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The Dude Perfect Show

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Dude Perfect has pushed the limits of what's possible on the Internet. In this show, ...more

Dude Perfect has pushed the limits of what's possible on the Inte...More

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Season1 2
Episode 1

Velcro Dodgeball, Trust

With the help of Jack Griffo, the Dudes adhere to a new game of dodgeball. When in doubt, stick it out! Next, the DP guys decide to test their level of trust before getting into some serious Trust shots.
Episode 2

World's Largest Basketball Shot, Surfing

The guys get their hands on a giant-sized basketball and attempt a crazy 170-foot shot off a building. After, pro surfer Bethany Hamilton heads to DP to give Cody a lesson in catching tubes
Episode 3

Beat the Heat, Game Night

It's summer and it's hot in Texas, so the Dudes create a few wet n' wild games to stay cool. After, rather than playing regular board games, the Dudes decide to amp it up and play fun, life-sized games.
Episode 4

Twins Birthday Bash, Daddy Daughter Dance

It's the Twins birthday, so the guys throw them the ultimate bash including laser tag on roller skates and bowling mini-golf! Then, Tyler and Garrett try to make Cody a better dancer so he doesn't embarrass his daughter.
Episode 5

DP Jr., Go Kart Soccer

The guys find 'mini-me' ver-sions of themselves and shoot an epic trick shot video with the Dude Perfect Jr. kids! After, the Dudes rev up the sport of soccer, adding machines like RC cars and go karts to their arsenal.
Episode 6

Guinness World Records, Catapult

No record is safe as the guys take their Guinness World Records breaking challenge to the next level. Later, things get medieval as Garrett fulfills a dream to do the ultimate trick shot, with a catapult!
Episode 7

Sportscasters, Wakeboarding Flip

Tyler, Garrett and Cody decide to try their hand at Sportcasting, biting off more than they can chew by calling a live little league baseball game. Later, with the help of Chad, Tyler tries to bust a flip on a wake-board.
Episode 8

Sibling Rivalry, Mega Cornhole

Cody and Garrett team up with their brothers in a game show to see which pair knows each other best. Then, Cody and Cory challenge pros in a game of corn-hole, which leads to the craziest game of corn-hole ever played.
Episode 9

Battle of the Senseless, Action Photoshoot

Garrett and Coby decide it's time for the most senseless Dude to takeover the smelly job of bathroom duty. Then it's lights, camera, action! The Dudes switch trick shots for photo shoots to capture their inner action hero.
Episode 10

Double Office Breakdown, Running with the Balls

Tyler and Garrett decide to join their offices, but they are put through stress tests to see if it's really a good idea. Later, the guys get ahold of life-sized orbs and mayhem ensues, including a human hamster ball race!
Episode 11

Slow Motion, Martial Arts

The Twins prepare for a slow motion challenge to see who can keep their face straight when the stakes are raised. Then, Cody trains to be the next karate master, but in the end must compete for the DP black belt.
Episode 12

Chefgician, Science Fair

Tyler decides to combine his love of food and magic to become the first ever...Chefgician! Then things heat up as the Twins attempt to build a massive volcano for a science fair competition.
Episode 13

Home Run Derby, Baby Bootcamp

Tyler decides to fix the Twins homer drought before the annual home run derby. Then, Tyler is having a baby soon, so Cody and Garrett put him through a series of tests to prepare him for the little one!
Episode 14

Coby's Parade, Brain vs. Brawn

Coby wins a DP competition for the first time, so the Dudes throw him an all-out parade to celebrate. Then, it's the ultimate challenge, where team DP finally figures out who is the smartest and strongest member of the group.
Episode 15

Dog Show, Wrestling

The Dudes enter a dog show to see if their pups are trained enough to compete with the best. After, the Twins decide to chase their dream of becoming Pro Wrestlers and enter the ring as the dynamic duo 'Bitter Sweet.'
Episode 16

Fear of Heights, Sit Down Standoff

The Dudes decide to finally help Cody conquer his fear of heights, in true DP fashion. Next, Garrett fulfills his fantasy of designing a competition that is completely sitting down!
Episode 17

Droning for the Future, Giant Pizza

The Dudes set their sights high in the sky by creating drone inventions for the future. Then, there's only one way to slice it, the Dudes love pizza. With the help of a master, the guys make their giant pizza dreams a reality.
Episode 18

Mom Perfect, Spelling Bee

Mom knows best, and now it's time to put the guys' moms to the trick shot test. After, the Dudes accept a challenge from the National Spelling Bee champ, Nihar the Machine, and prepare for the contest in DP style.
Episode 19

Pro Football Experience, Combined Sports

The Dudes partake in a pro football experience, ending with an all out skills challenge where the winner is lucky enough to get SLIMED! Then, Demarcus Ware joins the Dudes for an epic game of Sumo Soccer Football Golf. feat. DeMarcus Ware
Episode 20

Dudes of Destruction, Camping

The guys do spring cleaning and recycle old items in pure DP fashion, with a 20-foot crusher. Later, it's time to enjoy the great outdoors as the Dudes go on a camping trip…and their version of s'mores is out of this world!

About this Show

The Dude Perfect Show

Dude Perfect has pushed the limits of what's possible on the Internet. In this show, you'll meet the guys behind the viral magic. Whether it's working with celebrity guest stars or prepping for a battle video, these guys made a career out of having fun.

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