3 seasons available

Steven Spielberg Presents: Tiny Toon Adventures

TVG • Comedy, Animation, Kids, Cartoons • TV Series • 1990

From executive producer Steven Spielberg, it's a new generation of toonsters searching for fun, adventure and mischief. Join Buster, Babs, Elmyra, Plu...more

From executive producer Steven Spielberg, it's a new generation of toonsters searching for fun, adventure and mischief. Join Buster, Babs, Elmyra, Plu...more

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3 seasons available (98 episodes)

3 seasons available

(98 episodes)

Episode 1


The trials and tribulations of a group of cartoon teens are explored in this half hour parody of the popular show, "thirtysomething."
Episode 2

New Class Day

The Tiny Toon kids expand their educational horizons in this three-cartoon episode. First, in "JUST-US LEAGUE OF SUPER TOONS," Plucky Duck saves the day as the infamous crimefighter "Batduck."
Episode 3

Fox Trot

Buster and Babs Bunny are on the run from the Fox Broadcasting executives throughout this zany three-cartoon episode. The fun begins when Plucky Duck plots "MY BRILLIANT REVENGE" after the impatient pig demolishes Plucky's new -- and annoying -- bagpipe.
Episode 4

What Makes Toons Tick

Buster Bunny learns why Dizzy Devil always attracts girls in "WHIRLWIND ROMANCE." In "GOING UP," baby Plucky Duck's stubbornness comes to the forefront. And a monster that lives in closets confronts Sneezer with comic results in "NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT."
Episode 5

Flea for Your Life

This half-hour adventure chronicles the Flea family's struggle to break free from the reigns of power held by the cruel and greedy Mr. Tick.
Episode 6

Plucky Duck: The Return of Bat Duck

After a ridiculous attempt to establish his own show, Plucky wants to be in the newest Warner Bros. blockbuster Batman movie and goes to the studio with Hamton to talk with Tim Burton.
Episode 7

Toons Take Over

Tired of performing in comedies, Buster, Babs and the rest of the gang take over the Warner Bros. animation studio to create the show themselves.
Episode 8

Toons from the Crypt

Buster Bunny hosts this three-cartoon episode dedicated to the macabre. First, Plucky and Hamton learn the consequences of their actions in "WAIT 'TIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME." "CONCORD THE KINDLY CONDOR" proves that nice guys don't always finish last
Episode 9

Two-Tone Town

Facing tough times, the stars of old cartoons are about to take desperate measures to make a living. Luckily, Buster and Babs arrive just in time and introduce the "has-beens" to the studio chiefs, giving the retired toons another shot at stardom!
Episode 10

Buster's Directorial Debut

Buster Bunny finally realizes his dream of becoming a director. In "FIT TO BE STEWED," he and Babs narrowly escape the clutches of Sandy Witch. Then, in the mirthful musical "DUCKLAHOMA," unlucky Plucky Duck meets more falling anvils than ever!
Episode 11


When a cartoon-obsessed adult creates problems in Acme Acres, Buster and Babs go to Washington, D.C. for help. This patriotic half-hour adventure chronicles Buster and Babs' efforts to gain presidential support as they fight for their right to be funny.
Episode 12

Toon TV

The Tiny Toon gang offers their versions of popular tunes in this half-hour musical extravaganza. Also included are some original songs from "Tiny Toons Sing!"
Episode 13

Grandma's Dead

A comedy of errors begins when the departure of Elmyra's grandmother is confused with the death of Elmyra's hamster. Chaos abounds until the confusion ends and things return to normal.
Episode 14

Music Day

Several of the Tiny Toons learn to "face the music" in this tune-filled three-cartoon episode. Buster exposes an insincere folk singer in "RUFFLED RUFFEE." Next, in "THE HORN BLOWS AT LUNCHTIME," Sneezer's bad trumpet playing is mistaken for flatulence.
Episode 15

The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain

Elmyra hosts this ghoulish half-hour of hilarious horror. While camping in the wilderness, the Tiny Toon bunch encounters the infamous Jackalope. In the end, they learn that there is nothing to fear but fear itself!
Episode 16

Sports Shorts

This two-cartoon episode begins with baby Plucky Duck's first game of golf in "MINISTER GOLF." Next, daring Elmyra goes in search of the elusive "C-Monkeys" in "THE UNDERSEA WORLD OF FIFI."
Episode 17

Weekday Afternoon Live

The Tiny Toon gang offers their version of a live variety program in this half-hour satire of "Saturday Night Live," complete with a celebrity host: Bland Simpleton!
Episode 18

A Cat's Eye View

In "LITTLE DOG LOST," Byron the Basset Hound escapes from Elmyra's clutches and finds a new owner. Next, in "PARTY CRASHER PLUCKY," Plucky tries to get Shirley the Loon into Shirley MacLaine's birthday party, but only humiliates them both.
Episode 19

Best of Buster Day

Buster stars in this three-cartoon tribute to everybody's favorite bunny -- himself! First, Buster's antics prove disastrous for Yosemite Sam's potential promotion at Acme Looniversity in "COMPROMISING PRINCIPALS.
Episode 20

It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special

After Buster Bunny decides to quit Tiny Toon Adventures in despair, his guardian angel shows him Acme Acres as it would be without him. Realizing he has a wonderful life, Buster returns with a renewed holiday spirit to his Christmas celebration!

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