1 season available

She-Ra: Princess of Power

TVY7 • Kids, Fantasy, Adventure, Cartoons, Family, Animation • TV Series • 1985

In times of danger Princess Adora calls upon magical powers by holding aloft her sword and chanting her special mantra to become the classic all time ...more

In times of danger Princess Adora calls upon magical powers by holding aloft her sword and chanting her special mantra to become the classic all time ...more

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1 season available (45 episodes)

1 season available

(45 episodes)

Episode 7

The Sea Hawk

While rescuing a group of elves from a sinking ship, She-Ra encounters a band of plundering pirates.
Episode 8

The Red Knight

A mysterious Red Knight rescues She-Ra and Bow from an attack by the Hordesman, then accompanies them to the Rebels' Fair.
Episode 9

The Missing Axe

A tall tale about an axe-stealing thief leads Bow to Greenthatch, a town that has fallen under Horde rule.
Episode 11

The Peril of Whispering Woods

During an attack on the Whispering Woods, Prince Zed, son of Horde Prime, is touched by the camaraderie of the Great Rebellion and rethinks the mission of the Evil Horde.
Episode 12

The Laughing Dragon

In an attempt to help Sorrowful the cowardly dragon gain courage, She-Ra and her friends are forced to battle the Horde.
Episode 13

King Miro's Journey

While He-Man and his grandfather, King Miro, pay a visit to Etheria, the Evil Horde uses a Crystal Dome to trap She-Ra and the Rebels inside the Whispering Woods.
Episode 14


After being called to help an old friend from the Horde, She-Ra is trapped and taken to Beast Island.
Episode 15

He Ain't Heavy

While trying to capture She-Ra and He-Man with the ancient Moon Mirror, Hordak sends Etheria into the Doom Dimension.
Episode 16

Return of the Sea Hawk

While rescuing a group of elves from Catra and Grizzlor, She-Ra winds up captured herself, leaving Sea Hawk to save the day.
Episode 17

A Loss for Words

To stop She-Ra from speaking out in support of the Great Rebellion, Hordak and Shadow Weaver steal her voice.
Episode 18

Horde Prime Takes a Holiday

Rivals Hordak and Skeletor battle over possession of the most powerful weapon in the galaxy.
Episode 19

Enchanted Castle

She-Ra and Bow seek the help of an old friend after being captured by Queen Mortella's warriors.
Episode 20

Three Courageous Hearts

During the Annual Tickster Competition, Shadow Weaver casts a spell that sends She-Ra into the forgotten world of The Sixth Dimension.
Episode 21

The Stone in the Sword

All seems lost as Hordak strikes with his new weapon, the Doom Balloon.
Episode 23

The Crown of Knowledge

A young boy goes on a dangerous adventure in search of the Crown of Knowledge.
Episode 24

The Mines of Mondor

She-Ra and the rebels go to the rescue of a captured prince and find they may be trapped in the Mines of Mondor forever.
Episode 25

Small Problems

Catra's shrinking formula takes effect and She-Ra, Glimmer, and Swift Wind are reduced in size.
Episode 26

Book Burning

Freedom is threatened as Horde villains Tung and Rattlor begin to burn all the books.
Episode 27

The Eldritch Mist

Shadow Weaver uses a spell from the Eldritch book.
Episode 28

Bow's Farewell

Catra takes aim to destroy Bright Moon with the powerful eclipse beam.
Episode 29

The Price of Freedom

He-Man becomes trapped in a mine as he risks his life to save some villagers from Horde takeover.
Episode 30

Play it Again, Bow

An old man named Frit builds an unusual monument to freedom which She-Ra must save from destruction by the Horde.
Episode 31

The Reluctant Wizard

A powerful wizard who created his own world inside a magical tree finds a friend in She-Ra.
Episode 32

Friends Are Where You Find Them

An indestructible robot brought to Etheria by a young prince from another galaxy falls into the hands of the Horde.
Episode 34

Troll's Dream

Terror strikes all Etheria as the Spider of Crystal escapes from its prison in Skull Path.
Episode 36

The Unicorn King

Hordak uncovers a secret and plots to enslave all the unicorns on Unicorn Island.
Episode 37

The Anxious Apprentice

Castaspella's young apprentice, Ariel, takes the Book of Spells which ends up in the evil clutches of Scorpia.
Episode 38

Zoo Story

Kowl learns the real meaning of freedom when he is captured by Vultak and made a prisoner in Hordak's zoo.
Episode 39

Into the Dark Dimension

Hordak's Dark Blaster weapon backfires and sends She-Ra and him into another dimension and into the hands of the Dark One.
Episode 40

Treasure of the Dark Ones

Sea Hawk and his swashbuckling crew join She-Ra to try and save the Treasure of the First Ones from the tentacles of the fiendish Octavia.
Episode 41

Glimmer's Story

The source of the protective power of Castle Bright Moon is stolen, and if She-Ra fails to recover it the kingdom will fall to the Horde.
Episode 42

Enemy with My Face

A melog, a humanoid thing made of mud and swamp grass, is created by Shadow Weaver in the likeness of She-Ra.
Episode 43

Welcome Back, Kowl

Kowl is suspected of being a Horde spy due to a devilish prank of Imp's.
Episode 44

The Rock People

The Rock People come to Etheria in search of a new home and find a waiting foe in Hordak.
Episode 45


A fierce warrior from the planet Silax is lied to and as a result, Shera is places in great danger.
Episode 46

Micah of Bright Moon

Micah , King of Bright Moon, escapes from fifteen years imprisonment by the Horde, but crash lands back into their waiting arms.
Episode 47

The Price of Power

Norwin, a kindly old wizard, risks all to save his foolish apprentice.
Episode 48

Birds of a Feather

Kowl's evil cousin Red Eye makes Kowl the victim of a plot to overthrow the Rebellion.
Episode 50

Just Like Me

A little girl joins the fight for freedom and She-Ra helps her realize the power of good and love over evil.
Episode 51

My Friend, My Enemy

Hordak is placed under an evil spell, and the only thing that will save him from disappearing forever is to have someone shed tears for him...but who?
Episode 52

The Wizard

Kowl and Broom go in search of courage but find trouble in the person of Dr. Drome.
Episode 53

Unexpected Ally

The gigantic human, Horde General Sunder, must make a decision between his duty to the Horde and joining the valiant cause of the Rebellion.
Episode 54

The Light of the Crystal

The Elf Prince Storm, Bow, and Glimmer are captured by Catra and forced to work as slaves in the Elves' Crystal Mines.
Episode 55

Loo-kee Lends A Hand

Loo Kee comes forth from his hiding place and finds himself in the thick of the action.
Episode 56

Of Shadows and Skulls

Skeletor and Hordak engage in a duel for power as She-Ra waits to find out which one will be her next foe.

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