3 seasons available

The Guardian

TVPG • Drama • TV Series • 2001

Nick Fallin is a young yet powerful attorney who must perform community service as a child advocate.

Nick Fallin is a young yet powerful attorney who must perform community service as a child advocate.

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3 seasons available (67 episodes)

3 seasons available

(67 episodes)

Episode 1


Nick must represent a young boy living with the traveling circus who claims that he was molested by the owner. Nick is intent on keeping the boy in DCF, though the boy's mother wants him returned so that she can continue to perform in the traveling circus. Also, as everyone at LSP tries to cope with James' shooting by the man he had attacked, Nick tries to accept that Lulu is intent on moving to Berkeley. Meanwhile, Burton tracks down the man he and Nick beat up and tries to bribe him into settling without pressing charges.
Episode 2

Big Coal

To land the major coal company as a client, Nick and his new associate, Sadie Frost, must get a town of 23 people to sign the release settlements exonerating the company from any wrongdoing. However, Nick's conscience weighs heavily on him when he learns that a massive coal fire is burning underneath the town, making the residents ill. Meanwhile, Nick and Lulu's relationship heats up, but only one of them actually thinks it means anything.
Episode 3

The Line

Still short on help, Alvin goes behind Lulu's back in order to keep her there a few months longer. However, the plan backfires for Alvin when he interferes in a delicate case Nick is handling involving a young runaway who was once Alvin's client. Meanwhile, Nick gets caught in the middle between a father and son who want him to finalize a simple merger of the family department store. However, the deal becomes severely complicated when it's learned that the son has tried to cover up a class-action lawsuit from several African-American customers.
Episode 4

The Father-Daughter Dance

A caucasian couple hires the Fallins to sue their fertility clinic when their child is born African-American. After looking into the Aaronson's' fertility case more closely, Nick discovers that one of them may have a secret that could totally change the verdict. Meanwhile, Nick must also represent a father whose parental rights were terminated because of his addiction; however, he now wants custody of his blind 12-year-old daughter after her mother dies. Also, Burton, who is trying to adjust to living with Shannon, again feels that the young girl lacks a female presence in her life and decides to hire a nanny to look after her
Episode 5


Nick is on a mission to collect back fees from his clients after Fallin and Fallin are asked to pay up their loan from the bank. One of those that owe millions to Fallin and Fallin is a long-time, very profitable client. Nick is concerned that if he pushes the client too far, he could lose him. Meanwhile, Jake's life unravels when Nick learns that one of his LSP clients has an unorthodox relationship with his Fallin and Fallin associate. Also, Lulu turns to Nick when her estranged father returns to Pittsburgh to ask her for money.
Episode 6

Let's Spend the Night Together

Lulu is excited to be in charge at LSP and that she and Nick are getting along so well, however, things take a turn for the worse when her conniving father asks for money and then plays on her guilt to get it. Meanwhile, Jake's life spins out of control when his father asks him to draw up divorce papers after announcing that he has been cheating on Jake's mother for the past 16 years.
Episode 7

Hazel Park

Nick helps a former client when he is assigned to clean up an inner-city park as a part of his community service. While at the park, Nick meets a former LSP client who seems to be down on his luck, and out of pity, Nick tries to help the kid but ends up regretting his decision. Also at the park, Nick gets involved in a parental rights case when he witnesses a prostitute leaving her infant alone in a car. Meanwhile, Fallin and Fallin hosts an adoption day, which propels Burton to consider adopting Shannon. However, his plans go awry when Shannon's birth father decides to move back to Pittsburgh to be closer to his daughter.
Episode 8


Nick struggles to find a permanent home for two young children living with HIV. When a friend of the family offers to take the children in, Nick is thrilled until he discovers some personal information about the volunteer. Meanwhile, Lulu is surprised to run into Jake at a gay men’s club where she is trying to distribute safe sex information. And, Nick and Lulu’s relationship heats up when Lulu makes a shocking announcement that could change their relationship forever.
Episode 9

Let God Sort 'Em Out

When Nick represents a teenager who wants to live with his dying grandfather, everything changes when he learns that the boy conducted drug deals out of their former home in order to pay the bills. Meanwhile, Alvin meets an elderly addict who claims to have known his father and Lulu, and Burton butt heads over how to handle a case in which they serve as opposing counsel.
Episode 10


When Burton needs immediate heart surgery, Nick must close a deal with an important, longtime Fallin and Fallin client. With Burton in the hospital, Nick and Lulu temporarily take in Shannon while also attempting to buy a house. Meanwhile, at LSP, Nick and social worker Suzanne Pell attempt to help Josh, a client at LSP, after he is locked in a closet for disciplinary measures at a teen boot camp.
Episode 11


Nick helps a young boy whose father is arrested after he shoots his boss and coworkers. Burton also becomes involved in the case when he attempts to help the deceased boss’s son get counseling, but the son is more interested in being appointed CEO of his father’s company than dealing with his father’s murder. Meanwhile, Nick admits to Lulu that he has been seeing another woman behind her back and has started drinking again.
Episode 12

Beautiful Blue Mystic

After Nick confesses to Lulu that he’s been having an affair with social worker Suzanne Pell, Lulu decides to move out, causing Nick to indulge in a new hallucinogenic drug. During his self-induced high, Nick imagines that he seeks help at a rehab clinic and meets a drug counselor who is dying of cancer. Meanwhile, Nick’s absence from work causes problems with cases he is responsible for at both LSP and Fallin and Fallin.
Episode 13


Nick represents an african-american bus driver whose response to a racist passenger may have caused his bus to crash.
Episode 14

All Is Mended

Nick learns his unborn baby has Down syndrome and he takes a case that with help give him a better understanding of it. He tells Lulu about the case and shares his fears and concerns ahead for their baby. Kate Shaw asks Jake to take an AIDS test.
Episode 15

Without Consent

Nick tries to mend fences between the teenage boy and his mother so the boy can continue living at home rather than in foster care. Also, Nick and Lulu struggle to redefine their relationship and disagree over the details of setting up a financial trust for their unborn child. Meanwhile, Jake is forced to "come out" to Burton and his mother after he gets attacked by a man he met for a sexual rendezvous.
Episode 16

Sparkle (A.K.A "Glow")

When Burton discovers Shannon has posed for pictures with a photographer linked to pornography, he forbids her to see him. A humiliated Shannon retaliates by helping her father rob Burton’s house, then runs away with the photographer. Meanwhile, Nick works on a case involving a foster family who no longer wants their foster child after the mother gives birth to her own baby.
Episode 17

The Watchers

Nick takes up the search for Shannon when an inner-ear infection prevents Burton from helping police locate her. With the help of a prostitute and her daughter Nick is able to locate Shannon, who has been kidnapped by a ring of child pornographers. After Shannon is brought home to Burton she runs away to be with Malcolm, a shady photographer. Meanwhile, Nick surprises Lulu with a big purchase.
Episode 18

The Bachelor Party

While in Los Angeles on Alvin’s bachelor party, Nick helps Alvin reconnect with his long lost son after learning that Alvin is dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Meanwhile, during a Fallin and Fallin retreat, Jake tells Burton that he feels Nick is unfairly favored by Burton. Also, Lulu helps a former prostitute attend a school dance.
Episode 19


At a court hearing, Alvin is asked to turn over his files involving past clients at LSP. Unfortunately, he isn't ready to comply to this request because he feels that in doing so would violate the Attorney client privilege. Nick helps a young boy who claims he can't remember being abused.
Episode 20

The Vote

Jake leads the charge in having Nick’s position at Fallin and Fallin put to a vote after the firm is slapped with a sexual discrimination suit after Nick treats a fellow lawyer with disrespect. Meanwhile, Nick and Jake butt heads when they try to get an elderly and sick client declared incompetent after his wife and partner disagree with the terms of the sale of his business. Also, Nick agrees to go to couple’s counseling with Lulu after deciding that they both have issues that are keeping them apart.
Episode 21

Blood in, Blood Out

Nick serves out his final community service hours at Legal Services of Pittsburgh with two cases involving juvenile boys who end up getting into a fight while locked up in juvenile detention. Meanwhile, lead by Jake, the partners at Fallin and Fallin vote on whether or not Nick should stay in the firm.
Episode 22


Having been fired from Fallin and Fallin, Nick quickly accepts an offer from a competing firm, but Burton fears Nick might have made the wrong decision because he thinks corporate law might not be Nick’s passion. Meanwhile, Lulu gives birth to a baby girl and decides to only work part-time, which forces Legal Services of Pittsburgh to find someone else to run the clinic.

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