3 seasons available

The Munsters Today

Comedy, Sitcom, Family • TV Series • 1988

The classic TV show gets a reboot after an accident sends the family of monsters to the 1980s.

The classic TV show gets a reboot after an accident sends the family of monsters to the 1980s.

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3 seasons available (72 episodes)

3 seasons available

(72 episodes)

Episode 1

The Silver Bullet

When Eddie's rival, Matt Glover, moves back into town with the same charisma and overly-competitive nature he had in kindergarten, Eddie is depressed. Their high school classroom's rock video competition brings back Eddie's upsetting memories, even nightmares, of kindergarten when Matt always outshone him. Even the family's assistance and words of wisdom cannot lift his spirits. Unwilling to submit a prepared Munster rap video, Eddie makes a spontaneous tape in class and speaks honestly about his fear. Eddie realized that "losing doesn't make you a loser"" and that he had been defeating himself.
The Reel Munsters
Episode 2

The Reel Munsters

The Munsters appear on a home-video show. With John Schuck, Lee Meriwether.
Episode 3

Wishing You Were Here

"When Grandpa gives Eddie a leprechaun's shamrock for his 15th birthday, Eddie wishes for Alicia, a beautiful 18-year-old model whose picture he has seen on the cover of a magazine. But Alicia's beauty is only skin deep, and she takes over the Munsters' entire household. Eddie, completely enamored of Alicia, neglects school, quits the football team and orders a tattoo as a symbol of their love. When they decide it is time to move out and get married, Grandpa tries to talk some sense into Eddie, telling him he is breaking his parents' hearts. Wanting to be treated as an adult, he stubbornly disregards Grandpa's advice."
Episode 4

Three Munsters and A Baby

The Munster men tackle baby-sitting while trying to watch a football game. Stars John Schuck, Howard Morton.
Episode 5

It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To

Grandpa's family decides to plan a special celebration for his 417th birthday. Lily suggests to get the names of everyone important in Grandpa's life from his scrapbook, and they send Herman to fetch them via the Time Machine. On his birthday, they treat Grandpa to a game of ""This Is Your Life"" and introduce his guests one by one. Grandpa recoils at the sight of his mother and complains about how she always treated him as a child. Next, the family presents Grandpa's brother Yorga and his one-time business partner Genghis Khan, and his first girlfriend Shirley's appearance makes him cringe. Much to the family's chagrin, the guests drive Grandpa up the wall and show no sign of wanting to leave.
Episode 6

Makin' Waves

Grandpa's (Howard Morton) brush with mortality leads to a change in attitude. Guest star: Robbie Rist.
Episode 7

Just Another Pretty Face

"Herman is fascinated by Grandpa's latest invention, a machine that can recycle anything into its original form, until he accidentally gets locked inside and is ""recycled"" to his original form, a normal human being. Herman panics when he sees himself without his familiar green face, flat head and neck bolts. Lily insists she still loves the big lug anyway. In spite of what they say, it is clear that the family thinks his new look is ghastly, so Herman consults with Dr. Carver, a plastic surgeon. When Dr. Carver suggests Herman should try his special ""Michael Jackson package,"" the former lean green machine declines. To everyone's relief, Grandpa claims he can reverse the machine's effects, but when Herman goes through the recycling process again, it is only partly successful."
Episode 8

Kiss Kiss

With Grandpa's (Howard Morton) help, Marilyn (Hilary Van Dyke) gets her wish for the perfect boyfriend.
Mind Reader
Episode 9

Mind Reader

Eddie's (Jason Marsden) horizons expand after he accidentally drinks a mind-reading potion.
Episode 10

No More Mr. Nice Guy

"As the Munsters prepare to throw a party for Frank Thresher, a former co-worker of Herman who has struck it rich, Herman decides to change his ways -- from now on no more Mr. Nice Guy! He cannot, however, bring himself to cancel the party, but he promises not to have fun at it. When Frank cracks a few jokes at Herman's expense, Herman explodes in a fit of anger, proposes a toast to the ""new Herman Munster"" and throws everyone out. At dinner the next night, Herman announces he has resigned as Little League umpire and taken a leave of absence from his job. Grandpa is delighted with the change until Herman declares that Grandpa will have to stop mooching, and from now on he has to pay rent. Soon, Herman is a bona fide yuppie and ruthless financial broker, ignoring his family in pursuit of riches."
Episode 11

A House Divided

"When Herman announces he has been promoted and relocated to California, the Munsters have mixed emotions about moving but begin preparations to sell the mansion. After several unsuccessful attempts to sell the house themselves, they hire real estate broker Manny Glicksteen. The sleazy, hard-selling Glicksteen proceeds to sell their home to the Melcombes, Grandma, Barry and Linda, the first family that walks through the door, far below the initial asking price! While the Munsters pack, Herman receives a phone call and is told that his promotion has been rescinded, much to the family's delight, since now they won't have to leave their beloved Mockingbird Heights mansion. When they remember their house has been sold, Herman reassures his family he'll work the situation out with the Melcombes."
Episode 12

A Matter Of Trust

Herman's (John Schuck) worst fear is realized when Eddie (Jason Marsden) gets his own credit card.
Episode 13


The Munsters are asked by Mrs. Graves, the wife of Herman's boss, to babysit her son Andy. The job falls to Eddie, the only one with no plans for the evening. The cute 8-year old seems harmless at first, but soon he turns into a mischievous brat. He ties Eddie to a chair and goes downstairs to the lab where he quickly steps into Grandpa's Age Accelerator and emerges as an 18-year old. Unfortunately, the Age Accelerator does nothing to improve Andy's miserable personality. The family is stunned by Andy's transformation, but Grandpa claims he can return him to his original age - then Andy, ecstatic at his new size, runs off.
Genie From Hell
Episode 14

Genie From Hell

A genie (guest star Billy Barty) released by Marilyn (Hilary Van Dyke) takes advantage of the family.
Episode 15

Lotsa Luck

Eddie is having a run of bad luck. Video machines eat his quarters, he spills a milk shake on his homework, and Stephanie, a sexy new girl in school, thinks he is a twerp. Desperate for a change of luck, he turns to Grandpa, who lends him a lucky coin. Suddenly, everything goes Eddie's way. Just as he is about to try his luck at the racetrack and on the stock market, Grandpa warns him that the coin also carries a curse -- for every stroke of good luck Eddie receives, someone else gets a corresponding stroke of bad luck.
If I Only Knew How
Episode 16

If I Only Knew How

Herman (John Schuck) encourages Eddie (Jason Marsden) to pursue a career as a rock 'n' roll mogul.
Episode 17

The Beating Of Your Heart

Marilyn and Eddie (Hilary Van Dyke, Jason Marsden) become discouraged when their aptitude tests predict a bleak future.
Episode 18

Parenthood Vs. Childhood

Parents (John Schuck, Lee Meriwether) and children (Jason Marsden, Hilary Van Dyke) reverse roles in an attempt to narrow the generation gap.
Episode 19

Das Trunk

An inheritance from an aunt (Camila Ashland) known for practical jokes may mean wealth for the family (John Schuck, Lee Meriwether).
Episode 20

A-Camping We Will Go

When a school project encourages Marilyn to raise her environmental awareness, she plans an over-night camping trip including the other family members. Even after Herman has a dream-like visit from a haggard-looking Mother Earth, reminding him that impending doom awaits the future generation, reluctantly the others accompany Marilyn on her 24-hour outing. Once in the great outdoors, Marilyn delivers her message of peaceful coexistence with nature with the subtleness of a sledgehammer!
Episode 21

Breaking The Chain

Lily asks Herman to mail a number of chain letters so as not to break the chain and cause bad luck. Herman argues with his family members that there is no such thing as bad luck. When no one believes him, he agrees to take care of the letters but secretly throws them in the trash. By the time Herman comes home later that night, he has already had a string of coincidental events the family claims are bad luck. In the course of one day, he has sealed a widow's car keys in her late husband's coffin, had three flat tires on the way home and is told that he has been laid off from his job. In the ensuing days, Herman's streak of bad luck worsens, and eventually the whole family is afflicted.
Episode 22

Diary Of A Mad Munsterwife

Lily (Lee Meriwether) becomes depressed about her life, and the family's efforts to lift her spirits fail. Guest: Marcia Wallace.
Episode 23

The Bet

"Grandpa bets Eddie that he can make Herman commit a dishonest act. The stakes are a free roundtrip airplane ticket to Ft. Lauderdale for Eddie and first choice of television viewing for the next month for Grandpa. After a few feeble attempts to woo Herman to the dark side with cash enticements, Grandpa must call for reinforcement in his battle against the unsuspecting "Honest Abe" Munster. He elicits the help of an old blood-sucking buddy, Boris, notorious for doing-in do-gooders. With Boris on the job, Herman is tempted to bribe an officer (Boris in disguise) to dismiss bogus traffic violations and is offered money, sexual favors, and blackmailed by a faux widow, an accomplice of Boris, to by-pass local burial codes.
Episode 24

Family Night

A rare family night ends in a not so rare argument, and a concerned Lily decides it is time for professional help to reunite the family's polarized members. The Munsters visit Dr. Harris, a family counselor, and his advice to them is to increase open and honest expression of feelings toward one another. Once home, they find the application of this doctor's directive leads to circumstances worse than previously experienced. Returning to the analyst for another visit, they enter his office before the finish of an argument he apparently has with his wife over the telephone. The Munsters soon discover that even professionals have occasional family problems, and the Munster family members are not as far off their rockers as they had believed.

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