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Rabbids Invasion

TVY7ComedyAnimation • AdventureKidsVideogames • Cartoons • TV Series2013

The Rabbids land on Earth and everything becomes a source of wonder and entertainment...more

The Rabbids land on Earth and everything becomes a source of wond...More

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Season1 2 3
Episode 1

Rabbid on Film / Bubble-Wrap Rabbid / Rabbid Theory

The Rabbids try to make their own blockbuster movie; trying to get some peace and quiet, Lapinibernatus creates a bubble device to keep the other annoying Rabbids out; John tries to prove that the Rabbids have no intelligence.
Episode 2

Odd Rabbid Out / Rabbid on Repeat / Rabbid Real-Estate Rampage

The wise bearded Rabbid, Lapinibernatus, tries to get his time traveling television back; the Rabbids present Lapinibernatus a gift, but they accidentally keep crushing it; an engineer wants to build on the Rabbid's junkyard.
Episode 3

Checkpoint Rabbid / Lost Ball Rabbids / Rabbidus Carnivorous

In order to work on his time machine in peace, Lapinibernatus sets up a checkpoint to keep the other Rabbids at bay; the Rabbids accidentally hit a ball over the fence; out of eggs for breakfast, a Rabbid uses the time machine to get his hands on some.
Episode 4

Rabbid Tribe / Rabbid Mate / Gorilla Rabbid

The Rabbids go back in time and encounter a mysterious Rabbid tribe; Lapinibernatus and a group of parading Rabbids battle it out over who gets to control a Rabbid-robot
Episode 5

Rabbid on Trial / Biker Rabbids / Rabbid Twin

Lapinibernatus falls victim to the silly Rabbid judicial system; Lapinibernatus joins a biker gang after the leader steals the electro-plunger from the time machine; Professor Mad Rabbid clones his assistant.
Episode 6

Rabbid Knights / Rabbid Assistants / Rabbid Soundtrack

Two Rabbids travel back to the medieval ages; Mad Rabbid and his assistant are on the hunt for donuts, much to Lapinibernatus' dismay; a Rabbid comes across a pair of headphones and reacts to the music playing.
Episode 7

Flying Rabbids / Voodoo Rabbid / Animal Rabbid

In order to impress his crush, a Rabbid must learn to fly. The Rabbids learn to harness the mysterious power of voodoo dolls. When an experiment goes wrong, one of the Rabbids starts speaking only in animal sounds.
Episode 8

Rabbid Re-Freeze / Rabbid Nightmare / Being Rabbid, Part 3

Lapinibernatus recalls the story of how he was frozen in time to his young apprentice. Zak and his grandma head to the woods for a camping trip hoping to leave the Rabbids far behind. After her brain was swapped with a Rab
Episode 9

Rabbid Quiz / Mona Rabbida / Team Rabbid

The Rabbids take over a television game show. Lapinibernatus is forced to join a Rabbid sports team. After traveling back in time, a Rabbid falls in love with the famous Mona Lisa painting.
Episode 10

Radioactive Rabbid / Handcuffs Rabbids / Rabbidzzzzzz

Professor Mad Rabbid's assistant accidentally swallows the last of the plutonium. The only thing left to do is to infiltrate a warehouse to get more! Lapinibernatus and an overzealous Police Rabbid accidentally get handcuffed
Episode 11

Rabbidbowl, Part 1 / Rabbidbowl, Part 2 / An Alien Amongst the Rabbids

Lapinibernatus tries to take a nap, but can't catch a wink while the other Rabbids play games! The Misfits get a second chance to win the Rabbid Bowl! An alien visits the junkyard and tries to find a spacecraft to take him home.
Episode 12

Helpful Rabbid / Time Travel Rabbids / Excalirabbid

A Rabbid is determined to be a helpful assistant. A pair of Rabbids use the time machine as a tourist attraction. When Professor Mad Rabbid accidentally sends his multi-purpose plunger back to the middle ages.
Episode 13

The March of the Rabbids / Rabbid Fishing / Rabbid Ahoy

Mini Rabbid gets mistaken for a baby penguin.The Rabbids try to revive a frozen fish by throwing him back in the ocean. The Rabbids dress as pirates and take to the high seas… err… ice floe.
Episode 14

Rabbids at the Edge of the World / Rabbid Dad / Rabbid Treasure

A pair of hungry Rabbids are in search of ice pops when they stumble upon the scientists's frozen research station.A Rabbid trains a baby penguin to surf.An adventurous Rabbid goes on a quest to see if X marks the spot.
Episode 15

Rabbid Countdown / Heroic Rabbids / Teleportarabbids

A kitten gets trapped in the teleporter and the Rabbids must find a way to release it. Professor Mad Rabbid makes a potion that turns him into a silly villain mastermind. A Rabbid discovers a teleporting television.
Episode 16

Rabbid Santa/Snow Rabbid / Egg-ceptional Rabbid

A Rabbid learns who Santa Claus is and wants to spread the joy to everyone. A Rabbid yearns to scare his friends. When the Super Rabbids kick out one of the trio, the lone Rabbid attempts to start his own super hero team.
Episode 17

Rabbid Charming / Freezing Rabbid, Part 1 / Freezing Rabbid, Part 2

The Rabbids are on a quest to build a castle made out of ice. Were-Rabbid descends upon the research station. Only problem is, he doesn't know he's a were-Rabbid!John is determined to take care of the were-Rabbid problem.
Episode 18

Rabbid Power / Rabbid 000 vs. The Penguins / Rabbid Penguin

John thinks he can use the Rabbids' love of pretzels to power up the research station; The evil mastermind Rabbid thinks he's got 000 right where he wants him; The tables turn when a Rabbid "trandforms" into a penguin himself.
Episode 19

Rabbid Wheel / Super Rabbid vs. Super Penguins / Rabbid Toothbrush

The Rabbids step back in time when man first discovers the wheel; When a Rabbid accidentally breaks a penguin egg, he makes it his mission to replace it; A Rabbid on a cleaning spree goes back to the prehistoric era.
Episode 20

Bowling Rabbid / Costumer Service Rabbid / Rabbid Epidemic

Rabbids mistake a group of penguins as bowling pins; When a Rabbid can't reach a donut, he calls on for help; A nurse Rabbid obsessed with treating everything around him finds himself in the artic research station.
Episode 21

Rabbid Tricycle / Neat Freak Rabbid / Copycat Rabbid

The Rabbids take a tricyle back to prehistoric times; A Rabbid obsessed with cleaning goes back in time to help clean up in the prehistoric era; Copycat Rabbid is propelled into prehistoric times along with a rearview mirror.
Episode 22

Defibrillator Rabbid / Rabbid Breakdown / Safety Rabbid

A Rabbid finds himself transported back to prehistoric times and becomes a hero thanks to his machine; Professor Mad Rabbid and his assistant get stuck in time; A Rabbid goes back to the stone age.
Episode 23

Rabbid Park / Rabbid Enlightenment / Between a Rabbid and a Hard Place

A Rabbid brings a dodoraptor back to the junkyard; The Rabbids teach the cavemen family how to live in modern times; A Rabbid incurs the wrath of a dodoraptor mommy when he steals her egg and escapes to the south pole.
Episode 24

Rabbid Cruise / Rabbid Little Brother / Spit-Roast Rabbid

Grandma goes on a cruise, but accidentally gets separated and goes back in time; The only thing Cro-Magnon daughter wants is a little brother to call her own. Perhaps a Rabbid will do…; The Rabbids try to escape a caveman
Episode 25

Rabbindigestion / A Cro-magnon Among the Rabbids / Nanny Rabbid

Two Rabbids get separated in the prehistoric era; The Rabbids accidentally bring a caveman back to the present; The Rabbids accidentally take a baby back to the stone age.
Episode 26

Dr. Mad Rabbid's Daughter / Rabbid Heatwave - Part 1 / Rabbid Heatwave - Part 2

Professor Mad Rabbid sends his robot doll back in time and must rescue her; The Rabbids transport icebergs back to the junkyard; Following a huge misunderstanding, humans start to consider the Rabbids as real heroes.

About this Show

Rabbids Invasion

The Rabbids land on Earth and everything becomes a source of wonder and entertainment for them. Watch as these indestructible and uncontrollable creatures break all social rules, and create hilarious chaos in their non-stop quest for amusement!

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