6 seasons available

The Amazing World of Gumball

TVY7 • Kids, Teen, Cartoons, Comedy, Family, Animation • TV Series • 2011

Gumball’s world is pretty run-of-the-mill. He’s chased around school by a T-Rex. He has a friend named Anton who’s a piece of toast. He’s got a crush ...more

Gumball’s world is pretty run-of-the-mill. He’s chased around school by a T-Rex. He has a friend named Anton who’s a piece of toast. He’s got a crush ...more

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6 seasons available (240 episodes)

6 seasons available

(240 episodes)

Episode 1

The Rival

The Wattersons look back on Anais' first days in the Watterson house. Gumball and Darwin quickly find themselves up an opponent who is able to outsmart them at every turn.
Episode 2

The Lady

When Gumball and Darwin track a women emerging from their home, they discover her to be a member of a gang of wise-cracking elderly friends. However, as they get closer and closer to her life, they realize they may know her already.
Episode 3

The Sucker

Gumball spends the day with Bomb Kid, who has decided Gumball is the perfect target for him and his friends to play pranks on. However he soon learns that Gumball is so gullible that pranks bounce off him.
Episode 4

The Vegging

Gumball and Darwin want to have a lazy day on the sofa, and have come up with various tricks to stop themselves having to move. Finally they realize that if they have to move, they'll do it in the laziest way possible.
Episode 5

The One

Gumball and Darwin are joking around, but when Tobias joins in and makes fun of Gumball, he's incredibly offended. They explain to Tobias that to make those jokes he'd need to be higher on Gumball's friend list.
Episode 6

The Father

The kids try to help Dad bond with Frankie.
Episode 7

The Cringe

Gumball and Hotdog Kid discover why they're so awkward with each other.
Episode 8

The Cage

When Mr. Corneille shows up to work with a mysterious bruise, Gumball and Darwin discover that he's teacher by day and a cage fighter by night, or was until he vowed never to fight again.
Episode 9

The Faith

Everything in Elmore is suddenly just various shades of grey, and things all over town are going wrong. Gumball and Darwin follow the mayhem and learn that one person was holding the whole town together: Alan.
Episode 10

The Candidate

When their parents all go to a charity gala at the school, the kids are locked in a classroom with a VHS tape. However, when the room starts to heat up, they need a leader to get them out of the situation.
Episode 11

The Anybody

Gumball wants Clayton to sit his detention for him, so he convinces him it's way more exciting to be take the shapes of other people. However, Clayton begins imitating people all over town and causing mayhem.
Episode 12

The Pact

Gumball finds Penny's laugh annoying, but can't think of a way to tell her without offending her.
Episode 13

The Neighbor

When their neighbor tries to bring over a package for them, Gumball and Darwin realize they have never learned his name, and it's way too late to ask.
Episode 14

The Shippening

When people that barely know each other start falling in love, Gumball thinks he knows who's behind it. He rushes to Sarah's house and finds her writing in a magic notebook that turns everything in it into reality.
Episode 15

The Brain

The family has to stop doing stupid things to prevent Anais from falling into a coma from face palming too much.
Episode 16

The Parents

Nicole reconciles with her parents.
Episode 17

The Founder

Dad creates chaos in the Chanax building when he is mistaken for the long lost CEO. Mom and a disgruntled employee must save everyone from Richards dangerous ideas.
Episode 18

The Schooling

Gumball and Darwin take on Larry's jobs for 5 minutes and realize how bad it is.
Episode 19

The Intelligence

Technology reaches human intelligence then becomes disfunctional as it picks up human flaws.
Episode 20

The Potion

Gumball and Darwin use a magic potion to shrink Hector.
Episode 21

The Spinoffs

Rob creates a variety of spinoff Elmore shows and formats in order to replace Gumball.
Episode 22

The Transformation

Gumball is asked to settle a dispute between Penny and her family!
Episode 23

The Understanding

Gumball and Darwin get into trouble misunderstanding a new kid in school.
Episode 24

The Ad

The Wattersons are forced to rent their house to a pair of elderly fainting goats.
Episode 25

The Ghouls

Halloween isn't what it used to be. Can Gumball and Darwin help the ghouls get their scare back?
Episode 26

The Stink

Gumball decides to put Mr. Small's eco-friendly principles to the test but it doesn't quite go as planned. Mr. Small disappears after deciding to leave the modern world behind.
Episode 27

The Awareness

Gumball tries to convince Leslie he's an expert on all things plant-related. However, when Leslie realizes Gumball hasn't got a clue what he's talking about, he decides to call his bluff.
Episode 28

The Slip

Richard doesn't answer the door in time and the jobsworth delivery guy will not let him have his package. His options are to pick his package up at the depot or pay for a redelivery.
Episode 29

The Drama

Everyone assumes Darwin and Carrie's relationship is doomed as they're so different. That is, everyone except Darwin and Carrie. When Carrie's cool ghostly ex-boyfriend turns up, Gumball decides to get Darwin to confront what's really going on.
Episode 30

The Buddy

Anais and school psycho Jamie are accused of the same techno-crime. They are forced to team up to discover the real culprit in order to prove their innocence. After solving the case, they realize that they have more in common than they thought...
Episode 31

The Possession

Nicole has decided it's time to throw out the family's refrigerator. This doesn't go down too well with Richard, as it's his favorite possession.
Episode 32

The Master

Dad decides to resolve the Watterson family's differences through the power and magic of his favorite roleplaying game. As they embark on the adventure of a lifetime and battle mythical creatures, will they finally manage to put their differences aside?
Episode 33

The Silence

Have Gumball and Darwin finally run out of things to say to each other?
Episode 34

The Future

Gumball, Darwin and Banana Joe investigate Banana Barbara's mysterious disappearance and uncover an old rival's shadowy scheme in the process.
Episode 35

The Wish

Gumball and Darwin panic when they suspect they've accidentally turned Miss Simian into a cushion, by wishing upon an enchanted key ring. Surely the only way to break the curse is a confession of true love from Principal Brown. Simple!
Episode 36

The Factory

Gumball and Darwin follow Nicole to the Rainbow Factory for Bring your Kids to Work Day. They are expecting a magical place full of dreams and wonder but it turns out to be a little less magical than they'd hoped.
Episode 37

The Agent

Gumball and Darwin's clothes go missing after a swimming lesson and Gumball is forced to wear a tuxedo from the lost and found office. He believes it makes him look like a certain dapper British secret agent and, together with Darwin and Bobert.
Episode 38

The Web

Gumball and Darwin realize that the adult residents of Elmore are dangerously naive when it comes to being safe online. In fact they are in serious need of the boys help with even the simplest of tasks. And no more so than their mom, Nicole.
Episode 39

The Mess

The boys stay up all night, even though the next day they're supposed to be babysitting Polly, Penny's little sister. They're so tired that they manage to lose Polly in the blink of an eye. They desperately look for her.
Episode 40

The Heart

When Mr. Robinson accidentally let slip how little he cares for Gumball and Darwin, they react by giving him the cold shoulder. Surprisingly Mr. Robinson misses them and tries to win back their friendship.
Episode 41

The Revolt

Darwin tries to highlight the plight of all the household objects he feels are being oppressed and maltreated by the uncaring residents of Elmore. He then decides to lead those objects in a revolt against the townspeople.
Episode 42

The Decisions

When everything goes wrong in Darwin's life, he begins to suspect that Gumball's bad influence might be to blame. Darwin decides to go elsewhere for guidance and finds a new mentor in Alan. But maybe it's time Darwin started making his own decisions.
Episode 43


The BFFS: When Gumball's old BFF turns up, Darwin gets jealous.
Episode 44

The Inquisition

The Inquisition: School Superintendent Evil is coming to Elmore Junior High to stamp out all cartoonish conduct!

Bad Sad


The Screening

Model Citizens

The Fun Will Never End





Hairy Lady

The Safe



Reverse Job

Cleaning Wizard

Secret Admirer

Work It

Plan C

One Star

Take That


Help Me!

Real Life Game

Mystery Box

Dark Arts

In Your Vase

Prison Dad

Why Party


No Repeats


Slide Up



The Firewall

Hug Cure

Big Head






Weird Like You and Me


Detective Anais

Butt Song


Family Roots

Mall Date





Under Arrest

What Is Love?


Car Ride

Take My Advice

Crazy Girlfriend




Sad Romance

Pull Over



Evil Song

Hot Dog Hugs

Business Meeting

Ice Bucket Challenge

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