2 seasons available

The Jungle Bunch

TVYAnimation • AdventureKidsTV Series • 2016

Inside of the jungle, if there's a problem or an injustice to fix, no worry: just pul...more

Inside of the jungle, if there's a problem or an injustice to fix...More

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2 seasons available (104 episodes)

2 seasons available

(104 episodes)

Season1 2
Episode 1

The Cube

A blue light cube creates a disagreement in the Jungle. Hector discovered it while he was training in the Jungle, but all the other animals want it for themselves. The Jungle Bunch decide to throw it in the volcano.
Episode 2

Show Must Go On

It’s the 20 years concert of Fred's career and all the Jungle gets ready to watch his show.
Episode 3

The Melting Mangoes

Al and Bob prepare a surprise at the Jungle Cave. The signal rings out; It is not Al and Bob but Salvador, completely terrified, because someone stole his painting "The melting mangoes"!
Episode 4

Dance of the Vultures

Nestor comes asking for help as every night the raccoons of his village disappear. The Jungle Bunch identify the culprit: it’s Nosferapace, the vulture. He falls in love with Batricia and kidnaps her too. The Jungle Bunch go searching for her.
Episode 5

The Mini Jungle Bunch

Six little children play as if they were the Jungle Bunch. They see that the Jungle Bunch is getting ready for a new mission, they decide to follow them from far.
Episode 6

Gemeine Hamster

A little hamster is searching for the Jungle Bunch, her family fell in the bottomless pit of the forest of shadows.
Episode 7

Tiger Hunt

Maurice and Junior follow a cockatoo to the big tigers’ meeting that takes place on the Island of the Solar Rock. They fall into a trap. All the villains got together to decide which one is the most dangerous: the one who catches Maurice wins.
Episode 8


Two bats come to ask for help from the Jungle Bunch. They were evicted from their cave by a magician mandrill who finds that their cave is the ideal place to settle down and perform magic tricks.
Episode 9

Die Smaragd-Papaya

Marla comes to meet for the Jungle Bunch, the moment has come for the delicious green pawpaw to bloom.
Episode 10

All Bets Are Off

Some animals claim that the otters running the casino are cheating and winning all the fruit. The Jungle Bunch check the casino, but they don't identify the cheating. Meanwhile Gilbert is taken by the gambling fever and loses the Jungle Cave.
Episode 11

Catch As Catch Can

Lola’s parents are searching for the Jungle Bunch: their daughter ran away. She went to a wrestling competition where Junior also is. The referee El Popo does everything to make his son win… but the Jungle Bunch and Lola have not said their last word.
Episode 12

Mammoths Rule!

Lucette the mole comes to see the Jungle Bunch. During her honeymoon trip, she fell into a time trap and her husband got kidnapped by mammoths. They search the place and discover the mammoths or rather elephants forced by their leader to disguise.
Episode 13

A Secret Mole

Stanislas the hamster comes searching for the Jungle Bunch. Every night his watermelons are stolen by a “secret mole”, she wears a mask, rides a hyena. They are going to discover that the Secret Mole steals watermelons for orphans who have nothing to eat.
Episode 14

For a Fistful of Cahouetes

Thieves stole all the city’s cactus juice and the sheriff does nothing to fix this. When the Jungle Bunch arrive at Cactus City they discover that the sheriff is Captain Cahouete – he wants to convince everybody that the Jungle Bunch are the thieves.
Episode 15

The Wild Bunch

Three terrified marmots come to see the Jungle Bunch: a huge cloud of dust invaded their village. On the spot, the Jungle Bunch discover a troop of rabbits, all identical. The leader threatens them and suggests that the Jungle Bunch join his army.
Episode 16

Jungle Bums

It seems that the Jungle Bunch has behaved bad lately and go by the name of "the Jungle Bums". Maurice, who was surprised not to be called, decides to investigate. The Jungle Bunch discover that they have doubles who look like them but don't act like them
Episode 17

Planet of the Ape

Bruno the beaver comes to the Jungle Bunch for help: all of his friends have been kidnapped by an army of apes. They reach the beach and discover a huge statue representing Koro, a mandrill. They are all made prisoners by the monkeys, except for Miguel.
Episode 18

Tarsier in Danger

Gilbert is disturbed by the noise that his friends are making, and decides to leave and stay in the jungle. When the signal rings out, the Jungle Bunch see a hot-air balloon in the sky. Melina has kidnapped Gilbert and intends to make him work for her.
Episode 19

Guava or Pawpaw?

Alfredo the possum comes searching for the Jungle Bunch because his neighbors, the meerkats, don’t want to play soccer or move anymore. The Jungle Bunch discover that the meerkats are victims of a villain who gives them fake fruit in exchange of objects.
Episode 20

The Jungle Feast

Al is attending the Best Chef in the Jungle competition. Hector will be the referee, but he is blind and needs the help of the Jungle Bunch in order to watch the competitors. In particular Chucky the king who would do whatever it takes to win.
Episode 21

Ice Scream

Ernest invented an ice cube machine to cool down his coconut milk but doesn’t realize that the machine throws ice all over the jungle. The Jungle Bunch will try stop this ice-cold disaster.
Episode 22

An Explosive Duel

Melina arrives disguised as an old woman at the Jungle Bunch lair, she claims that her grandson is in danger in the Swamp of the Death. Once there, Gilbert understands that Melina lied, and a big fight between scientists breaks out in the den.
Episode 23

Bubbles Under the Sea

A small kiwi comes to the Jungle Bunch: his uncle Ernest went diving into the sea but never came back. Gilbert dives with an improvised submarine together with Junior. They have to face eels and a huge octopus.
Episode 24

The Jungle Genius Awards

All the Jungle scientists gather to present their new inventions. Ernest and Gilbert show a new source of energy: The Natural Gas Compressor. Vladimir manages to steal it and the Jungle Bunch have to make every effort to get the genius invention back.
Episode 25

This Land Is Not Your Land

A gang of koalas steals the fruits of a jerboa's village. The Jungle Bunch go to the village of the jerboas and beat the koalas. But the koalas come back again, and The Jungle bunch have to teach the jerboas how to defend the village by themselves.
Episode 26

Rabbit Trickeries

Jeremy, a jerboa, is searching for the Jungle Bunch as a gang of koalas steals the fruit from his village. They beat the koalas but when they leave the koalas come back again. The Jungle bunch must teach the jerboas how to defend the village by themselves
Episode 27

The Good, the Baddies and the Intern

Some stupid bad guys want to prove they are the strongest guys around. One is supposed to kidnap the mastermind of the Jungle Bunch, but brings Miguel instead. He asks him to build a robot, so Miguel builds them a robot too big to go out of their cave.
Episode 28

Brain Drain

Maurice has been bitten by a spider and doesn’t remember anything about the Jungle Bunch. The only solution is to fetch the antidote at the queen of spiders’ place. The others are bitten at their turn. Junior is the last hope for the Jungle Bunch !
Episode 29

Caset Their Nets

Gilbert is studying a very dangerous mosquito, carrier of the blue fever; the mosquito-tiger escapes and the Jungle Bunch will try to neutralize it. After a speed-chase, Gilbert manages to catch the mosquito.
Episode 30

Die Knuddelei

The Jungle Bunch go to see what's going on at the koala’s village, and get “puppetized” one after the other. The koalas use them to go fetch all what is needed for the cooking of their famous paste to spread.
Episode 31


Nestor finds a block of ice that has a black and hairy tarsier inside. Gilbert is very excited and decides to defrost the Australotarsus! Unfortunately, he realises that his ancestor looks more like the Tasmanian devil than to a scientific genius!
Episode 32

A Sticky Situation

Roger and Stanislas are unintentionally stuck, because of a sticky fruit. The Jungle Bunch have to find some rare ingredients to make a mixture that will unglue them. Roger and Stanislas can't stand each other anymore, the Jungle Bunch have to be quick!
Episode 33

Saving Junior

Junior is kidnapped by raccoons that threaten to hurt him. Junior will be returned to Maurice, safe and sound, on condition that the Jungle Bunch bring Nin-nin the lovey to the bad guy Viggo!
Episode 34

SOS Meteorid

Ernest comes to see the Jungle Bunch team to tell them that an asteroid is going to hit the Jungle in less than three hours, unfortunately he made the asteorid deflect with one of his invention...the Jungle Bunch will have to find a quick solution!
Episode 35

Furies on the Prowl

A gang of bad guys called the "Furies on the prowl" steal the water of the desert! The Jungle Bunch have to stop them. They build a "Jungle Machine" to chase the gang before they steal the last drop of water in the desert!
Episode 36

For a Few Pearls More

Junior leaves for a summer camp with other children. He discovers that Vladimir leads an army of oyster-ninja. Junior has to break the promise made to his father: “No kung-fu today!” and defeats Vladimir and his army.
Episode 37

The Christmas Heist

Batricia went to pick the children’s letters for the Presents Feast. At one point she lets the letters-bag. Unluckily the bag joined the bags of the mole rats. The JB will have to organize a heist to get the letters back and to be ready for the Feast.
Episode 38

The Fake Fan

Mickey the jerboa wants to take his revenge against the Jungle Bunch. He sways Victor, the greatest fan of the Jungle Bunch, to learn their weakness. With this knowledge Mickey could become a very dangerous villain… or not.
Episode 39

Egg Hunt

It's a disaster, Salvador has just lost the five eggs he was supposed to paint for the birds. The eggs are now scattered through the Jungle and soon will hatch out! No time to waste, the JB will have to split and to succeed in this big "eggs-hunt"…
Episode 40

Inseparable Duo

Al and Bob tell us how they became friends. Before forming the inseparable duo, the toads were rival detectives. But, just as in a buddy movie, a tough misson forces them to work together. And this will be the beginning of the great friendship.
Episode 41

Beware of the Gorilla

Miguel leaves the lair of the Jungle Bunch for a few days to visit his family. Unfortunately holidays are not as quiet as he thought. A gang of mandrills wants to steal Miguel's mother restaurant. Miguel has to help his family winning a soccer match.
Episode 42

Double Frog Dare

An old friend Jeff, arrives at the Jungle Bunch’s lair. He promised Tonio the big rhino to bring him beautiful flowers for his fiancée. But those flowers are surrounded by quicksand...he desperately needs Al and Bob's help to honour his bet.
Episode 43

A Fishbowl for Two

The piranha joins Junior in the water and takes part of a training, everyone is surprised. But at night Junior realizes that the piranha goes discreetly in Gilbert’s lab to steal equipment. The Jungle Bunch will have to catch the robbers.
Episode 44

Mini Jungle Bunch, Maxi Fear

Today it’s Lola's birthday! This year her parents took a hot-air balloon so the little ones can take a ride in the air, but it’s a surprise! Unfortunately the mini Jungle bunch discover the secret gift and begin to play on it...
Episode 45

Jungle Giggles

Some hyenas go to the Jungle Bunch lair to ask them to carry a box containing a laughing gas. The smoke of the volcano will soon spread it all over the Jungle, and the hyenas will be free to rob the whole Jungle…
Episode 46


The Jungle Bunch are called for a mission in a cave but an explosion obstructs the unique exit. Batricia flies away and escape. Bad koalas have decided to replace the Jungle Bunch. But Batricia is determined to free her friends and to trap the koalas.
Episode 47

Invaders from the Deep

Marla comes to the Jungle Bunch because a disaster is about to happen! She speaks about a mysterious resident of the jungle who is in great danger. The Jungle Bunch have to protect him and they leave to discover who is the person who needs to be saved…
Episode 48


A racoon comes to the Jungle Bunch, all his uncles have been kidnapped. Vladimir did it, he wants the racoons to make a huge statue for him. The Jungle Bunch use a big statue to enter Vladimir fortress…
Episode 49

The Jungle Bunch Are in the Place

Barnabey loves collecting all kind of things. He comes to the Jungle Bunch to invite them to a banquet, it's a very special occasion, to show his last collection. Miguel and Gilbert are the only one to go. But they will have to face a robbery attempt!
Episode 50

Crescendo Megalo

Salvador arrives at the Jungle Bunch beside himself with anxiety : his brother went in search of the secret cave of their great-great-great father but he would have trapped the access of the cave. The Jungle Bunch leave with Salvador to find his brother.
Episode 51


Gilbert is delighted : with some ore and a potatoe he made a new intelligent robot…but very rapidly the Patator multiply and invade the whole Jungle. The Jungle Bunch will have to stop this robot invasion.
Episode 52

The New Hero

The mini Jungle Bunch don't consider Gilbert as a hero because "he never does anything"…vexed and piqued, Gilbert leaves. He then attends the kidnapping of the mini Jungle Bunch to show how intelligence can be usefull in a mission…

About this Show

The Jungle Bunch

Inside of the jungle, if there's a problem or an injustice to fix, no worry: just pull the signal of the Jungle Bunch and they will rush to the rescue! Maurice, the penguin-tiger, best known as "the big warrior tiger" is always ready to lead the rest of the bunch in a new adventure.

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