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Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" plagued by paranoid delusions of a...more

Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" plagued by par...More

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Episode 1

(Sub) Turning Point

A self-described mad scientist attends a lecture on time travel, stumbles upon the dead body of a familiarly unfamiliar woman, and discovers that his text messages are no longer bound by the rules of space and time.
Episode 2

(Sub) Time Travel Paranoia

Okabe is beyond shocked to learn that the girl he saw murdered is not only still alive, but much smarter than he expected. Later, the name John Titor sends Okabe into a frenzy, and another banana experiment yields bizarre results.
Episode 3

(Sub) Parallel World Paranoia

Makise pays an unexpected visit to the lab, much to Okabe's dismay; however, her intrusion leads to further experimentation with the phone microwave, a device Okabe now believes to be a time machine.
Episode 4

(Sub) Interpreter Rendezvous

Okabe must outsmart a maid in order to learn the whereabouts of an IBN-5100, an antique computer that may hold the key to deciphering SERN's nefarious plan.
Episode 5

(Sub) Starmine Rendezvous

After some late night modifications to the IBN-5100, Okabe and his team uncover the shocking truth behind SERN's many attempts to master time travel.
Episode 6

(Sub) Butterfly Effect's Divergence

Makise figures out to the rules to the phone microwave, which is now known as D-Mail. Later, Okabe reluctantly adds a new member to the Future Gadget Lab staff.
Episode 7

(Sub) Divergence Singularity

Okabe takes his experimentation to the next level by texting the winning lotto numbers back in time, but he fails to consider how his actions might alter the present - or the future.
Episode 8

(Sub) Chaos Theory Homeostasis: I

The latest experiment for Okabe and his lab mates leads to the disappearance of one of their own. Next, they'll attempt to use their time travel technology to make a young boy's dream a reality.
Episode 9

(Sub) Chaos Theory Homeostasis: II

Okabe grows concerned over the drastic changes his experimentation is causing, and the IBN-5100 disappears from the lab. The only hope for finding a replacement rests upon the delicate shoulders of Feyris the cat girl.
Episode 10

(Sub) Chaos Theory Homeostasis: III

The part-time warrior from downstairs tells Okabe about the search for her missing father. Meanwhile, the aspiring mad scientist is troubled by a mysterious text message.
Episode 11

(Sub) Dogma in Event Horizon

As the lab members prepare to transport human memories by way of a Time Leap, Okabe receives some highly disturbing news: Makise may be a SERN spy!
Episode 12

(Sub) Dogma in Ergosphere

Tension builds at the Lab when Makise and Suzuha both show up for the party, but that's just the beginning. As the night draws to a close, armed thugs - led by a familiar face - come looking for the time machine.
Episode 13

(Sub) Metaphysics Necrosis

Okabe, desperate to prevent the tragedy he's already seen happen, summons the courage for a daring Time Leap. Can he save the life of his oldest and dearest companion?
Episode 14

(Sub) Physically Necrosis

Despite his many attempts, Okabe is unable to prevent the death of Mayuri, so he turns to Makise for help solving the riddle of time travel. Later, Suzuha's true identity is revealed
Episode 15

(Sub) Missing Link Necrosis

Suzuha reveals the harrowing truth about state of society in the year 2036, and the lab members work together to help find her father and prevent the rise of SERN.
Episode 16

(Sub) Sacrificial Necrosis

Daru somehow manages to repair the time machine, and Suzuha learns the truth about her long lost father before traveling back to 1975 for one final, desperate attempt to change the future.
Episode 17

(Sub) Made in Complex

Okabe and Makise realize that they cannot save Mayuri without the IBN-5100, but to find the missing computer, they must erase every D-Mail they ever sent. First up: Feyris!
Episode 18

(Sub) Fractal Androgynous

Ruka is up next on the list of D-Mails to erase, but before she's willing to surrender her femininity, Okabe must agree to be her boyfriend for a day!
Episode 19

(Sub) Endless Apoptosis

The next D-Mail Okabe must erase will be the greatest challenge thus far in his quest to save Mayuri. Standing in the way of undoing the death he has witnessed so many times is none other than Moeka.
Episode 20

(Sub) Finalize Apoptosis

Okabe's quest to save Mayuri and return to the original timeline leads him to an unexpected - but all too familiar - source. Is he prepared to handle the truth about those closest to him?
Episode 21

(Sub) Paradox Meltdown

Despite his best efforts, Okabe is forced to watch as Mayuri dies yet another agonizing death. Subsequently, the mad scientist finds himself faced with a horrific decision: choosing which of his lab members will die!
Episode 22

(Sub) Being Meltdown

Okabe and Makise find themselves faced with the unthinkable: saying goodbye before their time together had really even begun. Will they admit their true feelings before it's too late?
Episode 23

(Sub) Open the Steins Gate

In a completely unexpected turn of events, a face from the past returns to the present with a working time machine and a mission for Okabe - a mission that could prevent WWIII!
Episode 24

(Sub) Achievement Point

Okabe has one final chance to travel back in time, set everything right, and save the girl he never even got to love. His mission is vital, but it may mean the end for the mad scientist.

About this Show


Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" plagued by paranoid delusions of a nefarious organization known as SERN. Fueled by their imaginations, Okabe and his friends form a secret laboratory and seek to unlock the mysteries of time travel!

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