5 seasons available

Quantum Leap

TVPG • Drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction, Family, Action • TV Series • 1989

The Emmy-winning series about a scientist caught in a time warp, catapulting from the past to the future within the bodies of different people. Cult-c...more

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The Emmy-winning series about a scientist caught in a time warp, catapulting from the past to the future within the bodies of different people. Cult-c...more

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5 seasons available (96 episodes)

5 seasons available

(96 episodes)

Episode 1

Lee Harvey Oswald, Part 1: October 5, 1957

Sam finds himself leaping back and forth in assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's life while retaining part of his personality.
Episode 2

Lee Harvey Oswald, Part 2: October 5, 1957

As the date for Dallas draws nearer, Oswald's personality is getting harder to control. Al is finding it harder to connect with Sam and Sam doesn't know whether he is supposed to save the President or unearth the conpiracy.
Episode 3

Leaping of the Shrew: September 27, 1956

Sam leaps into a Greek sailor and is stranded on an island with a beautiful woman. But the dream turns into a nightmare when he realizes the young woman is a spoiled brat bent on making Sam's life miserable.
Episode 4

Nowhere to Run: August 10, 1968

When Sam leaps into the body of a legless Vietnam veteran, he must prevent the suicide of a fellow hospital patient.
Episode 5

Killin' Time: June 18, 1958

Transported to 1958, Sam leaps into escaped convict Leon Sykes, who's holding a mother and daughter hostage. But the real killer bolts from the project waiting room and Al must track him down, leaving Gushie as Sam's advisor.
Episode 6

Star Light, Star Bright: May 21, 1966

Sam lands in the body of an elderly man who's in jeopardy of being put away for sighting UFOs. The old man's son is against him, and Sam must stop authorities from locking up his host while also dealing with a family drug problem.
Episode 7

Deliver Us from Evil: March 19, 1966

Sam leaps back into the body of Jimmy LaMotta to find the mentally challenged young man in a precarious situation: Jimmy's brother is on the verge of a divorce. When Sam searches for the cause, he bumps into a fellow time traveler.
Episode 8

Trilogy, Part 1: August 8, 1955

Sam leaps into a small Louisiana town in 1955, beginning a trilogy that spans over 30 years of Abigail Fuller's life. In part one, Sam tries to protect Abigail from Leta Aider, a powerful local woman who believes Abigail is a cursed killer.
Episode 9

Trilogy, Part 2: June 14, 1966

In Part Two of the trilogy, Sam jumps into the body of Abigail Fuller's fiancé. When nemesis Leta Aider accuses Abigail of being involved in the disappearance of a child, Sam must try to deter the locals from vigilante justice.
Episode 10

Trilogy, Part 3: July 28, 1978

In the final part of the trilogy, Sam leaps into the body of a lawyer whose client is thirty-something Abigail Fuller. Sam has his work cut out for him, as Abigail is accused of murdering her longtime nemesis, Leta Aider.
Episode 11

Promised Land: December 22, 1971

Sam finds himself in the midst of a bank robbery in his home town of Elk Ridge, Ind. A banker is stocking his personal safe by forcing locals to foreclose, and Sam gets involved in a battle between the crooked financier and the Walters brothers.
Episode 12

A Tale of Two Sweeties: February 25, 1958

Sam is caught in a terrible dilemma when he lands in the body of a traveling salesman with a big secret: The man has two families. Ziggy tells Sam he must choose between the families, and Sam discovers the man's troubles don't stop at bigamy.
Episode 13

Liberation: October 16, 1968

Sam leaps into the opposite sex's shoes in this episode that has the time traveler inhabiting the body of a 1960s-era feminist. As a housewife and mom of two, Sam faces a life-and-death situation when one daughter prepares for a dangerous protest.
Episode 14

Dr. Ruth: April 25, 1985

Sam jumps into the body of popular sex psychologist Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Sam takes over Dr. Ruth's call-in radio show, while the real Dr. Ruth gives Al private counseling sessions to help him work out his complicated relationship issues.
Episode 15

Blood Moon: March 10, 1975

After leaping into the body of an artist with an occult lifestyle, Sam finds himself in a race against time to stop a bloodthirsty vampire from performing a ritual killing. Meanwhile, Al is convinced that Sam's host body isn't human.
Episode 16

Return of the Evil Leaper: October 8, 1956

Sam leaps into the body of troubled college nerd Arnold, who wages a bizarre fight against a cruel hazing ritual. Al is in charge of counseling the real Arnold, and when Alia shows up, Sam decides to make her his time-traveling partner.
Episode 17

Revenge of the Evil Leaper: September 16, 1987

After leaping as a twosome, Sam and Alia end up in the body of a female prisoner accused of killing an inmate. Now, Alia is in double trouble: In addition to landing on death row, she's become the prime prey of her former Observer, Zoey.
Episode 18

Goodbye, Norma Jean: April 4, 1960

Sam leaps into the body of Marilyn Monroe's driver in April 1960, as the distraught movie star struggles with fame and heartache. It's up to chauffeur Sam to help Marilyn stay on top as her career and life spiral out of control.
Episode 19

The Beast Within: November 6, 1972

Sam leaps into the body of Vietnam vet Henry Adams, who lives in the Pacific Northwest forest with his epileptic war buddy. The ailing vet needs medication to survive, but when Sam tries to help him, he's thwarted by the town's secretive sheriff.
Episode 20

Leap Between the States: September 20, 1962

Sam leaps into his great-grandfather, whose actions have made him the target of Confederate soldiers. Sam fights to keep his family tree intact and finds himself helping the relatives of an important historical figure.
Episode 21

Memphis Melody: July 3, 1954

Sam can't believe his luck when he leaps into Elvis Presley in 1954, just days before the singer gets his big break. Sam keeps Elvis on the path to fame, but the future looks uncertain when he gets involved with a troubled singer.
Episode 22

Mirror Image: August 8, 1953

In the series finale, Sam leaps into a bar with a bartender that's more than he appears and when Sam looks into a mirror, he sees his own reflection. In the future, they realize that Sam has leaped into himself!


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