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She-Ra: Princess of Power

TVY7AdventureFantasyAnimation • KidsActionFamilyScience FictionTV Series1985

In times of danger Princess Adora calls upon magical powers by holding aloft her swor...more

In times of danger Princess Adora calls upon magical powers by ho...More

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Season1 2
Episode 6

Loo-Kee's Sweetie

When the Horde starts to imprison all of Loo-Kee's people on Beast Island Loo-Kee must ask She-Ra for help organizing a rescue.
Episode 67

Return Of The General

When Hordak attacks Bright Moon, She-Ra must seek out ex-general Sunder, now a farmer who wants nothing to do with war, for help. When his family is captured, Sunder realizes that sometimes you must fight for freedom.
Episode 68

Out Of The Cocoon

She-Ra is distributing food to the starving people of Sand Valley when she is captured by the evil Baron Condore. Unexpectedly, a plain young woman named Small One who metamorphoses into Flutterina rescues her.
Episode 69

A Lesson In Love

Young Prince Kevin runs away from home and falls through a dimensional door where he is captured by the Horde. Under Shadow Weaver's control he causes Peekablue to be captured.
Episode 70

Something Old, Something New

When Eli, an apprentice magician, accidentally finds the powerful Serenity Stone, his magical powers are multiplied many times . When MadEli accidentally finds the powerful Serenity Stone he discovers his magical powers are greatly multiplied.
Episode 72

The Pearl

She-Ra and Mermista take an injured baby whale to the undersea kingdom of Oceana. Upon her arrival, She-Ra learns she must recover the Pearl of Power, which gives the Mer-people their control over the waters and sea creatures, stolen by the Horde.
Episode 73

The Time Transformer

When a Horde scientist invents a machine that can change the past, Hordak sets out to change his old defeats into victories. She-Ra must stop him before the Rebellion is destroyed.
Episode 74

Above It All

When Shadow Weaver unleashes the storms from the Cave of Winds in an attempt to destroy Whispering Woods, She-Ra joins forces with the Skylanders and uses their huge airborne island to solve the problem.
Episode 75

Day Of The Flowers

Orko accidentally conjures a spell that makes Adam and Adora's swords disappear while Hordak sends the huge Monstroid robots to abduct rebels to work in his mines.
Episode 76


Brigis, a magical village, appears in the present world only once every five hundred years. When Hordak decides to steal the village's magical energy by keeping it in the present, She-Ra must battle to return Brigis to the time stream.
Episode 77

The Caregiver

Shakra, Adora's childhood nurse, retires from the Horde to join the Rebellion unaware that Hordak and Shadow Weaver have placed a device in her necklace which will allow them to spy on the rebels.
Episode 78

When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed

Hordak kidnaps Netossa and tells her friend Spinnerella that she has been imprisoned by the Rebellion. Spinnerella joins the Horde forces, creating a huge whirlwind that threatens to break through the defenses of Whispering Woods.
Episode 79

Romeo And Glimer

Glimmer is kind to Romeo, a captured soldier, but he escapes with information that the Bright Moon force shield is not working. When Glimmer is captured by the Horde, Romeo speaks on her behalf and they are both thrown in the dungeon.
Episode 80

Perils Of Peekablue

Hordak, needing a way to see into the Whispering Woods in order to capture Rebels, kidnaps the all-seeing Peekablue and uses her to guide his mechanical Grabbers.
Episode 81

Just The Way You Are

Drew, a young circus performer, runs away when he thinks his father doesn't love him. When the evil King Darkspur abducts Glimmer to make her his bride, Drew is also captured.
Episode 82

The Locket

Imp steals a special locket given to Adora by Sea Hawk.  Adora, accompanied by Sorrowful, the dragon, and a young girl named Dena, goes to the Fright Zone to recover it.   When Hordak captures the girl, She-Ra, Sorrowful and Sea Hawk must go to the rescue
Episode 83

She-Ra Makes A Promise

When Sprocker is captured by Hordak, She-Ra takes his place in prison and vows not to attempt escape as long as Hordak refrains from attacking the rebels. Hordak breaks his promise and She-Ra puts in a telepathic call to her brother, He-Man.
Episode 84

Bow's Magical Gift

When Bow captures Shadow Weaver's magic wand, he gains powers beyond his wildest dreams. But he shows off too much with the wand and almost allows the village of Glenmar to be captured by the Horde.
Episode 85

Sweet Bee's Home

The bee-lady, Sweet Bee, crash lands on Etheria while on a scouting mission from the Hive, a huge colonizing spacecraft filled with her people. Hordak plans to trick the peaceful bee-people into landing on the planet so he can enslave them.
Episode 86

Glimmer Come Home

Glimmer becomes jealous of Adora and plans her own attack on the Horde. Shadow Weaver disguises herself and several Horde Troopers so they may join up with Glimmer. When Glimmer attacks the Horde and Shadow Weaver reveals herself.
Episode 87

The Inspector

Prince Adam and Adora make Hordak's life miserable when they disguise themselves as Horde Inspectors, gain entrance to the Fright Zone and rescue a group of captured rebels as well as She-Ra's power sword.
Episode 88

Portrait Of Doom

Catra captures a group of the rebels by tricking one of the Twiggets into using enchanted paints to create mysterious, Dorian Gray-like portraits of them and She-Ra is forced to lead a desperate rescue mission to the Fright Zone.
Episode 89

Hordak's Power Play

Hordak sends his robot ships to shoot down an Argon spaceship and steal its powerful energy cell. She-Ra joins forces with Larg, the pilot of the spaceship, to get the energy cell back from Hordak before it explodes and destroys all of Etheria.
Episode 90

Shades Of Orko

When a vengeful Shadow Weaver steals Orko's shadow She-Ra must invade Horror Hall itself to stop the Horde witch before she drains away all of Orko's magical powers.
Episode 91

Assault On The Hive

Skeletor invades the Hive, Sweet Bee's colonizing spaceship, in order to capture it and use it against Hordak. Sweet Bee escapes the invasion and goes to She-Ra for help, who calls on He- Man for additional assistance.
Episode 92

The Bibbet Story

Adora and Bow's journey through Bibbetland is abruptly halted when they discover a Horde robot factory and their weapons are stolen by two small Bibbets.
Episode 93

Swifty's Baby

When Hordak kidnaps Swift Wind's expectant mate, She-Ra has to rescue her as quickly as possible. If the baby is born anywhere but on Unicorn Island, it will be just a normal horse and not a unicorn like its parents!

About this Show

She-Ra: Princess of Power

In times of danger Princess Adora calls upon magical powers by holding aloft her sword and chanting her special mantra to become the classic all time female heroine, She-Ra, Princess of Power!

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