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After a meteor shower bursts from the heavens, raining destruction on the unsuspectin...more

After a meteor shower bursts from the heavens, raining destructio...More

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Episode 1


Over a decade ago, a meteor shower rained destruction on Smallville, Kansas.
Episode 2


After Clark's Kryptonian father (voice of TERENCE STAMP - "Superman II") grants him temporary superpowers, Jonathan engages Clark in a destructive battle atop the LuthorCorp building.
Episode 3


Clark discovers that someone is hunting people who have been affected by the meteor rocks--and the killer's next target is Lex.
Episode 4


Clark dreams that he is being pursued by a frightened young girl who needs his help.
Episode 5


Perry White, a once-promising journalist whose career was destroyed by Lionel Luthor, arrives in Smallville in search of alien stories for a tabloid news show.
Episode 6


Lana's great-uncle, Dexter McCallum (TOM HEATON), who was convicted of murdering his wife 40 years ago, shows Lana a picture of the man he believes really killed her great-aunt--and she is shocked to notice that the drifter looks exactly like Clark.
Episode 7


Clark is suspicious when Lana suddenly becomes attracted to a fellow student, Seth Nelson (KEVIN ZEGERS), and begins to act rebelliously, which eventually lands her in jail.
Episode 8


Lex locates Morgan Edge (now played by PATRICK BERGIN - "Sleeping With the Enemy")--who has undergone facial reconstruction--and gets him to admit to criminal dealings with Lionel.
Episode 9


Lex languishes in the sterile confines of Belle Reve Sanitarium, where his father has placed him.
Episode 10


While attempting to stop a robbery, Clark shoots a burst of heat vision that is accidentally reflected back into his eyes by a piece of Kryptonite, causing temporary blindness.
Episode 11


Clark and Lana each try to kill Chloe for unknown reasons after they receive a mysterious e-mail from the Summerholt Institute.
Episode 12


Clark discovers that his schoolmate Jordan (JOSEPH CROSS) can foresee the future, and he is horrified when Jordan predicts that Lana will die in a fire in the next few days.
Episode 13


After Pete defies corrupt street-racing promoters who want him to purposely lose, the thugs that run the illegal events threaten his life. Pete asks Clark to use his powers to stop them.
Episode 14


Clark is forced to use his powers within sight of Alicia (SARAH CARTER - "Final Destination 2," "Black Sash"), a new girl at school, but he is surprised to find out she has powers of her own.
Episode 15


While his father is awaiting surgery, Clark befriends a young boy, Garrett (JAMES KIRK), whose brother Vince (TAHMOH PENIKETT) dies from liver failure.
Episode 16


Clark receives a panicked call from Lana and hears a gunshot before the line goes dead--but when he finds her, he is stunned to discover she is alive and well.
Episode 17


When Jonathan acts strangely, Clark believes that his Kryptonian father, Jor-El (voice of TERENCE STAMP - "Superman II"), is sending Jonathan messages and is the cause for his father's withdrawal from the family.
Episode 18


When Chloe accidentally inhales a mysterious gas, she discovers that it gives her the ability to get the truth from anyone who comes in contact with her--and she goes to the Kents to find out Clark's secret.
Episode 19


To regain key incriminating information about his father's past that he lost when his memory was erased, Lex joins an experimental program headed by Dr. Garner (recurring guest star MARTIN CUMMINS).
Episode 20


When a Kawatche man, Jeremiah Holdsclaw, steals a mythical knife from the caves, he is bestowed with superpowers similar to Clark's and comes to believe he is the savior Naman, "the man who fell from the stars."
Episode 21


Clark decides to tell Lana his secret so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, a rogue FBI agent kidnaps and tortures Pete to force him to reveal Clark's secret.
Episode 22


Kara (ADRIANNE PALICKI), a beautiful girl who possesses superpowers and claims to be from the planet Krypton, tries to entice Clark to fulfill his destiny.

About this Show


After a meteor shower bursts from the heavens, raining destruction on the unsuspecting citizens of Smallville, years pass, and the healing process leaves the town's inhabitants with scars and secrets. From the ashes of tragedy, a popular yet awkward teen attempts to decipher the meaning of his life and his clouded past.

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