1 season available

Space Brothers

TV14 • Drama, Anime, Science Fiction, Comedy, Animation, International • TV Series • 2012

After getting fired and barred from his previous profession, Mutta is forced to move back in with his parents. Meanwhile, the career of his kid brothe...more

After getting fired and barred from his previous profession, Mutta is forced to move back in with his parents. Meanwhile, the career of his kid brothe...more

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1 season available (75 episodes)

1 season available

(75 episodes)

Episode 1

(Sub) Little Brother Hibito and Big Brother Mutta

The two brothers, Mutta and Hibito spotted a UFO in their childhood which led to a promise. Mutta has since forgotten about the promise but Hibito hasn’t and decides to give his older brother a little push.
Episode 2

(Sub) My Shining Star

Aiming for the goal from his youth, Mutta has managed to be accepted for the New Astronaut Selection Exam. He's uneasy about his performance during his second interview though.
Episode 3

(Sub) The Man With the Advantage and the Running Female Doctor

As more applicants begin to fall out of the running and the medical exams beginning Mutta realizes people believe his brother's influence is what's allowed him to get so far. On the bright side, Serika seems to taking an interest in him.
Episode 4

(Sub) Next to Hibito

As the second round of examinations are coming to a close, Mutta's worries begin to grow. Kenji manages to get Serika's email though in hopes of cheering his friend up.
Episode 5

(Sub) Days of Missing

Hibito invites his brother to visit him at NASA in Houston, Texas. The visit though isn't exactly what Mutta was expecting. Hibito expresses his disappointment in the lack of competitiveness his brother is displaying.
Episode 6

(Sub) Et Cetera in My Head

During Mutta's visit with Hibito JAXA learns of the head butting incident that got him fired from his previous job. Could this mean the end of his journey to Mars?
Episode 7

(Sub) Dear Hibito

Hibito notices the change in Mutta's behavior and suspects that something isn't right. Meanwhile, Hoshika is struggling to convince another JAXA judge to change his mind about Mutta.
Episode 8

(Sub) Smoky Heaven

After apprehending the fire extinguisher wielding robber, Mutta has managed to become a hero! To add to the good news his parents inform him he's passed the second examinations.
Episode 9

(Sub) Individual Resolve

On his flight returning to Japan Mutta has a dream that leaves him very unsettled. But there's still something to celebrate, Serika, Kenji and he go out in honor of them all making it to the third exam.
Episode 10

(Sub) Running Bus

With Serika and Kenji’s strong reasons to become astronauts, Mutta starts questioning his motives. On the way to a secret facility, Kenji notices cameras on the bus and part way into the trip each applicant must fill out a survey about the others.
Episode 11

(Sub) Trapped Rivals

The final fifteen candidates are split up into three teams. Each one is to be sealed in an environment for two weeks to determine who within each group would be ideal astronauts. Their first challenge is to figure out what time it is.
Episode 12

(Sub) My Name Is Itou Serika

As Serika deals with her hunger she thinks back on the time she asked her father about the meaning of her name. The teams new challenge is to figure out how to manage their food supply.
Episode 13

(Sub) 3D Ant

The exam continues with a variety of mental and physical tasks. The latest one is to write a letter opposing a journalist who is against government funding of space exploration. Reflecting on lecture from his childhood leads Mutta to his stance.
Episode 14

(Sub) Broken Glasses and the Sole of the Foot

As Naoto recalls how his focus on work kept him from his daughter, his glasses get broken when they are accidentally stepped on by Yasushi. Despite his reduced visibility, Naoto is determined to not let it hinder his capabilities.
Episode 15

(Sub) Let’s Talk About Space

Team B is put on edge when an alarm starts going off in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Team A realizes their clock has gone missing and they end up finding it smashed. Amidst the all of this the applicants are given a new task.
Episode 16

(Sub) Alarm But No Clock

Even with the puzzle challenge complete Team B continues to be plagued by the alarm being controlled by one of the participants. Soon, Team A is facing a food shortage and an alarm issue of their own.
Episode 17

(Sub) The Culprit Is in the Room

Mutta figures out that Naoto and Yasushi had been given green cards ordering them to break the clock and set off the alarm. Later, Serika confesses about the food shortage to Mutta, who mistakenly believes it to be another order by JAXA.
Episode 18

(Sub) Roo-Ra! Kenji!

Mutta is given his own green card, prompting him to make random noises throughout the day. Team B continues facing issues and Kenji is put under pressure to withdraw from the selections.
Episode 19

(Sub) The Day Before Goodbye

Mutta reveals they don't have any food left for tomorrow but manages to gather ingredients to make udon. The team is surprised over him knowing Sharon, the happy mood turns though when they remember they must choose two people to become astronauts.
Episode 20

(Sub) The Worst Possible Punishment

As the last day of the exam arrives, the teams are told to do what they want for the rest of the day. Team A struggles to decide on a method of choosing two astronauts. Mutta suggests they decide via a game of rock-paper-scissors.
Episode 21

(Sub) A Long-Awaited Glimpse of the Sky

The third exam comes an end and Team A is met with applause from the staff. Mutta and Kenji discuss how those who weren't selected may still have a chance, Yasushi, who lost out in the match, visits a much-admired professor.
Episode 22

(Sub) Working On the Dream

The JAXA staff discusses which of the remaining candidates to select. It is then revealed that NASA will select one male from the remaining candidates to join the others. This has Mutta reflecting on his lack of good luck.
Episode 23

(Sub) Father, Son, and Mutta Clause

Mutta hears from JAXA about when he is to depart for Houston and learns that Kenji was in fact chosen alongside him. With the final exam in two months, coinciding with Hibito's mission into space, Mutta decides to head to Houston ahead of schedule.
Episode 24

(Sub) The Worst Possible Interviewer!

As Hibito trains to use a space vehicle for his moon mission, Mutta does some lawn mowing for Ozzy. Later, Mutta has dinner with Jennifer and Lowry, Hibito's backup, where he learns the examiner for the final exams will be Takio Azuma.
Episode 25

(Sub) Sonic Little Brother Training Big Brother

Mutta witnesses Hibito piloting a jet craft, reminding Mutta of how he came to support him. A week before the launch though, Hibito is moved into quarantine!
Episode 26

(Sub) Painful Interview

After the interviews end, the candidates have a celebratory meal with the examiners. Unbeknownst to the candidates, the interview was a decoy intended to drop their guard as the examiners make observations outside of an exam environment.
Episode 27

(Sub) One Question

When Azuma asks a particularly severe question, Mutta gives an honest reply that is similar to how both Azuma and Hibito answered the same question.
Episode 28

(Sub) Miracle of Doha

Hibito recalls how Mutta was bullied by those who didn't believe him about the UFO. In order to stop the bullying without resorting to violence, Hibito concocts a plan.
Episode 29

(Sub) Night Before Launch

On the night before Hibito's launch, Mutta’s mother visits to expresses her concerns about the it. Even though weather may delay the launch, Hibito is optimistic.
Episode 30

(Sub) Dog, Old Man, and Alexander

While searching for Apo, Mutta meets a strange NASA employee who takes him to some abandoned training facilities where he gets a spectacular view of the launchpad.
Episode 31

(Sub) Rocket Road

As Hibito and his crew finally make it into space, Mutta remembers when he and Hibito attended a broadcast that gave him the encouragement to become an astronaut.
Episode 32

(Sub) A Private Place

As the candidates celebrate the launch, they’re told to head back to Japan until the results are announced. Mutta opts to stay in Houston until his brother lands on the moon.
Episode 33

(Sub) Moon Rabbit

As the Orion approaches the moon for landing, Hibito receives a video from Mutta. The whole of Japan tunes in to watch the live broadcast of the moon landing.
Episode 34

(Sub) Pug and Hug On a Moonlit Night

On the moon’s surface, Hibito notices something shiny. Meanwhile, Mutta arrives back in Japan, and becomes paranoid that he’s used up all his luck.
Episode 35

(Sub) From the Little Corner of a Big Facility

As Kenji receives his call from JAXA, he thinks back to how his life used to be. He particularly remembers how he met the one who told him about the astronaut program.
Episode 36

(Sub) Dancing Astronaut

Serika visits her father's grave after hearing about her results and she recalls her childhood and her inspiration to become an astronaut.
Episode 37

(Sub) Two Men in the Park

Hoshika decides to help reveal the exam results and, after calling Mizoguchi, he asks an increasingly anxious Mutta to meet him at a park to personally deliver his results.
Episode 38

(Sub) Eleventh Email

Mutta heads straight to the conference and gets through it. Later, the gang gets together and Naoto joins them in celebration while Yasushi sends Mutta various texts.
Episode 39

(Sub) Lunar Illusions

Mutta and the others begin their first day at JAXA, while, on the moon, Hibito and Damian struggle with the tricks the moon plays on perception.
Episode 40

(Sub) Heaven and Hell

Unable to contact Houston, Hibito is separated from Damian. While searching for his partner, he makes a discovery - but it might be too late.
Episode 41

(Sub) Eighty Minutes to Live

NASA discusses plans to aid the astronauts, but Hibito’s oxygen is dwindling fast. Mutta is certain he can help save them, but his advice may fall on deaf ears.
Episode 42

(Sub) Hibito’s Choice

Hibito has the option to fire a flare and alert Houston of his position, or use it to help Damian. With ten minutes of oxygen remaining, he decides to take a walk.
Episode 43

(Sub) Brian

Hibito finds the memento left by Brian, his mentor. While reminiscing about him, the oxygen in Hibito’s suit runs out.
Episode 44

(Sub) Three Astronaut’s

While heading back to base, Freddy Saturn and Buddy Walters discuss what Brian taught them. When Mutta and Hibito finally see each other, Hibito gives him another promise.
Episode 45

(Sub) Five Blue Rangers

A visit to Sharon pushes Mutta to fulfill a few promises. Then, as they receive their official jumpsuits, Mutta and the others are given some big news.
Episode 46

(Sub) Number One Restless Guy

The astronaut trainees head to Houston! Mutta attracts some serious attention at the airport, while at NASA, their trainer is selected.
Episode 47

(Sub) The First Promise

Mutta asks Murasaki about the training program, and later on a party is thrown for the trainees! However, according to one source, Mutta’s future may be uncertain.
Episode 48

(Sub) Always Have a Pedometer in Your Heart

Training begins, and it doesn’t start out easy! The group’s first test is a nice walk through the desert as survival training.
Episode 49

(Sub) Nitta the Leader

Mutta's team find their rations and set up camp for the night, only to be told that they are presently last in the rankings.
Episode 50

(Sub) Nitta and Mutta

Nitta loses his phone, and he is expecting an important call, so he decides to go back and look for it. Mutta, as leader, chooses to go with him.
Episode 51

(Sub) Living Stone

Mutta and Nitta discuss their relationships with their brothers as they head back to camp. Kazuya researches the astronauts and, perhaps, gains some perspective.
Episode 52

(Sub) A Big Brother Should Always...

Mutta reminisces about how he was first admitted to the JAXA training program.
Episode 53

(Sub) Stand On the Moon Together Alive

Mutta’s recollections continue with his memories of the moon accident.
Episode 54

(Sub) Do I Have Good Luck?

Continuing his reminiscence, Mutta recalls both his JAXA exams and Hibito’s launch.
Episode 55

(Sub) Distant Goal

When Mutta catches a fever, his team must decide whether to push on for the final day of survival training or retire.
Episode 56

(Sub) A Promise Over a Drink

The pressure mounts for Pico as the parachute he designed for Hibito’s return to Earth will soon be put to the test.
Episode 57

(Sub) An Engineer’s Switch

Mutta’s team puts their rover’s design to the test as Azuma journeys to the moon.
Episode 58

(Sub) Earnest Failure

The mood turns somber as Mutta and Vince share introspective insights.
Episode 59

(Sub) Promise Sign

Vince and Pico reminisce about their childhood friend, Rick, and the tragedy that took place between the three of them.
Episode 60

(Sub) Sea Diver and Space Diver

The time of the launch looms near, forcing Mutta and his team to come up with… innovative solutions to some last-minute design flaws.
Episode 61

(Sub) Those Who Wait for Hibito

Hibito and his two flight mates begin to travel back to Earth as Mutta’s group reflects upon their time together.
Episode 62

(Sub) Those Who Dream Far

Back on solid ground, Hibito, Damian, and Linda begin to acclimate to Earth’s gravity again as Mutta receives a grim premonition.
Episode 63

(Sub) Young Excitement

The AsCans begin a rigorous, three week flight course while Sharon consults a university professor interested in her telescope proposal.
Episode 64

(Sub) Piece of Cake

Fearing that she has inherited a lethal disease from her father, Serika undergoes a series of neurological tests.
Episode 65

(Sub) Wheelchair Pilot

Mutta meets Deneil Young again, after a more successful attempt at the exam.
Episode 66

(Sub) Two Notebooks

After a rocky start in the cockpit of a T-38, Mutta commits to flight training.
Episode 67

(Sub) Deneil-ized

Hibito gets ready to meet with JAXA and Sharon in Japan as Mutta faces a challenge in the form of the T-38’s multi-faceted controls.
Episode 68

(Sub) Two Keyboards

Sharon’s symptoms have begun to affect her talent for the piano. Meanwhile, Hibito struggles with balancing his obligations to the press and his personal life.
Episode 69

(Sub) Next to Hibito

All of his hard work finally pays off as Mutta finishes his pilot training and is officially recognized as an astronaut.
Episode 70

(Sub) Determination to Give up

Mutta is offered a spot on an upcoming mission that could prove to be a huge opportunity, but lingering doubts complicate his choice…
Episode 71

(Sub) Rehearsal

Mutta senses that something is off with Hibito as the two are selected to be featured on a magazine cover.
Episode 72

(Sub) Hibito's Disorder

Hibito’s panic disorder is affecting his everyday life, but he is adamant about keeping his condition secret from Mutta.
Episode 73

(Sub) A Road On the Roadless Moon

Mutta submits a proposal outlining an idea to prevent vehicular collisions on the lunar surface.
Episode 74

(Sub) Magic Trick

Mutta’s proposal is well received, though he still struggles to convince Mr. Butler that he’s ready to train for lunar missions.
Episode 75

(Sub) My Hands

Having looked into Mr. Butler’s past, Mutta comes up with a plan to convince him to allow his training for lunar missions.

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