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The Heroic Legend of Arslan

TV14ActionFantasyAnimation • AnimeAdventureScience FictionTV Series2015

Arslan, the 14-year-old prince of Pars, lacks the leadership skills befitting a futur...more

Arslan, the 14-year-old prince of Pars, lacks the leadership skil...More

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Episode 1

(Sub) The Glory of Ecbatana

Crown Prince Arslan leads a sheltered life, but his curiosity leads him to seek out slaves recently brought back from a successful military campaign. When one of those slaves escapes and takes him hostage, he gets more than he bargained for.
Episode 2

(Sub) Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle

Three years later, Arslan is still training and still sheltered. Peace seems a certainty for the Kingdom of Pars, widely known for its mighty army. But Lusitania is suddenly back and this time, the Kingdom of Maryam falls and Pars faces war.
Episode 3

(Sub) The Knight in Black

Daryun finds Prince Arslan in time to save him from Kharlan's betrayal, but Kharlan's treachery runs deep, affecting the course of battle even where he is not present.
Episode 4

(Sub) The World-Weary Strategist

Prince Arslan and Daryun seek refuge with Narsus deep in the mountains. Narsus's obvious gift for strategy would be an asset to Arslan, but Narsus is intent on remaining a hermit and dedicating his life to his questionable art.
Episode 5

(Sub) The Royal Capital Burns, Part One

Now that Narsus has agreed to join Prince Arslan, they must figure out a way to get to Ecbatana without getting caught by Kharlan. And in the meantime, the Lusitanian army closes in on the Royal Capital.
Episode 6

(Sub) The Royal Capital Burns, Part Two

As Prince Arslan and his small company bide their time, the Lusitanian army continues to lay siege to Ecbatana.
Episode 7

(Sub) The Beauties and the Beasts

Ecbatana falls and the Lusitanian King, Innocentis VII, enters the city to see what he has conquered. And the once-enslaved boy soldier, whom Arslan befriended, returns to search for his old comrades.
Episode 8

(Sub) The Treasonous Hero

Kharlan sets out to hunt down Arslan and Narsus works to turn this situation to their advantage, so that they can finally learn why Kharlan turned traitor.
Episode 9

(Sub) Beneath the Mask

Daryun and Narsus sneak into Ecbatana to gather more information. Meanwhile, Arslan has an interesting encounter with someone from his past.
Episode 10

(Sub) The Lord and Master of Kashan Fortress

Evading pursuit and seeking more allies, Arslan finds shelter at Kashan Fortress, but its scheming lord wants a lot for his cooperation.
Episode 11

(Sub) The Road to Peshawar

Arslan and his small group make their way towards Peshawar Citadel, but they face many obstacles along the way.
Episode 12

(Sub) A Knight's Loyalty

The Lusitanians relentlessly pursuing them has forced Arslan's group to flee separately in smaller groups and now, they struggle to make their way to Peshawar and bring their group back together.
Episode 13

(Sub) Two Princes

Arslan's small group is reunited at Peshawar and they begin looking at using the army there to take back the rest of Pars.
Episode 14

(Sub) Chapter XIV: The Foreign Prince

With no time to absorb Bahman's shocking revelation, Arslan must decide how to deal with the invading army led by Rajendra, Second Prince of the Kingdom of Sindhura.
Episode 15

(Sub) The Black Leopard of Sindhura

Having formed an alliance with Rajendra, Arslan and company face their first hurdle in their military campaign to win Rajendra the throne of Sindhura. On their way to Sindhura's capital of Uraiyur, they must first get past the Fortress of Gujarat.
Episode 16

(Sub) Chapter XVI: Elegy for the Setting Sun

With the fall of the Fortress of Gujarat, Gadevi sets out to meet Arslan and Rajendra on the battlefield. Vastly outnumbered and facing war elephants, Arslan and company must find a way to win.
Episode 17

(Sub) The Duel Before the Gods

Rajendra asks Daryun to be his proxy in the duel before the gods to determine the next heir to the throne of Sindhura. Faced with the fearsome knight in black, Gadevi arrives at a terrifying solution.
Episode 18

(Sub) Chapter XVIII - Once Again Across the River

With Rajendra now firmly on the throne of Sindhura, it is time for Arslan to put his affairs in order and prepare to return to Pars to deal with Lusitania.
Episode 19

(Sub) The End of Winter

Arslan returns to Peshawar. In the meantime, Hermes must walk the fine line between remaining useful to Lusitania and furthering his own interests.
Episode 20

(Sub) Chapter XX - The True Face of a Knight

Lords and generals from across Pars rally to Arslan. But now, Arlsan must contend with newcomers jockeying for position and the very real possibility that he will have to fight Hermes for the throne.
Episode 21

(Sub) Chapter XXI - A Song of Farewell

The newcomers continue to make trouble within Arslan's camp and they must find a way to settle these squabbles before they leave on their campaign to take back Pars.
Episode 22

(Sub) Chapter XXII - The Night Before the Attack

As Arslan's army approaches the Keep of Saint Emmanuel, both sides make preparations for the crucial battle that will take place there.
Episode 23

(Sub) The Battle for the Keep of Saint Emmanuel

The siege of the Keep of Saint Emmanuel begins in earnest and Parsian generals, who once fought on the same side, now find themselves facing each other across the battlefield.
Episode 24

(Sub) The Decisive Battle

Étoile wrestles with the knowledge that the prince, whose head he had wanted for so long, was someone he knew. And the battle for the Keep of Saint Emmanuel continues.
Episode 25

(Sub) Chapter XXV - The Highway of Blood and Sweat

Arslan's army deals with the aftermath of the battle for the Keep of Saint Emmanuel.

(Sub) Chapter of Reminiscence, The Blade to Retake the Kingdom

About this Show

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Arslan, the 14-year-old prince of Pars, lacks the leadership skills befitting a future king. But after his father falls victim to a treacherous plot, Arslan must embark on a journey to reclaim the kingdom and fulfill his destiny as ruler of Pars.

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