2 seasons available


TVG • Family, Animation, Kids • TV Series • 2010

Animated and live-action game show in which cartoon characters and children compete against each another.

Animated and live-action game show in which cartoon characters and children compete against each another.

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2 seasons available (39 episodes)

2 seasons available

(39 episodes)

Episode 1

Sports Academy

Charles opens up his sports academy in the studio and brings in superstar athletes to encourage everyone to get active (and sign up to Charles's expensive academy). So effective are the rousing speeches that Hoo is...
Episode 2

Space The Final Souffle

In a baked bean-guzzling show, an ultra-super-fast rising soufflé explodes to gigantic proportions, sending Chudd, Earl and the Quiz Block careening into space, heading into the sun!!!! Now if only they had some sort of...
Episode 3

Pre-School Problem

Hoping to 'widen Skatoony's appeal', Charles brings in a bunch of annoying Toons from pre-school shows. Looking on in horror at the gibberish-spouting day-glow lumps with their patronizing edu-tainment song and dance...
Episode 4

Stoopid Santa

It's Christmas in July at the Skatoony studios. Having spent all the money for Skatoony prizes on an expensive summer holiday, Charles brings in Santa Claus as a guest contestant. Even though it's the middle of the...
Episode 5

Body Swap

Fernando Fernando Fernando, the greatest magician in all of Mexico makes his way through the rounds by body-swapping with his better quizzing Toon rivals. Total Drama's starlet Dakota is the first confused victim of...
Episode 6


It's Halloween, and Chudd and Earl have many scary surprises in store for the Skatoony contestants. They have lined up some ghoulish guests, plus lots of spooky games and surprises guaranteed to raise a scream! Mike...
Episode 7

Trash Talk

A rather 'trashy' contestant (a garbage bin) spews rubbish everywhere and the studio is soon waste deep in smelly garbage. Total Drama's quirky character Izzy is as happy as a pig in a sty as this gives her a good...
Episode 8


A ridiculous onion incident causes a river of tears to flow through the Skatoony Studio; obviously this provides the perfect opportunity for a ship of pillaging Vikings to snatch away Chudd, Earl, the Quiz Block and the...
Episode 9

Stop the Pop

Charles replaces Chudd with Goldie Pops, a Pop Idol-style singer. As co-host with Earl she quizzes the kids and gets them to sing along karaoke-style to her greatest hits. Only poor Chudd notices she's more concerned...
Episode 10

Inside La Puck

Chudd's slip of the tongue leads to a genie contestant shrinking the Quiz Block and show hosts down to microscopic size, and transporting them deep inside the body of Charles le Puck. The contestants along with Total...
Episode 11

It Could Be You!

In this special edition of Skatoony, one lucky family wins a chance to have the show broadcast from their home. But when the Quiz Block crashes through the roof of a suburban house. landing in the front room, Dad is...
Episode 12

I Spy, You Quiz

Due to a case of mistaken identity, Chudd is selected to complete a dangerous spying mission to save the world. The contestants get involved, searching the studio for clues, while Total Drama's resident pathological...
Episode 13

Out to Sea

Sven Strudel's love of extremely greasy food sends the Skatoony studio sliding off the lot and hurling though Show Town before an emergency stop at the beach propels Chudd, Earl and the Quiz Block out to sea. The...
Episode 14


The circus has come to town as Fernando, the self-styled Mexican magician uses his body-swap skills to create all kinds of unusual animals. In search of new talent for his freakshow, Fernando steals the Quiz Block...
Episode 15

CJs Birthday

It's CJ's birthday and everyone is scrambling to keep Charles Le Puck's spoiled nephew happy with presents, cake and his favorite balloon animal. Katie and Sadie from Total Drama join in on the fun with their endless...
Episode 16

Destination: Moon

Skatoony takes quizzing out of this world, as the Quiz Block and contestants travel to the moon. Colonel Zeppo steps in on Charles' greedy plans to stake out the moon as his own. As trespassers on his property, Zeppo...
Episode 17

Amusement Park

Charles has turned the studio into a theme park in his latest money-making scheme. The star attraction is the biggest rollercoaster ever built, well, almost-finished-being-built, which Chudd discovers when the Quiz Block..
Episode 18

Follow that Quizblock

In his ongoing quest to take over the spotlight role of host on Skatoony, Hedley Diddleydee tries to hijack the Quizblock. His prank goes awry sending the Quiz Block in to multiple lanes of traffic, leaving Chudd and...
Episode 19

Style Trial

In an attempt to give the show more style, Charles asks Fernando Fernando Fernando for a 'new' audience, but gets a 'nude' audience instead. The contestants along with Total Drama's fashionista Anne Maria, help bring on..
Episode 20

Pop Video

In a money grubbing scheme, Charles decides to put a new musical spin on Skatoony. Chudd, still adamant on quizzing is worried that Charles' new musical bent to show will be detrimental to the task at hand- Quizzing!...
Episode 21

Quiz to the Future

Dan Blam has travelled from the future to warn everyone of a world without quizzing. But when the Quiz Block is turned into a time machine and everyone travels to the future, they risk being reprogrammed by a more...
Episode 22

Broke Charles

Charles has gone bankrupt and the set of Skatoony shows in its sparseness. All of the bells and whistles are gone, leaving Chudd and Earl not much to work with in the way of quizzing. The repossession men take everything..
Episode 23

In Your Dreams

Chudd has just returned from vacation and, eager to show his holiday slides, puts everyone to sleep, including himself. The show transfers to a collective dream world where everyone gets what they want: food for Sven...
Episode 24

Unusual Suspects

The Skatoony studio goes into lockdown in this episode as a life-size chocolate statue of Charles goes missing. All eyes are on Owen, Total Drama's hungriest character, but he is proved to be innocent, and is keen to...
Episode 25

Cafe Le Quiz

When all six contestants are accidentally ejected from the Quiz Block, Charles sends Chudd across the street for more. At Café le Quiz he finds a bunch of customers eager to play Skatoony and get their food. Total...
Episode 26

Host of Doom

Skatoony goes high-tech when Charles replaces Chudd with the 'Danger Grid of Doom' as quiz host. This is fantastic news for Lucius Heinous the VII from Jimmy Two Shoes, as a lover of all things evil, he thrives on the...

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