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St. Elsewhere

TV14DramaMedical • Black StoriesTV Series1982

An award-winning, critically acclaimed, ambitious and realistic medical drama about t...more

An award-winning, critically acclaimed, ambitious and realistic m...More

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Episode 1

Playing God, Part 1

Sister Dominica, a strong-willed Mother Superior, insists that Dr. Westphall pull the plug on a fellow nun whose injuries will leave her in a coma for life.
Episode 2

Playing God, Part 2

Dr. Westphall reveals a painful experience to sister Dominica to explain why he resists her attempt to stop the life-support system of a nun with irreversible brain damage.
Episode 3

Two Balls and a Strike

The nurses make good on their pledge to strike. Craig elects to sleep alone at the hospital rather than face his sex problem with his wife; and Cavanero is attacked by a ski-masked man, making White the natural suspect.
Episode 4

Strike Out

Auschlander has a tough decision to make during the divisive nurses’ strike when the major threatens to shut down St. Eligius in forty-eight hours if no settlement is reached, and a nervous Ehrlich must solo during a tricky emergency operation.
Episode 5


A priggish Ehrlich may find true love after all, and the strike negotiator who helped end the nurses’ walkout asks out the married Rosenthal.
Episode 6

My Aim Is True

After locating his missing family, White has a poignant reunion with them and intends to make it permanent. Fired hospital administrator Joan Halloran is re-hired as Auschlander’s assistant, and Nurse Rosenthal’s affair with a labor negotiator heats up.
Episode 7

Fade to White

St. Eligius Hospital reels after the shooting of a doctor, who lies near death, as the police include Westphall among their suspects.
Episode 8

Sweet Dreams

Crazy dreams are all in a night’s work as several St. Eligius staff members volunteer to be tested at the dream center and uncover the most bizarre adventures this side of rapid eye movement.
Episode 9

Up on the Roof

A new female doctor, specializing in bone-marrow transplants, draws attention from the male doctors.
Episode 10

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Cavanero secretly admits that a female doctor who’s a guest at her apartment is homosexual, and the news hits the rumor mill.
Episode 11


A lovesick Morrison asks his girlfriend to live with him with unexpected results. Westphall’s daughter arrives home from college with new ideas and a new boyfriend. Martin entrusts Fiscus with a letter that could further incriminate an imprisoned Daniels.
Episode 12

The Children's Hour

Westphall reluctantly realizes he must send his autistic son away for specialized help, thereby drawing his daughter’s bitter resentment.
Episode 13

Dr. Wyler, I Presume

A Nobel Prize-winning doctor returns from Africa to reminisce with his old friend Auschlander and seek a kidney donor for an accompanying native boy. Craig and a Ehrlich risk their lives in surgery to extract an explosive bullet from a wounded woman.
Episode 14

Whistle, Wylie Works

A bigamist being treated for pneumonia puts Chandler in a compromising position when two of his concerned, and unknowing, wives show up.
Episode 15

Bye, George

Dr. Wyler prepares to return to Africa when he learns that his clinic has been destroyed by hostile government soldiers – even though it could mean his death.
Episode 16

Saving Face

Craig’s thirtieth wedding anniversary party marks the return of his vagabond brother William, thereby re-opening old sibling wounds.
Episode 17

Give the Boy a Hand

Suffering from freshman blues, Dr. Westphall’s daughter Elizabeth returns home and asks to stay, a parental dilemma that forces the physician to make a painful decision.
Episode 18

Any Portrait in a Storm

A pregnant 14-year-old prostitute suffers complications giving birth as her boyfriend heads south; Peter White’s widow enters labor with his child; and a traffic helicopter crash leaves the sole survivor wondering why he was spared.
Episode 19

Red, White, Black and Blue

Westphall renews an old friendship with an attractive White House staff doctor who arranges to make St. Eligius a receiving hospital when the First Lady visits Boston.
Episode 20

Amazing Face

Caldwell removes the surgical bandages of a young woman disfigured by “Elephant Man’s” disease. Meanwhile, the pesky Mrs. Hufnagel goes under the knife for removal of an aneurysm and Rosenthal tells her lover that she’s pregnant.
Episode 21

Murder, She Wrote

An indignant Dr. Craig is on the warpath to find out which doctor is responsible for an abusive patient’s sudden death.
Episode 22

Tears of a Clown

An overworked Morrison is in poor shape to take the demanding state medical exams. Chandler tries to convince a clown that she should retire from the circus because of her deteriorating condition, due to multiple sclerosis.
Episode 23

Bang the Eardrum Slowly

Luther loses his sense of hearing in a boiler explosion that kills a fellow worker. A helpful Halloran looks to uncork some emotion out of an overworked Dr. Morrison. Ehrlich tries to impress some visiting Chinese doctors with his sweet-and-sour humor.
Episode 24


Drs. Westphall, Craig and Auschlander share their mutual sorrows at the Cheers Bar in Boston. However their encounter with Carla, Cliff and Norm makes them yearn for a saloon where everybody doesn’t know their names.


About this Show

St. Elsewhere

An award-winning, critically acclaimed, ambitious and realistic medical drama about the always under-the-gun doctors and nurses of St. Eligius, an understaffed, underfunded, and always chaotic teaching hospital in a deteriorating section of Boston.

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