1 season available

Sabrina, The Animated Series

TVYAdventureFantasyAnimation • KidsActionFamilyScience FictionTV Series • 1999

A prequel to the hit 'Sabrina: The Teenage Witch,' this series follows the misadventures of young Sabrina as she balances middle school and magic.

A prequel to the hit 'Sabrina: The Teenage Witch,' this series follows the misadventures of young Sabrina as she balances middle school and magic.

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1 season available (52 episodes)

1 season available

(52 episodes)

Episode 1

Most Dangerous Witch

Aunt Hilda and Zelda have a dream that they are being chased by Tim, the Witch Smeller, which means that he'll becoming to Greendale to search for witches!
Episode 2

You Said a Mouse-ful

Sabrina and Harvey are using Chester, a mouse they've been training, as the test subject in the science fair. They are trying to see if food is an encouragement to excel.
Episode 3

Boogie Shoes

Sabrina gives Harvey some magical shoes that give him the ability to dance fantastically, but she doesn't know that they stay attached to his feet forever, and whenever Harvey hears music, he begins to dance.
Episode 4

A Tail of Two Kitties

Sabrina enters Salem in a cat show where Salem believes he can easily beat the other cats, with him being really a warlock trapped in a cat's body.
Episode 5

The Senses-Shattering Adventures of Captain Harvtastic

Harvey dreams of becoming a famous comic book artist, Sabrina decides to catch a wishing star and give it to Harvey, making any wish he wants become granted.
Episode 7

Picture Perfect

Sabrina becomes worried that Gem may win Student of the Year since she is using her money to improve her appearance. She also gets worried that she will be letting her friends down if she loses because then Gem will take over.
Episode 8

Field Trippin'

Sabrina, in order to earn enough money to purchase Bubblegum concert tickets, agrees to baby-sit some troublesome twins with Harvey at the downtown museum.
Episode 9

No Time to be a Hero

After a "sturdy" bridge collapsed, and Harvey fell through, Sabrina runs to catch up to him, and when she does, he thinks she jumped in the river after him to save him. She attempts to go back in time , but makes things worse.
Episode 10

Extreme Harvey

Harvey believes that he's the best skateboarder ever but Sabrina believes he needs a little more practice. Gem tells him that he doesn't need practice, which is what Harvey wants to hear, so he decides to hang out with Gem.
Episode 11

Shrink to Fit

Sabrina and Chloe use magic to make themselves thin enough to wear a pair of skinny jeans, but find that the spell causes the user to shrink down to insect-size.
Episode 13

Wag the Witch

Sabrina has decided to run for class president, along with Pi. The school newspaper journalist is planning on writing an article about the candidates, and talk about what they are like, and some of their characteristics.
Episode 14

Witchy Grrls

Chloe, Sabrina, Aunt Hilda, and Aunt Zelda all form the group, The Flavor Babes. Unbeknownst to themselves, they are terrible musicians and they sing off key.
Episode 15

Paranormal Pi

Sabrina's Uncle Zamboni is flying in to visit the Spellmans. Not in the traditional sense, as he is flying in on a flying reclining chair!
Episode 16

Anywhere but Here

After an unpleasant visit to the mall filled with rejections from all her plans simply because her age, she views an adult's life as care-free.
Episode 17

Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Something from a Coven

Gem is throwing a huge Halloween party at her house, and purposely invites every student except Sabrina. To avoid being embarrassed, Sabrina states that she couldn't make it anyway, since she's having a party better party.
Episode 19


Sabrina is ordered by Aunt Hilda and Zelda to go where ever they want to go in the mall, and Sabrina doesn't get to go where she wants to.
Episode 20

The Grandparent Trap

Sabrina believes that her grandparent's big news is that they are getting a divorce since they are always bickering at one another. She then tries to do anything she can to make them fall in love again.
Episode 21

I Got Glue Babe

Sabrina's magic spell to make Gem friends with her backfires and the two are glued together during a carnival trip.
Episode 22

Boy Meets Bike

Harvey and Slugloaf are set to race bikes, and Sabrina knows that Harvey's current bike won't be able to beat Slugloaf's, so she conjures up a bike that rides at super-speed.
Episode 23

Upside Down Town

Sabrina bakes a cake from an old magical foods recipe book, even though it is forbidden. When reading the formula, a piece of dust covers up the effect it has on people, which changes there way of living.
Episode 25

Stage Fright

Sabrina is competeing against Gem Stone for the Juliet role in the school play. The director tells them to find the meaning of "love" and whoever has the best answer gets the part.
Episode 27

My Step Mother the Babe

Sabrina is ecstatic about her father coming in to visit her, and she can't wait to have him all to herself, but is crushed when he shows up with his fiancé.
Episode 29

This is Your Nine Lives

Sabrina has made Salem a hand-made picture frame for his birthday with a picture of them together, but she feels that it's too simple, so she goes on a quest to make it better.
Episode 31

Hex-Change Students

Gem Stone is expecting to meet Canadian exchange students, so when she sees Dawson and Felicity, she assumes they are the Canadians, but they are really a witch and a warlock who want to wreak havoc in the mortal realm.
Episode 32

Saturday Night Furor

Sabrina meddles with Uncle Quigley's love life, against his wishes, and gets him a date with Mrs. Bleachstain, Sabrina's school principal.
Episode 34

The Hex Files

Uncle Quigley is doing poorly at his job at the scientific community, and he fears that he may be fired soon. Sabrina and Salem decide to conjure up a couple of aliens for Quigley to discover, which will make his career blossom.
Episode 35

Stone Broke

Gem Stone goes broke when her father invests too much money in a company that goes bankrupt. The only person who will let her stay with them is Sabrina, but agaianst her wishes.
Episode 37

Molar Molar

Sabrina fears the dentist, and she has to get her molars removed. She fears it will be so painful, so she decides to let the spooky jar remove them without pain, but things go wrong.
Episode 38


Sabrina wants Harvey to make the wrestling team, since it's his dream, but he's paired up against Slugloaf, and they both know Harvey doesn't stand a chance.
Episode 39

When in Rome

When Sabrina and Gem are forced to work together on a history report, Gem puts the book they were using inside the Spookie Jar, which transports the two of them and Salem to Ancient Rome.
Episode 40

Field of Screams

Sabrina is on the baseball team, along with Chloe, Harvey, and more. They are paired to go up against Gem Stone's team, who are the state-wide champions.
Episode 41

Driver Ed

Sabrina wants Hilda to be able to drive her to a concert on Saturday, but Hilda can't pass her driver's license. Sabrina decides to encourage Hilda to learn by conjuring up a cute, young guy as her driving instructor.
Episode 43

Send in the Clones

Sabrina decides to join a ton of clubs that spark her interest, but she takes on more than she has time to handle, so she decides to create two clones of herself to take care of all of the clubs that she doesn't have time for.
Episode 44

Feats of Clay

Sabrina tries to convince Harvey that his idol, Devin Degal, is nothing more than an actor with a stunt double.
Episode 45

Generation Zap

After Enchantra denies Hilda and Zelda the chance to get out of their teenage bodies, Sabrina chastises Enchantra for having an easier life than her, causing a wish crystal in her pocket to prompt a Switch in bodies.
Episode 46

Board and Sorcery

While on a skiing trip, Sabrina accidentally turns Harvey into a snowman.
Episode 47

Enchanted Vacation

Sabrina, Hilda, Zelda and Salem go on a vacation in the Netherworld, unaware that Tim the Witch Smeller is after them.
Episode 49

Xabrina Warrior Witch

When Harvey becomes engrossed in a virtual reality video game, Sabrina and Chloe travel into the game to rescue him.
Episode 50

Straight Outta Paris

While visiting Paris, France, Sabrina and Salem accidentally turn the Eiffel Tower into a boy, causing an international crisis.
Episode 51

Strange New World

Sabrina transports a young Thomas Edison to the present to help with her science project. However, his absence in the past causes his inventions to start disappearing.
Episode 52

Witchery Science Teacher

Sabrina gets a haircut, which she isn't proud of. To prevent herself from shown in public, she goes to a theater with Chloe and Harvey, where she accidentally transports the three of them into a 1950s horror movie.
Episode 53

You've Got a Friend

When his favorite cartoon show gets cancelled, Harvey gets upset, as he takes it as a sign that he's not a child anymore. To cheer him up, Sabrina conjures up Harvey's imaginary friend Mort from a drawing he did when he was five.
Episode 54


When Sabrina and Salem accidentally ruin a spell book of Zelda's which was autographed by Merlin himself, the two of them travel back to the Middle Ages and set out to help a young Merlin become a proper wizard.
Episode 55

Brina Baby

After slacking off too much by having appliances do her chores, Sabrina takes a witch's oath to give up magic and start acting more mature, as well as developing workaholic tendencies.
Episode 56


Sabrina's class goes on a field trip with no adults or responsibility, with Salem and Newt stowing away with them. Sabrina conjures up a storm that leaves them shipwrecked on an island .
Episode 57

Fish Schtick

Sabrina gets jealous when Harvey befriends a new swimmer in school named Dorsala Finn at the same time "Cliche Week" (a week where witches' and warlocks' hackneyed sayings and comparisons come to life) haunts the Spellman house.
Episode 58

Witchmas Carole

Angry over Gem Stone's selfish views on Christmas, Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda pose as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come in order to scare the Christmas spirit into Gem.
Episode 61

Working Witches

Hilda and Zelda get jobs at a fast-food joint to earn money for their own car. When Hilda gets a promotion, she lets her duties go to her head.
Episode 62

Wiccan of the Sea

Wanting a one-hour break from winter, Sabrina, Chloe and Salem use the Spookie Jar to travel to the beach. However, the spell also turns them into mermaids.
Episode 63

Le Femme Sabrina

Harvey is unable to wait one more week for a postponed spy movie to get released, so Sabrina uses a spell that unintentionally causes everyone to act like characters in a spy movie.
Episode 64

The Bat Pack

A trio of partying vampire gangsters come to Greendale and befriend Sabrina.
Episode 65

Key To My Heart

Sabrina falls in love with her piano teacher.

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