1 season available

The Adventures Of Figaro Pho

TVG • Family, Animation, Kids • TV Series • 2012

Everyone of us has got at least one irrational fear...in the case of Figaro Pho, he has them all. The Adventures of Figaro Pho is a series about a war...more

Everyone of us has got at least one irrational fear...in the case of Figaro Pho, he has them all. The Adventures of Figaro Pho is a series about a war...more

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1 season available (39 episodes)

1 season available

(39 episodes)

Episode 1

Fear of Fish (Ichthyophobia)

In fear Figaro causes the fish bowl to shatter, leaving a piranha gasping for breath. Filled with remorse, Figaro turns on the taps in an attempt to save the fish. But in so doing, he fills his house with water!
Episode 2

Fear of Being Alone (Isolophobia)

An accident resets Figaro's best friend Rivet, reverting the robotic dog to a puppy. After Rivet's energetic, puppy-like behaviour causes one catastrophe too many, a furious Figaro kicks Rivet out of the house.
Episode 3

Fear of Boredom (Thaasophobia)

Mid yawn, a bored Figaro realised he's in grave danger when he notices a portrait of his cousin who yawned his head in half. Unless excitement comes thick and fast, inevitable doom through boredom lies ahead for Figaro!
Episode 4

Fear of Relatives (Syngenesophobia)

Figaro realises he's is in danger of being evicted from his own home by his freeloading relative, Ernesto. In desperation, Figaro creates a series of bizarre plans to eject his unwanted relative, causing untold mayhem.
Episode 5

Fear of Rejection (Rejectiophobia)

An odd creature, a Squassit, arrives at the Pho Mansion but every time Figaro tries to get near it, it screams the house down! Figaro and Rivet decide to abandon their house - that is until one rouge fart changes everything!
Episode 6

Fear of Mosquitoes (Culicidaephobia)

Figaro is awoken by the annoying buzzing of a mosquito. After being bitten by the mosquito, Figaro tries every means possible to get rid of it, starting a midnight battle between our fearful friend and the pesky big.
Episode 7

Fear of Thieves (Cleptophobia)

After Figaro wins a treasure chest filled with gold and jewels, he quickly becomes obsessed with the idea of thieves, distrusting everyone. To protect his massive wealth, Figaro installs an outrageous security system.
Episode 8

Fear of Foul Odours (Osmophobia)

Figaro attempts to rid Boris, his gardener, of the disgusting smell emanating from him. However, Figaro ends up separating Boris from his odour, with the foul odour escaping and taking on a life of its own.
Episode 9

Fear of Baths (Ablutophobia)

Figaro degenerates into a filthy, ape-like creature after he's unable to use any personal cleaning method due to his enormous fear of drains. Can his loyal friend Rivet save him from this smelly situation?
Episode 10

Fear of Baldness (Phalacrophobia)

A panicked Figaro uses a machine to grow himself some new luscious locks, but the hair begins to grow out of control and becomes a nuisance. Figaro decides that the hair has to go, however, the hair has other plans...
Episode 11

Fear of Hunger (Borborygamiphobia)

Figaro wakes up hungry but discovers there's no food in the house. Weak with hunger he begins to see his best friend Rivet as a tasty snack. How will his tin terrier survive?
Episode 12

Fear of Clowns (Coulrophobia)

On a particularly warm day Figaro hears an ice cream van arrive. To Figaro's horror the vendor is a clown. Figaro starts to wonder if he's been wrong about clowns, but all his clown nightmares come true.
Episode 13

Fear of Shrinking (Reducophobia)

Figaro finds a box that contains a jar with a shrunken head and a blowpipe. When Figaro tries it out, the dart ricochets off a wall and sticks in his neck. Noticing that the head also has a dart in its neck, Figaro is terrified that he is going to shrink.
Episode 14

Fear of Elevators (Elevatophobia)

Figaro dreams of winning the heart of his neighbour Juliet so he marches to her house only to find he must take an elevator to reach her. Unable to overcome his fear of elevators, Figaro tries to find alternative solutions to get to the charming Juliet.
Episode 15

Fear of Skin (Dermatopathophobia)

After spotting a pimple on his forehead, Figaro unzips his skin and takes it off. Figaro's skin begs to be reunited but Figaro doesn't want it. In his new and shiny pink appearance he feels better than ever before - no flaky skin, no itching and no pus!
Episode 16

Fear of Becoming a Vampire (Transmutasanguivoriphobia)

A bat bite causes Figaro to undergo a Nosferatu style transformation that ends with him becoming a vampire. Who will be his first victim?
Episode 17

Fear of a Rival (Antipalophobia)

Figaro's cousin Leon arrives for a visit and to Figaro's dismay, he wins everyone's adoration, even Juliets! When Figaro stumbles upon an old Pho family picture album, he finds a clue on how to turn the tables on Leon.
Episode 18

Fear of Meteorites (Meteorophobia)

Figaro orders a bomb shelter for himself and Rivet after seeing a meteorite zooming towards them. However the shelter only fits one. So Figaro and Rivet try to outwit each in order to claim the spot.
Episode 19

Fear of Everything (Panophobia)

On a particularly fearful day Figaro confronts what seems like an endless array of terrors. Determined to solve this once and for all, a quivering Figaro twitches his way into town where local doctor Dotty hypnotises him in order to cure his fears.
Episode 20

Fear of Being Weak (Asthenophobia)

Figaro becomes convinced that he is the weakest person in the world. On TV, he sees an advert for a do-it-yourself body building system. Figaro orders it and quickly becomes strong, with dire consequences for those around him.
Episode 21

Fear of Growing Old (Gerontophobia)

When Figaro wakes up with an old man's cough and a sore back, he becomes terrified that he's aged rapidly. Figaro decides to fight it and act young.
Episode 22

Fear of Unfamiliar Toilets (Novuslatrinaphobia)

Figaro's toilet fails, leaving him no choice but to find an alternative. The obvious destination is the garden outhouse, but years of use by malodorous Boris have left it a festering biohazard.
Episode 23

Fear of Duplication (Clonophobia)

While dusting the portraits Figaro accidentally opens a secret door, revealing a strange device that turns out to be a cloning machine. Our fearful hero accidentally uses the device and makes a poor quality copy of himself.
Episode 24

Fear of Hiccups (Myoclunusdiagphragmaphobia)

Figaro is chiselling a statue when he is suddenly inflicted with an incurable case of the hiccups.
Episode 25

Fear of Mad Dogs (Deliricynophobia)

Pursued by a mad dog, Figaro races towards home. In the mayhem, his robotic dog, Rivet becomes dysfunctional when the light bulb in his brain burns out. In the repair kit there are four different coloured bulbs and Figaro is unsure which one to use.
Episode 26

Fear of Being Ugly (Cacophobia)

Figaro discovers the portrait of Aunt Agnes 'The Ugly'. Figaro and Rivet laugh at the ugliness of Aunt Agnes, mocking her to a great extent. But the portrait of Agnes takes revenge, leaving Figaro ugly and humiliated.
Episode 27

Fear of Space Aliens (Astroxenophobia)

After reading an alien comic, Figaro is worried by the appearance of strange lights and sounds. Not without reason: A beam of light transports him inside a spaceship for examination.
Episode 28

Fear of the Cactus (Kactosophobia)

Figaro is looking for the appropriate spot to plant a gorgeous yellow tulip. He decides that a hideous cactus needs to go. Rivet has to do the dirty work, due to Figaro's cactus phobia.
Episode 29

Fear of Sneezing (Sternutaphobia)

Figaro finds out he is highly allergic to flowers and goes into a sneezing frenzy. These sneezes are so strong they even lift him off his feet, causing untold mayhem.
Episode 30

Fear of Chickens (Alektorophobia)

Figaro is hungry and wants an omelet for breakfast. There's a single egg in the fridge but when Figaro grabs it, the egg slips from his hands and breaks. Outside in the chicken coop, an egg is lying in the nest � guarded by its scary-looking mother hen.
Episode 31

Fear of Disease (Pathophobia)

After being sneezed on by a snotty bird Figaro catches a horrid disease. Luckily a passing 'Snake Oil Salesman' arrives with the cure. It seems to work, but his miracle potion doesn't come cheap.
Episode 32

Fear of the Unknown Thing (Obscuraphobia)

Figaro opens his front door. On the doorstep is a mysterious unknown thingďż˝ Where did it come from? Was it Rivet? Figaro trembles.
Episode 33

Fear of What's Under the Bed (Sublectumphobia)

It's Figaro's bedtime, but he's not relaxed. Not only is he petrified of what's under his bed, he's also in dire need of a new one! After another sleepless night Figaro decides it's time to take action.
Episode 34

Fear of Work (Ergophobia)

Figaro notices that Rivet is on a massive cleaning spree. Petrified of being asked to work, he flees the house and takes refuge in Dottie's shop. Our lazy hero's attention is attracted to a shiny toy rocket that is on display for sale.
Episode 35

Fear of Being Stared at by a Duck (Quackaphobia)

One day, much to his surprise, Figaro is confronted with a duck in his house. This creepy duck locks eyes with Figaro and seems to be staring intently at him. It soon shows up everywhere. Is it a hallucination?
Episode 36

Fear of Losing (Kakorrhaphiophobia)

Figaro and Rivet are playing a game of soccer. Figaro thinks he's a star player, but it is really Rivet who bends it like Beckham. The robotic dog completely destroys his master in the game and an intense fear of losing kicks in.
Episode 37

Fear of Sleepwalking (Somnambulaphobia)

One morning Figaro wakes up, standing on the roof of his mansion. How did that happen? The next few nights, Figaro wakes up in even stranger locations. What's going on? The fear-infested Figaro knows he has a problem.
Episode 38

Fear of Shopping Trolleys (Merxcarrucaphobia)

Figaro is at Dotty's shop with a long list of supplies to buy. A deep fear of shopping trolleys prevents him to use one and he decides to stick with a tiny basket. This results in a disastrous juggling act of grocery items and a grumpy Dotty.
Episode 39

Fear of Dancing Rabbits (Choroleporophobia)

Figaro discovers a secret room in which he finds the hat of great uncle Federico, the magician. Out of it jumps a rabbit. But this is no ordinary rabbit ďż˝ it's a show bunny with an insatiable urge to dance and an enormous hunger for an audience.


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