turned into Zombies...
Episode 8

Pho Is in the Air

To escape a rainy Cogville, Figaro decides to book a holiday on a tropical island paradise. But what is supposed to be a relaxing flight quickly turns into a travel nightmare!
Episode 9

Bandage Brouhaha

After receiving a tiny graze, Figaro's arm is covered with a small bandage. After three days, Figaro tries to remove the stubborn bandage but struggles. Eventually he uses great force to wrench the plaster off his arm. Its finally gone! Or is it?
Episode 10

Tiny Terrors

Figaro and Rivet's highly enjoyable picnic is ruined by a thieving bee, cockroach and fly. The three vermin will stop at nothing to ransack Figaro and Rivet's luncheon. A battle quickly ensues where Figaro tries all manner of tricks to stop the critters.
Episode 11

Nightmare On Edam Street

Figaro is enjoying a cup of tea when a ghastly smell fills the air. He follows the trail to his fridge. Inside he discover a nasty, stinky, rotten cheese. He realizes that this cheese has come to life! It's a cheese monster!!
Episode 12

Flower of Fury

When Figaro finds a withered flower in his garden, he moves it into his house, where he lovingly tries to nurse it back to health. The plant not only recovers, but it also starts to develop an insatiable hunger and a horrible personality to match.
Episode 13

Myth or Pho?

It's a dark and stormy night in Cogville, and a Bogusville Bunyip comic book is too terrifying for Figaro to read. Rivet takes advantage of the spooky atmosphere and jumps out to scare Figaro.
Episode 14

Vertigo Pho

Figaro is about to see a movie at the Cogville theatre when a sudden gust of wind blows his ticket out of his hand and high up onto the theatre's roof! Figaro is petrified of heights... But he must see the movie!
Episode 15

Spider Pho

After Figaro visits the outside toilet, a small spider finds its way onto him and into his mansion. Rivet notices the eight legged visitor and tried to alert Figaro, who is blissfully unaware.
Episode 16

Neat Freak

Figaro Pho's mansion is a mess! Too lazy to clean it themselves, Figaro and Rivet decide to hire Snotty Ronald as their house cleaner. Figaro and Rivet will have to do something to avoid being imprisoned in their own house by the neat freak!
Episode 17


When Figaro wants to buy a new remote controlled race car, he tries to raid his piggy bank, but without success. The stubborn coin container simply refuses to open, no matter what Figaro tries...
Episode 18

Mailman Mania

Figaro and Rivet are having lots of fun taking silly pictures of each other. But when a particularly embarrassing photo accidentally ends up in a letter sent to Prudence, the joke is over. This letter needs to be stopped!
Episode 19

Baby Bandit

When Figaro and Rivet find a baby, left on his doorstep they have no choice but to take care of the little one. Despite all their best efforts, this bundle of joy turns out to be nothing but trouble!
Episode 20

Time Travellers

Figaro and Rivet are flipping through TV channels, bored, when an amazing ad comes on for a time machine. Think of the adventures they'll have! The time traveler's adventures even take him to outer space but here things also go terribly wrong.
Episode 21

Gumball Boogie

When Figaro is in Dotty's store, he discovers a magic gumball machine. But when he tries to buy some gumballs, the old shopkeeper refuses to sell them to him. These sweets are highly dangerous!
Episode 22

The Soup

Figaro and Rivet go out for a bite to eat at Cogville's fanciest restaurant. Figaro is eventually talked into the house specialty: soup. The only way to find out what it contains is for Figaro and Rivet to fully immerse themselves inside the bowl of soup.
Episode 23

Laugh Attack

On a day where everything goes wrong, Rivet decides to brighten up Figaro's day with an old set of joke teeth. Initially the plan seems to work, as the silly dentures make Figaro crack up, but then the teeth take over and our hero can't stop laughing!
Episode 24

Eye Witless

The circus has come to Cogville and Figaro couldn't be more excited. But a series of terrible accidents lands our hero in a wheelchair and unable to see the show. What's worse, next time Figaro checks, the circus has moved on!
Episode 25

Loose Tooth

A trip to the dentist gives Figaro terrible news - his teeth are rotting from eating too many sweets! A diet of vegetables is prescribed and Figaro is sent on his way. However, one of Figaro's teeth has different ideas.
Episode 26

Pizza Boy

Figaro is recruited by the local pizzeria as a delivery boy. His mission, always deliver the food piping hot! This soon turns out to be a major challenge, especially since Penny, the over ambitious crossing guard, keeps stopping him mid delivery.
Episode 27

Grim Reaper

Figaro has an awful cold. He feels literally close to death. So much so that the Grim Reaper arrives in his house. When the Reaper picks up a cold Figaro helps nurse him back to health.
Episode 28


When Figaro discovers an old vinyl record, he plays it on his gramophone. Immediately bizarre things start happening throughout the mansion. Figaro is being visited by the ghost of his vaudevillian ancestor, Uncle Walter Pho.
Episode 29

Double Pho

Figaro receives a ping pong table but can't find anyone to play with. He decides the only solution is to play ping pong with himself. He pushes the table against a large mirror and begins to play with his own reflection.
Episode 30

Fame Game

Figaro's new outfit and sunglasses make him the spitting image of a superstar, and all of Cogville's kids confuse Figaro with their idol. The instant fame is intoxicating until Figaro discovers the downside of celebrity.
Episode 31

Party Pooper

It's Figaro's birthday and the last thing he wants to have is a party. But his best friend Rivet didn't get the memo. Rivet has planned a spectacular party, with his friends Ronald and Prudence.
Episode 32

Pharoah Pho

Figaro uncovers a strange ancient note while flipping through a cooking book. By reading the note, Figaro accidentally summons an Egyptian Pharaoh, who manifests in the suburban kitchen.
Episode 33

Run Figaro Run

It's a hot sunny day in Cogville. Figaro is just about to tuck into his six scoop ice cream cone, when out of nowhere a mean, rabid dog appears. Panicking, Figaro runs as fast as he can to avoid it.
Episode 34

Camp Fear

As a result of a local bus accident, Figaro and Ronald are left stranded in the wild. Figaro's initial panic is put to rest when it becomes clear that Ronald is a fully trained boy scout.
Episode 35

Stage Fright

There's an amazing magician performing at the Cogville theatre, and Figaro and Rivet couldn't be more excited. They rush inside and take their seats, just in time for the curtains to rise and reveal... Boris and Cornelius in tutu's!
Episode 36

Valentine's Day

When Figaro accidentally injures Cupid on Valentines' Day, he has no choice but to take over the cherub's job.
Episode 37

Cupcake Carnage

Figaro is making cupcakes, and he artfully tops them with sprinkles and cherries for decoration. Perfection! Just as he drifts off to sleep, Figaro remembers that he accidently left one of the cupcakes undecorated, but decides not to do anything about it.
Episode 38

Figaro's Big Adventure

Figaro finds out that Cogville's amusement park has a new rollercoaster ride, and he is determined to ride it. When he tries to buy a ticket, he discovers he is not tall enough to be allowed on!
Episode 39

Odd Socks

There's something mysterious going on with Figaro's socks. He can't find any matching pairs and only one of each sock comes back from the cleaners!Figaro and Rivet go undercover as socks themselves and hitch a ride in the laundry truck.


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