2 seasons available

The Furchester Hotel

TVY • Family, Comedy, Kids • TV Series • 2014

The series stars a monster family that runs the Furchester hotel: father Furgus Fuzz, mother Funella Furchester and daughter Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz. W...more

The series stars a monster family that runs the Furchester hotel: father Furgus Fuzz, mother Funella Furchester and daughter Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz. W...more

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2 seasons available (103 episodes)

2 seasons available

(103 episodes)

Episode 1

A Big Bird Surprise

Big Bird comes to stay at the Furchester Hotel and discovers that finding a place to sleep becomes a big problem.
Episode 2

The Hotel Robot

Elmo and Furgus build the Furchester's new robot helper, Dot Bot, but it malfunctions and becomes a nuisance. Will they find a way to catch and turn it off before more guests are upset?
Episode 3

Gonger's Gong's Gone

Two penguin guests borrow Gonger's gong to use as a sled, but how can Gonger gong his gong without it?
Episode 4

Chick Swagger

Chick Swagger, the rock ‘n roll rooster, is late to perform at the hotel. The Furchesters find ways to keep the restless chicken fans calm while they eagerly wait for him to arrive.
Episode 5

Bunk Bed Blues

When Elmo sees some amazing things out of the window from his top bunk bed, Phoebe becomes jealous and tries to convince him to swap beds.
Episode 6

The Furgulator

Furgus invents a conveyor belt to transport guests all around the hotel, but when the 'Furgulator' goes too fast they have a hard time getting off!
Episode 7

Cheer Up Cheerleaders

When a group of cheerleaders upset the other guests by their cheers, the Furchesters ask them to stop which makes them very unhappy too. Can the Furchesters find a way to cheer everyone up?
Episode 8

Cookie Confusion

Cookies mysteriously disappear around the hotel, so the Furchesters become detectives trying to solve who is eating them all.
Episode 9

A Very Dull Birthday

It's Harvey P Dull's birthday and the Furchesters have a surprise party planned, except Harvey doesn't want a party but just wants to read his book.
Episode 10

The Veggietones and the Lost Voice

The world's best singing vegetable act is back at the hotel to put on a show, but disaster strikes when Carly Carrot loses her voice.
Episode 11

Space Alien Party

Two guests at the Furchester Hotel are out of this world when Funella throws a space alien party.
Episode 12

A Very Precious Cat

A cat called Precious checks into the hotel, and soon has the Furchesters doing everything for her.
Episode 13

The Count's Vacation

Count von Count comes to stay at the Furchester Hotel to get a break from counting, but he discovers that there are just too many great things to count at the hotel!
Episode 14

Power Cut

At the Furchester, a pop star singing sensation named Baa Baa will be performing, but a power outage stops the show. How will the show go on?
Episode 15

No Guests

The hotel's monster guests go to a tea party at another hotel, leaving Funella with no one to welcome.
Episode 16

A Furchester Christmas

In this special holiday episode, Big Bird has forgotten to tell Santa he's staying at the Furchester Hotel for Christmas. Will Santa know where to deliver his presents?
Episode 17

Harvey Gets a Song Stuck

Funella has written a new song to welcome the guests but it’s so catchy that Harvey P Dull can’t get the song out of his head!
Episode 18

Furcut Day

Elmo's fur has grown so long that he can't see through it. Luckily, the world’s greatest furcutter, Vidal Raccoon is visiting the Furchester to give everyone brand new furcuts.
Episode 19

The Knights of the Furchester

A knight comes to the hotel’s rescue because he’s heard of their many problems but learns that there are no problems to be solved.
Episode 20

The Magician's Assistant

The Great Featherini, a magician, is due to perform at the hotel but his assistant is tired of his job and wants to be a magician too.
Episode 21

The Furchester Talent Show

Phoebe and Elmo come up with ideas to help Harvey P Dull conquer his nerves so he won't feel nervous singing in front of everyone at the talent show.
Episode 22

The Furchester Family Dinner

The Furchesters want to have a family dinner together, but their guests keep interrupting them from having their meal!
Episode 23

The Night Manager

When the night manager calls in sick, Funella takes his place and tries to keep the guests happy without waking them up.
Episode 24

Ups and Downs

Two rabbits arrive at the Furchester Hotel and love the elevator so much that they want it to be their room. But turning the elevator into a room soon causes problems for the other guests.
Episode 25

The Lucky Horseshoe

At the Furchester Horse Jumping Tournament, a contestant called Gidyup loses his lucky horseshoe and believes that he has no chance of winning the competition.
Episode 26

Olivia the Octopus

The Furchesters try to figure out a way to help Olivia the Octopus keep track of her 8 arms so she doesn't keep knocking things over.
Episode 27


As soon as Furball, a bouncing furry ball, comes to the Furchester Hotel everyone wants to play a game of Furball. But when he goes missing, trying to find and catch him is easier said than done!
Episode 28

The Babysitting Service

The Furchester's Babysitting Service is put to the test when they look after a baby monster named Adrianna.
Episode 29

The Very Snowy Suite

When a family of Snowballs checks in, the Furchesters must find a way keep them cold, while keeping the other guests warm.
Episode 30

Changing Rooms

When Harvey P Dull complains about the wallpaper peeling off in his room, the Furchesters decide that it's time to give his room a full makeover, but Harvey likes his room the way that it is.
Episode 31

The Furchester Cooking Competition

It's the Furchester Cooking Competition and everyone is very excited to watch Gonger, Cookie Monster and Phoebe cook three dishes. But when they start cooking, Phoebe can't concentrate and keeps making mistakes.
Episode 32

Give a Dog a Bone

When Digby the dog loses his favourite squeaky toy bone, Phoebe and Elmo come up with creative ways to find it.
Episode 33

Great Grandmama

The guests are upset when Funella’s dear Grandmama, the founder of the Furchester, starts making changes.
Episode 34

Monkey Business

The Furchesters turn the hotel into a jungle for their very demanding monkey guest, Mr. Ook Eek.
Episode 35

Monster Pox

All the monsters at the Furchester Hotel come down with Monster Pox except Harvey P Dull who must manage the hotel by himself as well as help cure them.
Episode 36

The Furchester Fashion Show

There's a fashion show happening at the Furchester Hotel and the stars of the show are a pair of clean matching socks, but when the socks show up covered in mud, it becomes a catwalk catastrophe!
Episode 37

The 1,000th Guest

The Furchesters plan to give 1,000 cookies to their 1,000th guest. But two guests arrive at the same time! To determine a winner, they compete in increasingly ridiculous competitions.
Episode 38

Carla Chameleon

Carla Chameleon checks into the hotel, but because she has a quiet voice and keeps blending into her surroundings, no-one knows where she is!
Episode 39

The Fabulous Feathers

It's Games Day at the Furchesters and a peacock wants to play, but every game they play almost ruffles his feathers, so he keeps changing the rules. Elmo and Phoebe put their furry heads together and find of a solution that’ll make everyone happy.
Episode 40

Gonger Goes

Gonger isn't happy because he doesn’t feel appreciated for all his hard work, so he decides he's had enough and quits! The Furchesters try to figure out what's wrong and persuade him to stay.
Episode 41

The Leaky Room

A leak in the Aquarium Suite turns Harvey P Dull's room into a swimming pool! The Furchesters try to find ways to get the water out of his room and back in to the Aquarium Suite.
Episode 42

The Fairy Tale Festival

It's the Fairytale Festival at the Furchester Hotel and all the fairy-tale characters arrive to attend the Grand Ball, but when the Big Bad Wolf shows up everyone is scared that he will blow down the hotel!
Episode 43

The Munching Moths

A moth called Mr. Munch and his baby larvae check into the hotel and immediately holes start appearing in everyone's clothes at the hotel! The Furchesters need to find a way to stop the babies from eating all the fabric in the hotel and fast!
Episode 44

The Wedding Cake Caper

There's a wedding at the Furchester Hotel and Gonger has made a large and beautiful cake. Can Phoebe and Furgus safely carry the cake to the garden?
Episode 45

Saved by a Bell

Furgus is very excited with a new bell he bought which has the latest technology. The problem is that he can’t find anywhere to put it!
Episode 46

The Woof Woof Games

At the annual Woof Woof Games, one of the dogs sprains his paw and his son takes his place. Can Elmo and Phoebe train the enthusiastic young pup to win the games?
Episode 47

The Fish in the Cape

A fish wearing a cape checks into the hotel, but his cape causes lots of accidents. The guests realize that if he takes it off it’ll reveal that he is a shark!
Episode 48

Hide and Seek

It's the World Hide and Seek Championships at the Furchester Hotel. Elmo practices hiding for the competition but keeps getting caught! Will the tips from his friends help him win?
Episode 49

Claudia the Crab

Claudia the Crab checks into the hotel and keeps accidentally pinching people. The Furchesters need to find a way to put her pinching to good use!
Episode 50

Music Mayhem

Funella has double booked some instruments to play to the guests during mealtimes, but the instruments don’t get along and when they play together, they make such terrible music that it causes the diners to leave.
Episode 51

A Pumpkin's Halloween

It's Halloween and the Hotel Pumpkin is there to greet the trick-or-treaters, but when Elmo and Phoebe discover that he’s never been trick or treating, they decide to take him with them. But they discover that it is easier said than done!

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