2 seasons available

The Mick

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • TV Series • 2016

A two-bit hustler must assume guardianship of her sister's three high-maintenance children.

A two-bit hustler must assume guardianship of her sister's three high-maintenance children.

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2 seasons available (37 episodes)

2 seasons available

(37 episodes)

Episode 1

The Hotel

Mickey and the children are forced to deal with a downgrade in their living arrangement after their spending habits grow out of control.
Episode 2

The Friend

Mickey and Alba's relationship is put to the test when divorcée Trish hits an emotional low point.
Episode 3

The Visit

Mickey and Sabrina go visit her mother in jail in the hopes of getting Sabrina some closure, but Mickey seems to need it more than she does.
Episode 4

The Haunted House

Mickey and Jimmy organize a special Halloween party at their mansion, but the party soon goes awry.
Episode 5

The Invention

When Mickey discovers that Ben has been taking medication to help him focus, she tries to prove that he does not need it to help him.
Episode 6

The Matriarch

Mickey and the children celebrate great grandmother Rita Pemberton's 100th birthday at her mansion.
Episode 7

The Homecoming

Mickey and Jimmy decide to take the gang back to their hometown in celebration of Jimmy's high school baseball jersey number being retired.
Episode 8

The Teacher

Mickey becomes worried about Sabrina's relationship with her poetry teacher, so she decides to try humiliating them both while their peers watch.
Episode 9

The Divorce

When Chip discovers that his birth was the result on an affair his mother had in the past, he decides to set out in search of his biological father.
Episode 10

The Climb

Sabrina organizes a gathering of talented artists in the hopes of being able to impress them.
Episode 11

The Trip

Convinced that getting accepted into Yale will be an easy task, Sabrina decides to take a risk during her interview that may threaten her chances.
Episode 12

The City

While Mickey and the gang visit New York City, they learn that Jimmy has become quite successful at an investment firm.
Episode 13

The Dump

While Mickey and Alba chaperone Ben's field trip to a local dump, they find an unfamiliar young boy who snuck onto the bus on the trip back home.
Episode 14

The Church

When Alba admits to a possible substance abuse problem, Mickey and the gang go to church with her.
Episode 15

The Juice

After Mickey gives Chip and his friend lessons on how to gamble, they lose a significant amount of money.
Episode 16

The Accident

Mickey, Alba and Jimmy attempt to save Ben's reputation after he accidentally wets the bed during a sleepover with other classmates.
Episode 17

The Night Off

Mickey and Sabrina are sent to jail over an argument after Sabrina decides to have a night out with her friends instead of babysitting Ben.
Episode 18

The Car

Jimmy and Mickey mistakenly lock Ben inside an old car Jimmy purchased at a police auction.
Episode 19

The Dance

Mickey and Alba concoct an ill-fated plan to teach Ben a lesson when they catch him lying.
Episode 20

The Graduate

Mickey and Alba learn that Sabrina is having certain reservations about going to Yale after graduation, so they try figuring out how change her mind.

Chip Becomes Friends With Benefits With Emily

Mickey Confronts Sabrina About Lying

Mickey Lets Herself Into The Dean's Office

Mickey Makes a Toast For Sabrina

Sabrina Announces That She's Not Going to Yale

The Family Attends Sabrina's Graduation

Ben Gets In Trouble For Stealing

Chip Finds Out Elliot Broke His Neck

Chip Ruined The Party

Mickey & Alba Interrogate Ben

Mickey Laughs At Sabrina's Dancing

Chip Is Catfishing Sabrina

Jimmy & Mickey Lock Ben In A Police Car

Jimmy Wants A Police Car

Mickey Tries To Smash The Car Window

Mickey Wants The Kids To Put Their Phones Down

Sabrina Knows Chip Is Messing With Her

Alba Is Stuck In The Bathroom

Jimmy Meets Doug

Mickey & Jimmy Meet Their Double Date

Mickey Handcuffs Ben To Sabrina

Mickey Puts Sabrina In Charge

Sabrina And Mickey Have A Good System

Ben Is Sad He Didn't Get Invited To A Sleepover

Chip Convinces Sabrina To Let Him & His Friend Join The Party

Mickey Confronts a Parent

Mickey Delivers Dry Pajamas To Ben At The Sleepover

Sabrina Losses Her ID

Sabrina Wants Chip & His Friend to Change Their Outfits

Alba Thinks Her Patient Is Tricking Her

Jimmy Confronts Sabrina About Her New Girlfriend

Mickey Explains What "The Juice" Means

Mickey Helps Chip & His Friend Make A Bet

Mickey Realizes How Much Chip's Friend Bet

Mickey Tries To Label Sabrina A Lesbian

Alba Crashes The Car In Front Of The House

Alba Invites Father Z To Watch Football

Alba Wakes Up In The Hospital

Ben Questions If God Is Real

Chip Talks To Father Z After Church

Mickey, Alba, & The Kids Go To Church

Sabrina & Jimmy Wake Ben Up To See The Sunrise

Alba & Mickey Try to Figure Out What to Do Next

Alba & Mickey Use a Pay Phone

Chip & Sabrina Visit the Strip Club

Chip Left The Colonel Outside All Night

Jimmy Tries to Explain Himself To Mickey

Mickey & Alba Argue Over What To Do With Ben's Friend

Mickey & Alba Realize Jimmy Is Still Alive

Mickey & Alba Ride The Bus With Ben

Mickey & Alba Run Into Jimmy

Sabrina & Chip Push Around the Colonel

Mickey Catches Sabrina Trying To Ditch School

Sabrina Walks Into A German Speaking Class from "The Trip"

Alba's Cousin Comes To Visit from "The Mess"

Mickey Finds Sabrina In The Closet from "The Mess"

Sabrina Takes The LSD Found In Mickey's Pocket from "The Mess"

Chip Crushes His Dad's Leg

Chip Flies a Plane

Jennie Arrives at Mickey's Event

Mickey & Sabrina Debate About Art

Mickey Argues With Ben's New Friend

Mickey Connects With Jennie Garth

Mickey Wants To Bring Jennie Garth To The Salon

Chip Is Going Back To Doing Bastard Things

Chips Tracks Down His Dad In The Men's Room

Jimmy Drinks Mickey's Throw Up from

Poodle Tells The Family About The Divorce

Sabrina & Alba Tell Mickey About Her Relationship With Jimmy

Mickey Makes Some Wild Accusations from "The Teacher"

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