1 season available

The Danny Thomas Show

TVG • Family, Classics, Sitcom, Comedy • TV Series • 1953

Danny Thomas starred as Danny Williams, a successful comedian and nightclub entertainer at the Copa Club. Danny was a widower juggling a performing ca...more

Danny Thomas starred as Danny Williams, a successful comedian and nightclub entertainer at the Copa Club. Danny was a widower juggling a performing ca...more

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1 season available (33 episodes)

1 season available

(33 episodes)

Episode 1

Lose Me in Las Vegas

Danny and Kathy with three children along take a delayed honeymoon in Las Vegas but Danny draws the family's ire by entertaining spontaneous crowds against his pledge that this was to be a non-working vacation.
Episode 2

Terry vs Kathy

Terry has been running the household since her mother's death. Kathy tries to explain gently that she is taking over running the house, but Terry isn't giving up her position without a fight.
Episode 3

Kathy Is Approved

Danny's Uncle Tonoose comes to town to meet his new niece-by-marriage, Kathy, which is actually an inspection to determine whether she will be officially accepted into the family.
Episode 4

The Dinah Shore Show

Terry has to decide between asking Dinah Shore or Kathy to sing at a fund-raiser at her school. Terry does not want to hurt Kathy's feelings, but she would rather ask the popular singer Dinah Shore.
Episode 5

Parents Are Pigeons

Rusty tells Linda that he can convince his parents to do anything he wants, and to get anything he wants. Rusty knows how to manipulate Danny and Kathy. It works, until they catch on to his game.
Episode 6

Two Sleepy People

Danny and Kathy are told they are an old established couple who are content to stay at home and relax. They decide to show that they can be just as active as other couples by cramming in one activity after another.
Episode 7

Danny Meets His Father-in-Law

Kathy's father was away on a 3-month trip when Kathy and Danny got married. They didn't want to wait, and her father's not happy he wasn't at the wedding. Rusty doesn't understand why Danny is putting up with all the insults and bad behavior.
Episode 8

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Rusty finds a wallet and Danny explains to Rusty that returning it to him is the right and honorable thing to do. Danny accompanies Rusty to the man's apartment and Rusty is expecting that the gentleman will give him a reward.
Episode 9

Terry, the Breadwinner

Terry is very excited about her new part time job in a dress shop. The bloom is off the rose when Terry complains about an aggressive co-worker, who manages to get to customers before Terry has a chance. Danny intervenes when he sends a decoy to the shop.
Episode 10

The Non Orgs

Terry and her friend Peggy are hoping to join an exclusive sorority at their high school, but Terry is refused membership because her father is in show business, which is considered lower-class by the the snobbish social club.
Episode 11

The Soap Box Derby

Rusty announces he is entering the Soap Box Derby. Danny and Mr. Daly go down to the basement to help Rusty, but argue over the design and each end up building their own cart. They are so busy arguing that neither notices Rusty has left the basement.
Episode 12

Man's Best Friend

When a man at the Copa is forced to give up his dog, Danny brings the pup home to Rusty. Rusty is thrilled, but when the man comes to visit the Williamses, Rusty sees how attached he is to the pup and how much the pup is attached to the lonely gentleman.
Episode 13

The Chess Game

Kathy's uncle Sean is coming to visit Kathy and her new Irish husband. Kathy isn't the only one to stretch the truth; to get out of losing a chess game Uncle Sean has Danny send word back to his old foe Paddy McCormick in Dublin that he's died.
Episode 14

The Bob Hope Show

Liz thinks Danny will be thrilled with her good news -- she's booked Bob Hope for a benefit Danny is doing for the Heart Fund. Danny becomes convinced that Bob Hope will do all that he can to steal the show out from under him.
Episode 15

Evil Eye Schultz

On the day on which he is opening his show at the Copacabana, Danny is afraid to see or be served by 'Evil Eye' Schultz, a waiter at Lindy's Restaurant with a reputation for jinxing anyone's opening night performance if he serves them that day.
Episode 16

The Honeymoon

In Lindy's Restaurant, Danny tells waiter Oscar Schultz (nee 'Evil Eye'), who is getting married to a woman with children, why not to take the children along on the honeymoon. Danny's own difficult honeymoon with the children is shown in flashback.
Episode 17

The Raffle Tickets

Danny gets annoyed when Mrs. Greenson, head of Kathy's ladies' club, suggests that Rusty is incapable of selling more raffle tickets than her son. Danny uses his nightclub act as a venue to help Rusty exceed all expectations.
Episode 18

Rusty the Bully

Rusty is being bullied at school. Danny takes Rusty to his gym where he has fighter Max Baer teach Rusty to box. Unfortunately, when Rusty becomes the bully Danny and Max have to find a way to teach Rusty not to fight.
Episode 19

St. Vincent's Frolics

Danny returns from an entertainment tour and just wants to stay home and relax for a while. However, Kathy has signed him up to be the director and producer of a charity show at the hospital where she worked - without asking him first.
Episode 20

Pardon My Accent

The school is having an awards ceremony, with the fathers invited to say a few words. Rusty is getting an award while his friend is going alone to get a "Best English" award. Danny goes to the shoe repair shop to persuade the father to attend.
Episode 21

Terry's Crush

Danny is alarmed to learn that Terry has been spurning classmate, Donald Cooper, in order to swoon over Dean Martin. Danny enlists Dean to figure out a way to place his wayward teenager back into the arms of the hapless, but far more suitable, Donald.
Episode 22

Uncle Tonoose Meets Mr. Daly

The decibel level in the Williams household is nearly unbearable when Danny's voluble Uncle Tonoose meets Kathy's bombastic father, Mr. Daly.
Episode 23

Danny Roars Again

Kathy's nerves are frayed by Danny's constant hollering at her and the kids. But she's even more distressed once he's stopped his constant carping.
Episode 24

The Country Girl

Danny and Benny discover a wonderful new singer while passing through Rock Ridge, West Virginia.
Episode 25

Good Old Days

Terry's friends have band practice at Danny's house, preparing for a PTA show. Danny protests because it is rock and roll and not real music. When Danny finds out the principal cancels the band, Danny starts supporting the band's music.
Episode 26

Terry's Coach

When Terry has trouble acting her part in The Merchant of Venice and Danny is unable to help her, Rusty finds a erudite beggar in the park and presents the beggar as a drama coach but Danny is skeptical of the man's qualifications.
Episode 27

Make Room for Father-in-Law

Kathy's father visits and stays with the William's. Kathy tries to convince her father to stay for a long visit. Since he is unemployed, he decides to stay.
Episode 28

Family Ties

When Rusty complains that Linda tags along with him, wherever he goes, Danny reminds Rusty that Linda is his sister and that families should do things together.
Episode 29

Danny the Performer

Danny notices that Rusty is very impressed that his friend's father is a prominent attorney. Sensing that Rusty may be ashamed of Danny's show business career, Danny invites his son's friends to watch him perform.
Episode 30

Terry's Girlfriend

Danny is not fond of Terry's new and very wealthy teen aged friend, Connie Coleman. Danny's views towards Connie change when he meets her parents.
Episode 31

You Gotta Be Miserable to Be Happy

When Liz signs a beautiful blonde dancer, Dawn DuBois, as part of his new act, he's convinced that Kathy will become insanely jealous of the young woman.
Episode 32

Too Good for Words

Danny pulls out all the stops to put his very best foot forward when a hard nosed columnist writes a column on everyday life at the Williams household.
Episode 33

Rusty, the Man

Rusty is hell bent on finding a job, to prove to his father that he doesn't need an allowance. Danny protests, but relents at his son's determination to earn his own way.

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