4 seasons available

Talks at GS

Talk & InterviewNewsBusiness & Finance • Local News • TV Series • 2017

Goldman Sachs convenes leading thinkers to share insights and ideas shaping the world.

Goldman Sachs convenes leading thinkers to share insights and ideas shaping the world.

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4 seasons available (101 episodes)

4 seasons available

(101 episodes)

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Episode 1

Andy Jassy

In this episode, Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy discusses what drives innovation at large organizations, how artificial intelligence and the cloud are both shaping the future and his perspective on the keys to managing information security.
Episode 3

Jack Goldsmith

In this episode, Jack Goldsmith discusses his examination of the disappearance of former Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa in 1975, the impact of Hoffa’s story on Goldsmith’s own life and the evolution of the American labor movement and Hoffa’s legacy.
Episode 4

Rahm Emanuel

In this episode, Rahm Emanuel discusses his views on the role of local governments in tackling some of the greatest challenges in society and reflections on his journey from the White House to Congress to City Hall.
Episode 5

Jonathan Karl

In this episode, Journalist Jonathan Karl discusses covering the Trump administration during the coronavirus crisis as well as his insights from covering President Trump for decades, as described in his new book, “Front Row at the Trump Show.”
Episode 6

John Fallon

In this episode, Pearson chief executive John Fallon discusses the digitalization of learning, how the company has embraced AI and why the future of education is linked to the future of work.
Episode 7

António Guterres

In this episode, UN Secretary-General António Guterres discusses leading the UN’s global response to COVID-19 and the health, economic and human rights implications of the pandemic across the world.
Episode 8

Bernard Looney

In this episode, BP CEO Bernard Looney discusses leading the global energy company through COVID-19, the company’s continued commitment to its sustainability goals, and his insights on the state of the global energy market.
Episode 9

Toni Petersson

In this episode, Oatly CEO Toni Petersson discusses the company’s strategy to transform the non-dairy sector, the forces behind a growth in plant-based diets, and why sustainability is core to the company’s mission.
Episode 10

Theresia Gouw

In this episode, venture capitalist Theresia Gouw discusses what she looks for in an early stage company, the opportunities from building a diverse investor team, and the state of venture capital in Silicon Valley.
Episode 11

David Zaslav

In this episode, Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav discusses his company’s targeted approach to programming in the ever-expanding content ecosystem and how the company has integrated technology and commerce as a part of the viewer experience.
Episode 12

Ian Bremmer

In this episode, geopolitical expert Ian Bremmer discusses the forces driving the debate between populists and globalists around the world and gives his insights on the political risks shaping markets and the geopolitical landscape.
Episode 13

Corie Barry

In this episode, Best Buy CEO Corie Barry discusses leading the consumer electronics retailer through COVID-19, and how it has led to a transformation of the retail environment and the customer’s experience.
Episode 14

Marc Morial

In this episode, National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial discusses the national protests following the death of George Floyd, the debate surrounding police reform and how to address systemic racism throughout various American institutions.
Episode 15

Right Honourable David Lammy

In this episode, David Lammy, member of Parliament for Tottenham, discusses race relations in the UK, his work campaigning for social justice and the impact of the coronavirus on the Asian, Black and minority ethnic communities.
Episode 16

Stacey Cunningham

In this episode, Stacey Cunningham discusses her journey at the NYSE from one-time intern to its first female president and her efforts to bring innovation and efficiency to the NYSE during a time of evolution in the marketplace.
Episode 17

Evan Spiegel

In this episode Snap Inc. Co-Founder and CEO Evan Spiegel discusses how social media is transforming the way people communicate and consume content, from news to gaming, and weighs in on the debate surrounding the privacy of social media users.
Episode 18

Ethan Browne

In this episode, filmed at Goldman Sachs’ Builders + Innovators Summit, Ethan Brown discusses the mission behind the plant-based meat company and how the company’s product and business model is connected to tackling broader global issues.
Episode 19

David Cote

In this episode, David Cote discusses lessons from his time at the helm at Honeywell, as described in his new book “Winning Now, Winning Later,” along with his views on leading through crisis and the future of digital transformation.
Episode 20

Rebecca Minkoff

In this episode, Rebecca Minkoff discusses building her eponymous fashion brand, how technology and social media are driving the fashion industry and her efforts to support women-led businesses through the Female Founder Collective.
Episode 21

Chris Wallace

In this episode, Chris Wallace discusses his new book “Countdown 1945: The Extraordinary Story of the Atomic Bomb and the 116 Days That Changed the World” and his experience as a journalist covering presidents spanning five decades.
Episode 22

Val Ackerman

In this episode, Big East Conference Commissioner Val Ackerman discusses navigating the conference through COVID-19, the future of live sports and her ideas to foster greater diversity in college and professional athletics.
Episode 23

Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad

In this episode, Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad discusses his work studying the history of systemic racism in America and what the response to George Floyd’s death means for the future of police reform.
Episode 24

Lord John Browne

In this episode, Former BP CEO Lord John Browne discusses the future of the fossil fuel industry, why engineering has been so critical to advancing civilization, and how social policy is adapting to those advances.
Episode 25

Kat Cole

Kat Cole of Focus Brands discusses her rise from server at Hooters to food industry leader and her outlook on the future of the quick-service restaurant business from the impact of technology to meeting the demands of more health-conscious consumers.
Episode 26

Cori “Coco” Gauff

In this episode, Cori “Coco” Gauff discusses her breakthrough season in the Women’s Tennis Association, her views on the future of women’s tennis, and how she is using her platform to speak out on issues related to racial equity.

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