1 season available


TVG • Animation, Cartoons, Kids, Science Fiction, Aliens • TV Series • 2015

The SUPERNOOBS, is a super-powered series where four 12-year-old best-friendies - Kevin, Tyler, Shope, and the Roach are accidentally recruited by an ...more

The SUPERNOOBS, is a super-powered series where four 12-year-old best-friendies - Kevin, Tyler, Shope, and the Roach are accidentally recruited by an ...more

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

A Noob Hope / The Noobs Strike Back

The Noobs come across aliens Mem and Zen and are given battle-balls which give them superpowers. Mem and Zen take the Noobs to space to state their case to the Benevolent Alliance to keep their battle-balls.
Episode 2

Super Noob Suits / Noobies vs. Smoothies

The Noobs decide to hide their identities with superhero costumes; Tyler goes on a date with Amy Anderson to a new smoothie shop with yogurt culture complications.
Episode 3

Go Noob Outside / Curb Your Noob

Noobs use their battle-balls to earn money to buy a new video game; due to a battle-ball malfunction, Kevin becomes stuck as a dog.
Episode 4

Noob Kids on the Block / Fourth Down and Noob to Go

After the glee club becomes infected with the virus, the Noobs must battle them in a sing and dance-off; the Noobs join the football team.
Episode 5

Who, What, Where Noob / Shake Your Noobie

The Noobs sneak into the Galacticus cloaking room where the energy is transferred to Shope, making her invisible and not the Galacticus. / A fire virus turns students into fire breathing dragons at the school dance.
Episode 6

Where No Noob Has Gone Before / How to Care for Your Noob

Roach falls in love while dressed as a rocket for the school play making him shoot off like a real rocket. The Noobs must stop him before he is mistaken for a real missile and shot down. / Tyler and Shope’s guinea pig escapes in home ec class.
Episode 7

The Noobs Meet Count Venamus / Dude, Where’s My Noob?

Mem and Zen take the Noobs to space to the New Virus Warrior Convention where they encounter Count Venamus. / The Benevolent Alliance has come to inspect the Noobs battleballs, only problem is they have misplaced them.
Episode 8

Tyrannosaurus Noob / When Good Noobs Go Bad

Roach's green battleball malfunctions turning him evil and the rest of the Noobs must stop him before he destroys the planet.
Episode 9

SuperDoods! / License to Noob

Mem and Zen have created a TV series based on the Noobs. / Mem and Zen are infected with zwink eye and the Noobs must fly the Galacticus to space to get the needed medication.
Episode 10

Noobot Vs. Venabot / Zooper Noobs!

The Noobs take Mem and Zen camping where they end up battling a virus infected turtle. And meet the Marbury Monster? / Mem and Zen try to grasp the idea of Halloween. Meanwhile the noobs have to stop virus infected people at the Halloween fair.
Episode 11

Parent Teacher Noobs / Noob Kid In Town

A teen boy is rewarded by the town after rescuing Kevin in kitten form from being stuck in a tree. / After stopping parent teacher day notifications from reaching their parents, Mem, Zen and Kevin shape shift and pose as the Noobs parents at school.
Episode 12

Noob It or Lose It / Noobsitters

Count Venamus returns in a giant robot to take down the Supernoobs. Fortunately for the Noobs the Galacticus is able to transform into a giant robot to even the battle. / Mem and Zen take the Supernoobs to a space zoo where the Noobs end up on display.
Episode 13

How to Use Your Noob / A Noob Divided Cannot Noob

The Noobs, tired of always fighting the virus and never getting any perks of being super heroes, use the battleballs to entertain themselves; Mem and Zen move in the with the Noobs.
Episode 14

Happy Noob-O-Ween / Super Natural Noobs

Mem and Zen cannot get along living in such a small earth house. / The Noobs learn the hard way that if they don’t use their battlballs correctly they can bring more harm than good.
Episode 15

How To Noob The Science Fair / Supernoobs Super Cup

The Noobs go through a series of challenges to determine who has the superior powers only to learn they work best as a team. / Using her battleball at the school science fair Shope has altered the nature of the universe.
Episode 16

The Noobie Bluebie Booby / Noob Tube

Alien reality TV show “Extreme Virus Warrior” has come to earth to film the Noobs in action. / Endangered birds get infected with the virus. The Noobs need to extract the virus and return the birds to their habitat before any harm comes to them.
Episode 17

Noobs vs. the Earth-Sterminator! / Noob Coloured Glasses

The Noobs press the wrong button on the Galacticus which orders a planet extermination drone. / The entire town is under the spell of the crazy science teacher’s mind control goggles except for the Noobs.
Episode 18

Let It Noob, Let It Noob, Let It Noob! / To Catch a Noob

Snow Day! Mem and Zen freak out at their first experience with snow only to learn how fun it is. // Count Venamus returns with a plan to lock the Roach away which he thinks will make it easier to defeat the Noobs. Easier said than done.
Episode 19

The Noobiest Place On Earth / Count Noob-a-nus

During an unsuccessful attempt at training, everyone gets roller coasters on the brain; Mem and Zen discover the Hall of World Leaders and mistake the mechanical look-a-likes for real people.
Episode 20

I Know You Noob / The Supernoobs Meet Incredibly Amazing Man

A superhero from another planet comes and steps into the limelight as the real hero in town destroying the town in the process. The Noobs need to find a way to convince him to leave earth forever.
Episode 21

The Noob Cave! / To Noob or Not to Noob

The Noobs beg Mem and Zen to build them their own fortress of solitudes; the Roach's parents are upset that he keeps getting in trouble at school.
Episode 22

Noobie Mama / Noobs of the Round Table

Mem and Zen discover there is a new Cyber virus on the loose and warn the Noobs to avoid all Earth electronics; Benevolent Alliance elders come to earth to inspect the Nobbs battleballs.
Episode 23

Super Noob Super Cup Redux / The Noobs vs. Sour Persimmons

Once again the Noobs go through a series of challenges to determine who has the superior powers, this time Mem and Zen also join in the competition. // A dog from the neighbourhood wreaks havoc on the Noobs. Can anything tame this wild beast?
Episode 24

Noobs Go Viral / Noobs vs. Venamus 12!

The mad science teacher is back and this time has modified the virus for his own twisted plans. // Count Venamus uses a device to make himself 12 in hopes of learning what makes a 12 year old tick to find a way to defeat the Supernoobs.
Episode 25

Eyewitness Noobs / A Noob World Order

Tyler has been selling video footage of the Supernoobs battles to a tabloid TV show. / The Supernoobs face off against a beast that they believe to be infected with a mutated strain of the virus.
Episode 26

Nooby Friday / The Noob-I-Nators 2: Save the Earth!

An explosion causes the Noobs battleballs powers to get swapped; Mem and Zen attend a dinner party at the Roach's house in an attempt to blend in; the Noobs allowing themselves to get captured and taken to the virus home.

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