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TV14ActionFantasyAnimation • AnimeAdventureComedyScience FictionTV Series2000

Once, demons and man lived together in harmony. But when a band of rogue demonic forc...more

Once, demons and man lived together in harmony. But when a band o...More

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Episode 1

(Dub) Go to the West / To the Distant West

With the amount of demon attacks increasing and humanity threatened more and more, Sanzo Genjo is sent on a journey to the west in hopes of ending the up rise.
Episode 2

(Dub) First Game / A Guide to the Netherworld

The group stops at a small hamlet to have a warm meal a cozy bed, but discover the tension that the demons have caused among the human population.
(Dub) His God, My God / Where the Gods Are
Episode 3

(Dub) His God, My God / Where the Gods Are

The rocky terrain has made driving impossible, and weary and tired, the group finds a Buddhist monastery hidden away in the mountains. After realizing just who Sanzo is, the monks offer the four a place to rest, but it comes with its price.
Episode 4

(Dub) Crimson / Crimson Tears

While having a hot meal they discover that their host has long been awaiting the return of her lover who just happens to be a demon.
Episode 5

(Dub) Pure Assassin / A Beautiful Assassin

Having met failure after failure, Kougaiji's subordinate Yaone decides to undertake the mission of destroying Sanzo and the others herself.
Episode 6

(Dub) Rancorous Exchange / Unnatural Talismanic Monk

While taking time for some much needed rest, Sanzo has time for a bit of self-reflection about his past.
Episode 7

(Dub) Goodnight / A Twilight Farewell

With Sanzo badly wounded by Rikudo's attack, Goku loses his cool, and his power limiter. Now that his powers are out of check, and control, he can't determine who his friends or foes are.
Episode 8

(Dub) Confront / The Man Who Foretells Death

When the Sanzo party encounter a mysterious fortuneteller named Qin Yi Se, more dark secrets from Hakkai’s past could be revealed.
Episode 9

(Dub) Lethal Trap / Fight Party

The battle heats up, but yet remains at a standstill as the two factions continue to battle. It will be a short lived duel however when the demon crab, thought to be defeated, arises again and enemies quickly become allies.
Episode 10

(Dub) Fake the Face / False Saviors

Continuing west, Sanzo and his friends come across another town. Long in the past, another priest who has taken the name Sanzo saved the town, and now they feel indebted to him and immediately offer the four anything that they want.
Episode 11

(Dub) Tragic Revenge / The Laughing Grim Reaper

Hakkai continues to reflect on their recent encounter with Chin Yisou as memories of his past come flooding back to him. In order to clear his head, he takes a late night walk.
Episode 12

(Dub) Wandering Destiny / Battle Against the Darkness

The battle with Chin Yisou continues. However, Yious has one last trick up his sleeve, and it may cost Sanzo his life.
Episode 13

(Dub) Crude Counterfeit / Fruit That Summons Death

Goku is hungry yet again, and that goes double when Lirin shows up. The two smell something, but the fruit that they find on a grand tree rots before they can even pick it.
Episode 14

(Dub) Sweet Client / Their Promise

The group stops in a small town in order to take a break and restock on supplies. Gojyo however decides that it's time to "cruise for chicks" but a small fight that he gets into lures the wrong type of woman to him.
Episode 15

(Dub) Fated Guys / The Binding Spell of Crimson

As the team sits out a rainstorm, Gojyo recalls a night three years prior where he met Hakkai on a deserted trail.
Episode 16

(Dub) Be There / An Ode to the Living

In part two of the previous episode, the three tried to track down Hakkai after he ran away from them. His past catches up to him in the form of the brother of one of his victims, and more details were unearthed about the team.
Episode 17

(Dub) Eden / Eternal Paradise

As they continue westward, the team runs across a female demon that requests passage to a small town in a hidden valley. Upon arriving there, they find a dark mist has swallowed up the town and all but Sanzo are turned to stone.
(Dub) Vice or Justice / The Truth of Justice
Episode 18

(Dub) Vice or Justice / The Truth of Justice

Yaone is captured by a band of bounty hunters and the only way to free her is for Hakkai to fight an old friend. Past loyalties compete with current circumstances and eventually, a larger demon comes into play.
(Dub) Don't Go Alone / Maidens of Sorrow
Episode 19

(Dub) Don't Go Alone / Maidens of Sorrow

As their journey continues Sanzo and his friends have a chance encounter with four beautiful sisters. Sanzo however is the only one that's not interested, and warns his friends not to get involved.
Episode 20

(Dub) Sandstorm / The Quicksand Trap

The desert holds many perils, but that isn't going to stop Sanzo from making an unexpected stop.
Episode 21

(Dub) Selfish / Berserking Toward Destruction

Sanzo has been poisoned and lies dying. It seems like it's impossible to find an antidote before the poison takes its effect, but when Kougaji arrives, he offers a solution. However, it means that Goku must defeat him in combat.
Episode 22

(Dub) Devastation / The End of the Battle

Goku's battle against Kougaji rages on, and even though he's won, without his demon limiter, he's completely out of control. Even his friends can't stop his bloodthirsty rage.
Episode 23

(Dub) Scapegoat / The Price of Submission

The Sanzo party finds themselves in a village where the citizens make a sacrifice to the resident demon, or risk having their city destroyed. It seems that escape is impossible for them.
Episode 24

(Dub) Mother / Crimson Bond

The group finds a town short on food and water, and if that weren't bad enough, a new mother is having problems getting the townsfolk to give her the needed supplies for everyday life.
Episode 25

(Dub) Tomfool! Tomboy! / Horrifying Assassins!

Once again Lilin, the young sister of Kogaiji, appears to challenge our heroes.
Episode 26

(Dub) Calling / The Cry That Does Not Reach

One of Kogaiji’s troops called “Iron Demon Troop" assaults Sanzo and his comrades. The troop is completely destroyed by our heroes’ overwhelming power.
Episode 27

(Dub) Advent / The War Prince Descends

Our heroes encounter new enemies from the heavens. They are Prince Homura, Zenon and Shien. They are not human, nor are they monsters.
Episode 28

(Dub) Lonely War / The Launch of a Rebellion

Abandoning the Celestial Heavens, Prince Homura, Zenon and Shien decide to build a new world. They choose the tower and castle made by Monster King Gailu and his warriors as their headquarters.
Episode 29

(Dub) Unexpected Defeat / The Fall of Houtou Castle

The Celestial army destroys the monster-warriors and soldiers in Castle Houto.
Episode 30

(Dub) Undertaker / An Invitation to Hell

Our heroes walk into a desolate village. They wonder what had happened here. Suddenly 4 coffins of equal size to each of our heroes are pushed out and the illusion of the creature called "The Undertaker" appears.
Episode 31

(Dub) Ambition / The Arrogance of the Gods

A platoon of five skilled warriors who scored high points at the military drill come to see Prince Homura. They want to join the army of the Celestial Heavens.
Episode 32

(Dub) Fake Star Strike Back / The Pride of Clowns

Our heroes meet the party of the bogus Sanzo again. After the incident some time ago, bogus Sanzo never introduces himself as the priest Sanzo.
Episode 33

(Dub) Faraway Dream / Dried up Tears

The gang finds themselves in the middle of a blizzard. Then learn that its all a trap by a boy named Shouryu who has come for Sanzo's sutra. Who is this kid and can they defeat him and get out of the snow?
Episode 34

(Dub) Second Contact / The War Prince Once Again

Five skilled warriors of the Celestial Heavens pop up in front of our heroes again. They want to take the Sutra of Dark Power from Sanzo and force Son Goku to come to their side.
Episode 35

(Dub) Solitude / Solitary Soul

Kogaiji visits the tomb of the girl he loved profoundly.
Episode 36

(Dub) Brotherhood / Crimson Flower

Lost into deep woods in the fog and rain, Sanzo and his comrades have to sleep in the open. Sha-Gojyo hates this idea and walks on for a way-out of the woods.
Episode 37

(Dub) Taciturnity / The Smile That Was Locked Away

Sanzo and his party walk into a village where Cho-Hakkai grew up in the orphanage. Hakkai has mixed feeling of nostalgia and bitterness. In those days, he was a desperate child who never had smiled.
Episode 38

(Dub) Fleeting Vision / Unfulfilled Promise

Our heroes defeat the monsters in the wood and get a good drink. While drinking, Sanzo recalls the incident involving his master, Kohmyo-Sanzo and himself long time ago.
Episode 39

(Dub) Misty Rain / Rain

Sanzo is gloomy and depressed in the never-ending rain. Goku worries about Sanzo and tries to cheer him up, but it is no use. Sanzo gets more irritated and says hurtful things to Goku.
Episode 40

(Dub) Twilight / The Irate Sun

This episode focuses on Goku's past 500 years ago when he met Konzen Douji. It also deals with Homura's past.
Episode 41

(Dub) Collage / Quiet Expulsion

One day, Goku wanted to see Nataku and sneaks into the Great Palace. He meets Kenren, the Commander General of the Army of Celestial Heavens.
(Dub) Festival / Unforgettable View
Episode 42

(Dub) Festival / Unforgettable View

Sanzo’s party drops in a town called Saika on the day of Festival of God. They notice that the God the folks worship there is Shien.
Episode 43

(Dub) Tears / False Town

Zeon hears that one of the Sutras of World Commencement was found in a village. He visits the village to find if this news is true.
Episode 44

(Dub) Plunderers / Scripture Stolen

God Homura and his two fellow-Gods are ready to begin the Creation of New World. However, they need Sanzo’s Sutra of Dark Power to accomplish their plan.
Episode 45

(Dub) Glorious Days / Before Dawn

Goku catches some fish while Sanzo recovers from his wounds. Then we see more of what happened in the past.
Episode 46

(Dub) Chaos / The Trembling Earth

The Creation of New World for Homura, Shien and Zeon has begun.
Episode 47

(Dub) Guilty or Not Guilty / Kaizai

Goku resists the attack of Homura’s Royal Guards single handedly so that his comrades can go into the Tower to find Homura.
Episode 48

(Dub) Absolutely Heaven / Door to Freedom

Homura took off Goku's headband to start the progress to realize his perfect world. Kougaiji and his friends show up to take back their scripture!
Episode 49

(Dub) Missing Desire / Shining Paradise

While Sanzo deals with Demon Goku, Homura dreams of his past and meeting Rin Rei. At the same time Gojyo and the other's have to deal with Zenon in his demon form. Is there hope for any of them?
Episode 50

(Dub) Alone / Westward

Homura is now all alone. But a bolder that will create his new utopia is growing. It's up to Sanzo and Goku to stop him and stop the bolder from reaching critical and destroying the world! Can they do it alone or will the others show up to help?

About this Show


Once, demons and man lived together in harmony. But when a band of rogue demonic forces sought to resurrect a diabolical monster, dark spiritual energy began to cover the land - and the demons decided mankind was no longer friend, but food. Now, it's up to a renegade priest, a monkey king, a lecherous water sprite, and a sympathetic demon to stop the resurrection and return harmony to the dangerous land.

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