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2 seasons available

Queen Sugar

TV14 • Drama • TV Series • 2016

Produced by Oprah Winfrey, award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay (Selma), and Melissa Carter, Queen Sugar chronicles the lives and loves of the estrang...more

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Produced by Oprah Winfrey, award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay (Selma), and Melissa Carter, Queen Sugar chronicles the lives and loves of the estrang...more

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2 seasons available (29 episodes)

2 seasons available

(29 episodes)

Episode 1

After The Winter

Charley's business loan is contingent on her relationship with Davis, Micah has a jarring encounter with a cop, and Nova seeks comfort in other companions.
Episode 2

To Usward

Ralph Angel has a business idea, and Charley enters divorce mediation with Davis. Plus, Micah processes his recent incarceration and Hollywood is in a life-threatening accident.
Episode 3

What Do I Care for Morning

Charley speaks with Davis about their custody arrangement and Micah reveals his feelings for Keke. Plus, Nova is invited to a symposium and Ralph Angel confronts Jacob Boudreaux.
Episode 4

My Soul's High Song

Charley and Remy disagree over her living choices, Nova clashes with her new editor, Violet has a new dream, and a whitefly infestation threatens the farm.
Episode 5

Caroling Dusk

Charley schedules an appointment with a family therapist, Nova reunites with Robert Dubois, Davis meets an intriguing singer, and Darla secures an unexpected job.
Episode 6

Line of Our Elders

Charley's mill opening is disrupted by machinery issues, Nova discovers her father's secret, and Ralph Angel is confronted with his past. Plus, Charley has an unexpected visitor.
Episode 7

I Know My Soul

During a heated family exchange with his siblings, Ralph Angel makes a request of Darla that weighs on their relationship. Plus, Charley finally provides an authentic interview.
Episode 8

Freedom's Plow

Charley tells Remy how she feels, Darla explains why she kept Ralph Angel's secret, and Micah discloses the details of his arrest. Finally, Ralph Angel and Darla take a big step.
Episode 9

Yet Do I Marvel

Ralph Angel and Darla celebrate their engagement, Violet's symptoms worsen, and Nova has doubts about her Zika story. Plus, Charley's mother makes an unexpected visit.
Episode 10

Drums at Dusk

Ralph Angel and Darla consider pre-marital counseling, Nova's relationship with Robert deepens, and Violet's encounter with Charley's mother gives rise to old issues
Episode 11

Fruit of The Flower

Nova prepares for her first interview with Robert and Ralph Angel and Darla attend counseling. Plus, Ralph Angel feels humiliated by Remy in class and Nova learns more about Lorna.
Episode 12

Live in the All Along

Nova and Robert hit a setback, and Darla and Ralph Angel have different visions of their wedding. Later, Charley discovers Davis' new romance, and Davis realizes she has moved on.
Episode 13


Remy and Charley have different visions of their future and Nova and Calvin face a harsh reality. Plus, Violet gets diagnosed and Darla reveals a devastating secret to Ralph Angel.
Episode 14

On These I Stand

Ralph Angel is left devastated by Darla's news, Charley hits a business setback, and Micah reveals his issues at school. Plus, Violet tells Hollywood about her diagnosis.
Episode 15

Copper Sun

Ralph Angel reveals Darla's secret to his family, and Micah takes action against his school. Meanwhile, Charley and Remy have a heated exchange with Jacob Boudreaux.
Episode 16

Dream Variations

Charley devises a shocking solution for her mill issues and Remy objects. Plus, Nova and Remy share a charged moment, and Ralph Angel finally makes a decision about Darla.

Oprah & The Cast of Queen Sugar, Season Finale Special

Father - Trailer

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