2 seasons available


TVG • Family, Animation, Action, Science Fiction, Kids • TV Series • 2006

A robot prototype is sent to live with Tommy and his friends.

A robot prototype is sent to live with Tommy and his friends.

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2 seasons available (104 episodes)

2 seasons available

(104 episodes)

Episode 1

Six Million Euro Man

Billionaire Klaus Von Affenkugel wants Moshimo to turn him from a weakling to a strong man. But he gets better idea when he sees Robotboy. He attaches our hero's parts to his own limbs. Robotboy now has an equal match...
Episode 2

Robogus and the G-Machine

An accident during an upgrade of Robotboys hardware causes Gus and Robotboy to swap brains. They're both thrilled by the situation: Gus gets super powers and Robotboy gets to live out his fantasy of being a real boy.
Episode 3

Foot Brawl

Tommy, Gus and Lola's soccer team plays Kurt's team, whose government agent dad is also the coach of. When Tommy lets Robotboy into the game to level the playing field, Kurt's dad know it's his chance to catch the robot.
Episode 4

Remote Out of Control

When Tommy's mom won't let him and Gus watch TV, the boys implant a screen in Robotboy's head and use his satellite powers to receive programs. But there's a glitch – Robotboy imitates whatever's on TV. They're watching...
Episode 5


Robotboy believes that a waitress at a diner is his mother. She goes along with it because he can help her steal money. Tommy has to step in but Robotboy has to choose between his mother or his best friend.
Episode 6

Clammadon Rising

After watching a movie, Robotboy rushes to Tokyo to save it, wreaking needless havoc. Tommy has to convince Robotboy that monsters don't exist, right before Gus wakes an underground monster with his sumo wrestle stomp.
Episode 7

Bad Language

Robotboy tries to improve his speech with some self-help dics, but they turn out to be a program created by Kamikazi to hypnotize Robotboy! Tommy realizes this and must get there in time before Robotboy uses the last disc.
Episode 8

Up a Tree

Donnie destroys Tommy's treehouse, so Robotboy builds him a new high-tech treehouse. The kids are so attached to it that Robotboy attempts to shut it down, but the new intelligent treehouse fights back before Robotboy can.
Episode 9


Tommy and his friends win a free day at an amusement park, unaware that it was built by Klaus von Affenkugel. He lures Robotboy onto a ride that spins so fast that it leaves Robotboy in pieces. The kids come to defense...
Episode 10

Zap! You're Old

Constantine attempts to blast Tommy with an "Aging Ray" designed to make him grow up and lose interest in his Robot toy. He instead blasts everyone but Tommy. As everyone ages to the end, Tommy must find an antidote.
Episode 11

Racer Zero

The annual soapbox derby is coming up, and Tommy, Gus and Lola each build a car to compete. Kurt enters the race too, with an armed car used to attack Tommy. When things are looking bad for Tommy, a mysterious racer...
Episode 12

The Legend of Brainy Yak

A brilliant but troubled yak who blames Moshimo for ruining his life teams up with Kamikazi to destroy the Professor. When Tommy and Robotboy try to rescue him, Kamikazi offers him a choice: save Moshimo or turn over...
Episode 13

Nursing a Grudge

Gus gives himself head lice to get out of a test so he's sent to the school nurse. But the nurse turns out to be Felonious Hexx, the magician who Gus once heckled. He swaps out Gus's brain with a bird brain...
Episode 14

Stuck On You

Klaus Von Affenkugel constructs the world's largest magnet and uses it to capture Robotboy. He takes Robotboy apart and wears his limbs to his scout reunion to bully his old bullies. Tommy builds a magnet of his own...
Episode 15

The Sleepover

Robotboy is invited to a sleepover for robots. It turns out to be a trap set by Bjorn Bjornson to eliminate Robotboy. During a game of Truth or Dare, Bjorn's robots trick Robotboy into draining his fluid. Tommy arrives...
Episode 16


Gus unwittingly cleans Robotboy with a polish created by Kamikazi that causes him to forget everything. Robotboy follows Kamikazi so he can make Robotboy clones, but they're all defective. He decides to destroy them all!
Episode 17


Tommy, Gus and Robotboy go to an appearance by former TV action star Lance Chestwax, and his sidekick, the high-tech helicopter, C.H.O.P. Robotboy and C.H.O.P. become friends but Lance betrays C.H.O.P. for a new show...
Episode 18

Destroy All Robots

Gus bets some younger kids at school that Robotboy can defeat their toy robots in a fight. But when the school principal finds out that the kids are gambling, she confiscates all the robots and prepares to destroy them!
Episode 19

Science Fear

Too lazy to do a project for the school science fair, Tommy enters Robotboy as his fighting robot. Meanwhile, school bully Kurt also enters a fighting robot that his secret agent father made. It's a fight to the finish!
Episode 20


Tommy develops a robotic exoskeleton suit that gives him the power of a robot. He uses it for revenge on some bullies but the suit develops a mind of its own and begins to wreak havoc. Robotboy must fight Tommy...
Episode 21


After a battle leaves Robotboy permanently superactivated, Tommy can't make the necessary repairs because he has to go on a family camping trip. Ignoring Tommy's orders to stay in his room, Robotboy follows him...
Episode 22

Journey to the Center of the Gus

Bjorn Bjornson shrinks an assassin robot down to microscopic size and sends it to infiltrate Tommy's house and finish off Robotboy. Gus mistakenly eats it and Robotboy must shrink down to fight the assassin inside of Gus.
Episode 23

Traffic Slam

The Turnbull family is stuck in a traffic jam, with Kamikazi in a van in front of them and Klaus von Affenkugel in a limo behind them. The villains try to capture Robotboy without raising suspicion from Tommy's parents.
Episode 24

Tragic Magic

The kids go to a magic show, where Gus mercilessly heckles the magician. The magician then sends Gus to another dimension with monsters and freaks. Lola and Tommy make it to the other dimension. Can they save him in time?
Episode 25

Ooh That Smell

Tommy gives Robotboy a sense of smell to make him feel more like a real boy, but Robotboy realizes he himself doesn't smell. He helps some toddler burglars with the promise to be given a smell. He's just left with dirty...
Episode 26

Museum Madness

Tommy and friends spend a day at the Natural History Museum. They get kicked out thanks to Gus, but Robotboy gets left behind. The kids sneak back in to find Robotboy, but end up doing battle with bad-tempered robbers...
Episode 27

Gus's Big Mouth

Gus goes to the dentist but the dentist turns out to be the evil magician, who gives Gus magical teeth that make him say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Being chased down by a mob of angry tough guys, Gus needs Tommy...
Episode 28

Small Problems

Robotboy likes Tommy's action figures, but doesn't like that they can't think or speak. He uses the same processor that powers him to bring the toys to life. Problems begin once the figures learn they're mortal enemies...
Episode 29

Vitamin Sucker

Billionaire Klaus Von Affenkugel hires a crime consultant to create the "Vitamonger ray," which sucks the vitamins out of the food supply. Robotboy becomes concerned when Tommy becomes weak, and he must go reverse the ray.
Episode 30


Tommy discovers an old robot, Ogbot, being thrown out. He saves it and fixes him up, but Ogbot was developed for lunar exploration and thinks he's on the moon. Tommy is forced to deactivate him but Robotboy steps in...
Episode 31

Runaway Robot (again)

Robotboy is tired of Tommy's strict rules and runs away to Gus's house. Tommy lets him leave but misses him. Kamikazi attacks Tommy's house to find nothing, so he and Tommy hatch a plan to get Robotboy to come back...
Episode 32


Robotboy wants to grow like a real boy and looks to Moshimo on how to do it. But once he starts growing, he can't stop, and before long he's become giant. Tommy and friends try to help but Robotboy won't let them...
Episode 33

Aunty Gravitee

Aunty Gravitee, an extraterrestrial sideshow impresario, abducts Gus to add him to her touring collection of freaks from around the universe. Gus leads the freaks on a rebellion by the time Tommy and Robotboy arrive...
Episode 34

Cheezy Fun for Everyone

It's Robotboy's birthday, and Moshimo throws a party for him at the theme restaurant Upchucky's Cheezorama. It turns out the real hosts of the party are Kamikazi and Constantine, who will stop at not nothing to catch...
Episode 35

The Curse of Truckenstein

Tommy and friends go to a monster truck rally. While most everyone likes the hero truck, Gus likes the evil truck. So much so that he gets in the cab and uses it to get back at his enemies. But then the truck goes after...
Episode 36


Robotboy enters the first ever Robolympics, where his competitors are Bjorn Bjornson's Bjornbot, Ronald Rump's trash-talking robot Cruelio, and Constabot, a poorly disguised Constantine. But Bjorn has rigged the events...
Episode 37


A teenaged electronics-store employee discovers Robotboy and makes knockoffs of him to sell in the store. Kamikazi buys one, as does Klaus von Affenkugel. Even Gus gets in on the action. But the knockoffs malfunction...
Episode 38

Gus's Mix

Gus takes a chemical additive designed for Robotboy and uses it as an energy drink, which has the side effect of turning people into monsters. A wrestling impresario offers Gus $1 million for it but Gus can't provide it...
Episode 39

Robotboy's Fifteen Minutes

Gus posts a music video of Robotboy rapping and showing off superpowers. Tommy is worried that Robotboy is revealed to the world, but the video becomes an internet sensation. Kamikazi becomes jealous and tries to top him.
Episode 40

The Old Switcharobot

Robotboy's evil brother, Protoboy, finally succeeds in laying waste to him, then sets his sites on their creator, Moshimo. To find where the professor is hiding, Protoboy steals his brother's body and impersonates him...
Episode 41

I Hero!

Jealous that Tommy and friends believe a comic book character is a bigger hero than he is, Robotboy decides to become a superhero. He adopts the persona Superherobotboy, makes Gus his sidekick, and goes out to foil crime.
Episode 42


Kamikazi infests Tommy's house with cloned rats, then poses as an exterminator in order to get in the house and use his "turbo mousetrap" on Robotboy. Kamikazi manages to capture his quarry, but the rats turn the tables...
Episode 43

Udder Madness

Tommy, Gus and Robotboy spend the day at Farmer Stankie's Ranch, where they have to do lots of unpleasant chores. Aliens disguise themselves as animals to catch Robotboy and Tommy and Gus make Robotboy do all the chores!
Episode 44

Bad Nanny!

Tommy's mom hires a nanny who turns out to be the evil magician, Felonious Hexx. Hexx turns Gus into a zombie and orders him to eat Tommy. Robotboy is unable to protect him after he's sucked up by an enchanted vacuum...
Episode 45

Bowling For Dummies

While out bowling, Tommy, Gus, Lola and Robotboy are challenged to a bowl-off by the villains Dr. Kamikazi, and Klaus von Affenkugel. The game becomes a lot more interesting when Gus bets that the winner will get Robotboy.
Episode 46

Tween For A Day

Moshimo gives Robotboy a cybernetic skin, which enables him to impersonate a real boy for six hours. He dons the skin and heads for school where he becomes the new class clown, but soon finds himself in detention too long.
Episode 47

Donnie Turnbull's Day Off

Donnie pretends to be sick in order to stay home from school to discover the truth about Tommy's robot toy, and to have some fun destroying his brother's room while hes at it. Robotboy must defend his and Tommy's domain...
Episode 49

Robomonkey Shines

Tommy builds Robotboy a new robot playmate out of a stuffed monkey and Donnie's old hard drive. The monkey accesses a book of mean pranks on the hard drive, which leads him to terrorize the whole house!
Episode 50

The Revenge of Protoboy

Robotboy's evil twin brother Protoboy returns to destroy Robotboy. Robotboy fights him off, but Protoboy isn't done yet. He lures Robotboy back into battle by attacking the cruise ship that Tommy's parents are on....
Episode 51

Everybody Loves Grandma

A visit from Tommy's Grandmother is disrupted by a series of attacks from General Yakitori, who's jealous that he doesn't have a family of his own. Robotboy defends the Turnbulls but he eventually runs out of battery...
Episode 52

The Return of Robotgirl

Robotgirl arrives at Tommy's with memory damage a distress message from Moshimo. Tommy and Robotboy get her to remember Moshimo's location, and they go off to save him. However, it's all a trap set by Protoboy!
Episode 53

Momma's Boy

Kamikazi goes to stay with his mother, just in time for Tommy & Gus to stop by trying to sell magazines. They're invited in for dinner where Kamikazi destroys the house trying to catch Robotboy. His mother doesn't notice.

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