3 seasons available


TVMAActionScience FictionAnimation • AnimeAdventureTV Series • 1985

An alien space ship the size of a city crashed onto South Atalia Island. The space sh...more

An alien space ship the size of a city crashed onto South Atalia ...More

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3 seasons available (83 episodes)

3 seasons available

(83 episodes)

Season1 2 3
Episode 1

The Invid Invasion

The Robotech Expeditionary Force returns to Earth in the wake of the invasion of the Robotech Masters only to find their planet completely overrun by an alien life form known as the Invid.
Episode 2

The Lost City

Scott Bernard, the sole survivor of the Robotech Expeditionary Force's ill-conceived attack against the Invid stronghold known as Reflex Point, joins forces with Rand, a young rebellious freedom fighter.
Episode 3

Lonely Soldier Boy

Scott, Rand and Annie, a precocious 13-year-old girl, try to help some citizens in a remote town fight off a gang of thugs and an attack by an Invid Scout Patrol.
Episode 4


The group of freedom fighters, now joined by Yellow Dancer, Rook Bartley, and Lunk, try getting back to nature as they set-up a base in the center of a hostile forest under the constant scrutiny of Invid Scout Troops.
Episode 5

Curtain Call

Yellow Dancer stages a rock concert to serve as a diversion allowing Scott Bernard and his band of Freedom Fighters a chance to sneak into a Protoculture Storage Area and confiscate valuable fuel needed.
Episode 6

Hard Time

Rook Bartley is reminded of the past as the band of freedom fighters powers their way through Rook's hometown. Rook takes the opportunity to look up her family and try to settle some old scores.
Episode 7

Paper Hero

Lunk is on a mission to deliver a manuscript to the father of one of his dead comrades. It was a promise he made and feels honor-bound to keep. A hostile reception by the local townspeople forces Lunk to re-evaluate.
Episode 8


Scott Bernard and his band of comrades come upon a force of Robotech Defense Forces under the command of one of his childhood heroes. When Scott offers the services of his group, he finds himself double-crossed.
Episode 9

The Genesis Pit

Scott, Rand and Annie are separated from the group and find themselves in a Genesis Pit. It is an experimental lnvid Laboratory in which the aliens are conducting genetic experiments on Earth's biological history.
Episode 10

Enter Marlene

The Invid send a "simul-agent" into the midst of Scott Bernard and friends in order to find out how much this band of freedom fighters knows about them and their plans.
Episode 11

The Secret Route

The intrepid band of freedom fighters come upon a thriving community which makes its living by selling information to avoid the Invid and migrate to a new and wonderful Utopia just over the mountain.
Episode 12

The Fortress

In order to continue on to Reflex Point, Scott Bernard and his friends must first destroy an old Robotech Fortress that is now occupied by the Invid.
Episode 13


Rand tries to find water for Marlene after the destruction of the Invid Fortress. He braves a sandstorm that circulates many of the spores of the Invid Flower of Life and induce a strangely prophetic dream.
Episode 14

Annie's Wedding

While traveling through a forest of mature trees that were once active Invid Flowers of Life, Scott Bernard's group is captured by a tribe of outcasts.
Episode 15

Separate Ways

Following Annie's departure from the group, a sense of melancholy settles over Scott and his friends. Petty arguments get blown-out of proportion and the group decides to split up.
Episode 16


The Regiss, Queen of the Invid, allows two of her children to transform their protoplasmic bodies into humans as part of the process of finding the ultimate life form.
Episode 17

The Midnight Sun

On a snow-capped mountain pass, Scott Bernard and company defend themselves against a massive attack by the Invid, led by Sera.
Episode 18

Ghost Town

The return of the newest attack wing of the Robotech Defense Forces, now personally headed by Admiral Rick Hunter, sends a call to glory into the lives of many who have lost the will to fight.
Episode 19

Frost Bite

The Robotech Freedom Fighters led by Scott Bernard discover the deserted remains of Denver, Colorado.
Episode 20

Birthday Blues

A surprise birthday party for Annie turns into a nightmare as Corg sets up an ambush for the freedom fighters. But the group is well prepared and defends their position without spoiling Annie's party.
Episode 21

Hired Gun

Dusty Ayres, a human who was used as an experimental subject by the Invid, has his mind set on revenge as he systematically goes about destroying those he feels responsible for his torture at the hands of the Invid.
Episode 22

The Big Apple

Scott Bernard and his friends travel to a large urban center to replenish their dwindling supplies of protoculture and also try to get information regarding Reflex Point and the relative strength of the Invid.
Episode 23

Reflex Point

The Robotech Defense Force is planning an attack against the Invid who have taken over the earth. There's a small battle over an advanced "steal-type" Alpha Fighter.
Episode 24

Dark Finale

The Robotech Defense Force plans its major attack on Reflex Point. Scott, Lancer and Lunk return to the military. Annie, Rand and Rook are told to stay away.
Episode 25

Symphony of Light

The final chapter in the third Robotech war has Scott defending Corg with the aid of Marlene while Lancer aids Sera in defending the Invid Hive while the Regiss gathers her remaining Invid children.

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