1 season available

Saved by the Bell: The College Years

TVPGFamilyComedySitcomTeenTV Series • 1993

The Kids from Bayside go off to college

The Kids from Bayside go off to college

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1 season available (19 episodes)

1 season available

(19 episodes)

Episode 1


The gang is graduating from Bayside High School and Zack is thrilled to be leaving until Mr. Belding breaks the news that Zack may not graduate because he's one credit short.
Episode 2

Guess Who's Coming to College

Kelly is attending a junior college when she is admitted to Cal U off the waiting list. Unaware that Kelly's coming, Zack is trying to get Leslie's affection by telling her the tragic story of how his high school sweetheart was killed in an accident.
Episode 3

Zack, Lies & Video Tape

Zack gets off on the wrong foot with his new professor of anthropology. Professor Lasky pegs Zack as a smart mouth immediately and turns the tables on him by selling him a copy of the midterm before Zack realizes that he is the instructor.
Episode 4

Rush Week

It is rush week and all three of the boys rush the same house. Screech's dream is to be the first in his family to pledge a fraternity.
Episode 5

Slater's War

Zack asks the entire gang to go with him on a ski trip. Most of the gang can't go while Leslie is hesitant to go with him alone. Because of this, Zack tries to convince Slater to bring a date.
Episode 6

The Homecoming

The boys are really excited when a famous pro football player and Cal U alumnus comes to visit. The boys think he's a hero but he turns out to be an arrogant jerk when he upsets Kelly by hitting on her.
Episode 7

The Poker Game

Rogers finally joins the boy's weekly poker game after trying constantly to break it up. He makes everyone crazy with his whining about beautiful women rejecting him. The boys enlist the help of the girls to teach Rogers how to soften his approach.
Episode 8

Professor Zack

A student visits Lasky's office where she mistakes Zack for Professor Lasky. Zack keeps up this facade to get a date with the beautiful girl.
Episode 9

Screech Love

Zack asks Screech to tutor the beautiful tennis player he's dating. Zack and Screech fight over the girl because Screech has also fallen for her.
Episode 10

Dr. Kelly

Kelly quits her job at the student health center and becomes a cocktail waitress with Alex. She quits immediately while Kelly makes a lot of money, buys a new wardrobe, and changes her attitude.
Episode 11

A Thanksgiving Story

The gang drives Rogers' car to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving break. Meanwhile, Rogers' annual Thanksgiving dinner turns into a disaster when he hurts his back and the food is burned.
Episode 12

Teacher's Pet

Kelly and Lasky become attracted to each other when she helps him take care of his daughter. Meanwhile, Lasky's class experiment takes a bizarre twist when the chimpanzee becomes attracted to Screech.
Episode 13

Kelly and the Professor

Lasky realizes that dating Kelly may not be such a good idea when she asks him to be her date at the sorority masquerade ball. Zack encourages Lasky to break off his relationship with Kelly. Meanwhile, Rogers has the class take a compatibility test.
Episode 14

A Question of Ethics

Slater, Alex, Zack and Leslie are taking an ethics course from the hardest teacher in the school. A question of ethics pops up when the midterm is left on the Professor's desk.
Episode 15

The Rave

Zack wants to organize a rave to raise money so the gang can go to Cancun, especially so Kelly will get over her break-up with Lasky.
Episode 16

Bedside Manner

Zack gets a job at the student health center to be close to Kelly. He doesn't plan on Lasky being admitted to the hospital because of an ulcer. Zack creates a plan to fake an illness so he could share a room with Lasky while keeping an eye on Kelly.
Episode 17

Love and Death

Zack decides that life should be lived to the fullest so he goes skydiving. When Kelly worries that Zack's life is in danger, she realizes how much she cares for him and they get back together.
Episode 18

Marry Me

Just as Zack and Kelly are getting pretty close, Kelly is accepted to the Semester on the Sea program, which involves a three-month cruise. Zack doesn't want Kelly to go, but she feels it's an opportunity she can't pass up.
Episode 19

Wedding Plans

Lisa Turtle shows up for Kelly's wedding, and the girls fight over who will be maid of honor. Weddings plans don't run smoothly as Zack and Lisa consult a shady jewelry salesman for a wedding ring.

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