3 seasons available

Simon & Simon

TVG • Spies, Crime, Action, Drama, Adventure • TV Series • 1981

"Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker star in this popular action series about two brothers, one clean-cut and ambitious, the other scruffy and eccentric...more

"Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker star in this popular action series about two brothers, one clean-cut and ambitious, the other scruffy and eccentric...more

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3 seasons available (56 episodes)

3 seasons available

(56 episodes)

Episode 1

Grand Illusion

Barnaby, a charismatic wizard at the zenith of his powers, retains A.J. and Rick to investigate how Oliver Twist, a flashy young rival, stole his best illusion, the Water Casket. Shortly thereafter, when Twist dies while performing the illusion, Barnaby becomes the obvious suspect.
Episode 2

D.J., D.O.A.

A flighty radio personality asks the Simons to help her find a missing disc jockey.
Episode 3

I Heard It Was Murder

A blind woman hires A.J. and Rick after she witnesses a murder.
Episode 4

Bail Out

The Simons investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a skydiving record executive.
Episode 5

Fly The Alibi Skies

Two men who resemble one another are the prime suspects in a murder.
Episode 6

Shadow of Sam Penny

A.J. and Rick search for a hard-edged detective who disappears after hearing from an old flame.
Episode 8

The Bare Facts

Mary DeAngelo hires the Simon Brothers when her mentor and colleague, Ralph Landry, mysteriously disappears. A Senior Designer at Wellens Engineering, Ralph was last known to have checked in to the exclusive San Pebbles Hotel -- a nudist colony for the eccentric and wealthy. After a brief visit to the hotel, Rick and A.J. find no sign of Landry. When they encounter a hostile Mr. Wellens (Landry’s boss), they decide to gain temporary membership and go undercover at the spa – much to Rick’s discontent.
Episode 9

Too Much Of A Good Thing

A.J. and Rick look for a mild-mannered chemist who turns out to be a bigamist.
Episode 10

Betty Grable Flies Again

A former World War II pilot hires the Simons to help him find a missing plane.
Episode 11

Bon Voyage, Alonso

A.J. and Rick chaperon two teen-age girls on a cruise.
Episode 12

All Your Favorite Games

The Simons are hired to keep a key witness alive until she can testify at an upcoming trial.
John Doe
Episode 13

John Doe

An amnesia victim turns to the Simon brothers when he's accused of murder.
Episode 14

Dear Lovesick

An advice columnist asks the Simons to locate a reader who may know about an impending murder.
Episode 15


A.J. and Rick investigate a thoroughbred-theft ring and an unsolved manslaughter case on the racetrack.
Episode 16

Heels And Toes

A ballerina believes the owner of a sleazy bar is out to kill her.
Episode 17

The Wrong Stuff

A schoolteacher's pornographic past comes back to haunt her.
Episode 18

Double Play

Rick and A.J. contend with a smuggler who uses celebrity look-alikes as a cover for his underhanded dealings. Guest: Barry Livingston.
Episode 19

Under The Knife

A.J. and Rick are hired by Dr. Kyle Stepney to prove that the man suing him for malpractice in the amount of $6 million is faking paraplegia. The Simon brothers soon find that they have a well-rehearsed actor on their hands when even the best tricks in their book can’t make him stand up from his wheelchair. Further digging into Vic Richards’ life uncovers that he has a past littered with similar scams.
Episode 20

Harm's Way

The Simons are hired to find a spy who recently came out of retirement.
Episode 21

The Dillinger Print

Rick and A.J. are hired by Addie Becker when her father, a retired FBI agent, is murdered and John Dillinger’s gun is stolen from his gun collection. Addie’s father was considered a senile pest at the Bureau because of his insistence that gangster John Dillinger was still alive. The theory begins to take on credibility when the gun is later found with Dillinger’s fingerprints on it.
Episode 22

Corpus Delecti

Rick and A.J. discover a twisted stainless-steel denture found in a burned-out car in the Mexican desert, which closes an $800,000 insurance case. Though their pay is $120,00—A.J. and Rick smell a setup, as the case was altogether too easy. They pursue the investigation on their own which leads them to a murder and a group of nervous insurance beneficiaries who collected the other $680,000.
Episode 23

The Disappearance Of Harry The Hat

Rick and A.J. (Gerald McRaney, Jameson Parker) are tricked into helping a spy escape from federal agents.

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