2 seasons available

The Addams Family

TV14 • Comedy, Classics, Sitcom, Family • TV Series • 1964

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether OOKY! "The Addams Family", America's first family of ghastly giddiness, are he...more

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether OOKY! "The Addams Family", America's first family of ghastly giddiness, are he...more

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2 seasons available (60 episodes)

2 seasons available

(60 episodes)

Episode 1

My Fair Cousin Itt

When Gomez attempts to boost Cousin Itt's failing ego by casting him as the lead in a play for Wednesday's birthday, the promise of celebrity soon goes to Itt's head.
Episode 2

Morticia's Romance (Part 1)

It is Gomez and Morticia's 13th wedding anniversary, and their children want a bedtime story, so Morticia obliges with the tale of how she and Gomez first met and fell in love.
Episode 4

Morticia Meets Royalty

It seems the Addams family are going to be graced with the presence of royalty: Gomez's aunt, Princess Millicent von Schlepp, is coming for a visit. Unfortunately, it isn't long before she has everyone in the household wishing she would just leave - well, almost everyone. While most of the family is sick of her royal highness insisting that everyone don costumes and run the mansion like a castle, Thing has fallen for Millicent's handmaiden, Lady Fingers, and is reluctant to give up his chance for romance.
Episode 5

Gomez, the People's Choice

When Gomez receives his property tax bill, he decides that their town's mayor, Mr. Henson, is completely incompetent, and, with some prodding by Morticia, decides to run for office.
Episode 6

Cousin Itt's Problem

Cousin Itt is back, and the family is overjoyed, but the happiness doesn't last when Morticia notices that Itt seems to be losing his hair, endangering his uniquely good looks.
Episode 7

Halloween, Addams Style

Gomez and Morticia are outraged when Wednesday comes home from trick-or-treating in tears after a neighbor tells her witches don't really exist.
Episode 8

Morticia, The Writer

Determined to correct the dreadful, dragon-slaying type of literature that Wednesday and Pugsley are exposed to, Morticia sets out to create a new literary world for children.
Episode 9

Morticia, The Sculptress

Morticia is bored and lacking artistic fulfillment. She decides she needs a hobby to snap herself out of her funk and so takes up sculpting.
Episode 10

Gomez, The Reluctant Lover

Pugsley is in love with his teacher, Miss Dunbar, and tries to woo her by copying and sending one of Gomez's old love letters, getting his father into a variety of compromising positions.
Episode 11

Feud in the Addams Family

Morticia invites the family of Wednesday's crush over for tea, and they accept, thinking they'll be able to meet Gomez's socially prominent cousin, Abigail Quincy Adams.
Episode 12

Gomez, the Cat Burglar

The family take up their battlestations when they hear news of a cat burglar loose in the neighborhood but are faced with a dilemma when they discover the crook may be Gomez.
Episode 13

Portrait of Gomez

Gomez believes he has been chosen as Strife magazine's "Man of the Year," so he and Morticia try to track down their favorite photographer to take Gomez's portrait for the magazine.
Episode 14

Morticia's Dilemma

Gomez and the family welcomes an old family friend, Don Xavier Molines, and his daughter, Consuela, to their home, not knowing that the Don has come to see Gomez wed to Consuela.
Episode 15

Christmas with the Addams Family

Fester, as Santa, gets stuck in the chimney.
Episode 16

Uncle Fester, Tycoon

Uncle Fester receives a letter with a photo of one of his pen pals, Diana, the Beaded Lady. He takes one look at the picture and becomes so enamored that he immediately writes her back to propose marriage. Morticia is concerned about Fester's infatuation, so she hatches a plan to try and get Fester to give up his romance. She dons a beard and poses as Diana's mother, telling Fester that he is unworthy of her "daughter" as he is unable to financially support a wife. Unfortunately, Morticia's plan backfires and her criticism only emboldens Fester to find a job and prove her wrong.
Episode 17

Morticia and Gomez Vs. Fester and Grandmamma

The Addams mansion becomes a battlefield when Gomez and Morticia tell Grandmama and Uncle Fester that they think they are spoiling Pugsley and Wednesday.
Episode 18

Fester Goes on a Diet

Morticia and Gomez are absolutely bewildered - and a bit worried - when they see Uncle Fester trying to diet and exercise with the help of television fitness guru, Jack La Lanne.
Episode 19

The Great Treasure Hunt

Morticia and Gomez find a treasure map that once belonged to their Great-Grandfather Pegleg and hire Captain Grimby and charter his ship to take them to find the treasure.
Episode 22

Happy Birthday, Grandma Frump

Morticia and Gomez have a wonderful surprise for Grandma Frump's birthday. They plan to send her to a beauty spa, but the poor woman thinks they want to ship her off to an old folks' home!
Episode 23

Morticia, The Decorator

Gomez wants to insure the family's art collection and invites his neighbor and insurance agent, Joe Digby, and his wife, Eleanor, to show them the gallery. When Mrs. Digby compliments the home's decor, Morticia offers to do their home. Not wishing to insult Joe's clients, Eleanor tries to get out of the offer by claiming she can't afford Morticia. Morticia feels sorry for the couple and sends them pieces with which to decorate their home, one being a genuine antique desk Uncle Fester wanted to get rid of. Eleanor loves the desk, and feeling she had misjudged Morticia, allows her to redesign their house.
Episode 24

Ophelia Visits Morticia

Ophelia visits the Addams mansion, distraught after having lost yet another man, Montrose, to the Peace Corps. Fester offers to join up as well to find Montrose and return him to her.
Episode 25

Addams Cum Laude

It seems former truant officer, Sam Hilliard, has been doing quite well for himself. Gomez and Morticia discover that their dear old friend is now running a private school called Mockridge Hall. They have been unsatisfied with the public school system's treatment of their children, so they agree that Pugsley and Wednesday must be enrolled in Mockridge Hall and put in the care of dear Mr. Hilliard. Hilliard is less than thrilled to have the Addams family back in his life, but he is unable to turn down the large amount Gomez has offered for tuition.
Episode 26

Cat Addams

Morticia is concerned because the family's pet lion, Kitty Cat, seems to have lost his appetite. After trying some home remedies, the family calls in the aid of a local veterinarian.
Episode 27

Lurch's Little Helper

When Morticia tells Gomez she fears Lurch is being overworked, Gomez builds Lurch a giant robot assistant named Smiley to help Lurch with all the household tasks.
Episode 28

The Addams Policy

Gomez starts his own insurance company when their insurance agent refuses to replace the stuffed bear Uncle Fester accidentally incinerated while playing with Morticia's flame thrower.
Episode 29

Lurch's Grand Romance

Lurch falls in love when Morticia's old school chum, Tiny Trivia, comes to visit. Unfortunately, the showbiz-obsessed pixie has no time for, or interest in, the lovable giant.

Addams Family Halloween Special

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