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Private PracticePrivate Practice

TV14Medical • DramaTV Series2007

The 'Grey's Anatomy' spin-off focuses on neonatal surgeon Addison Forbes Montgomery, ...more

The 'Grey's Anatomy' spin-off focuses on neonatal surgeon Addison...More

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Episode 1

A Death in the Family

Addison and Naomi fight to save Violet's life.
Episode 2

The Way We Were

Violet's emotional trauma from her violent attack at home is not going away, despite her friends' best efforts to help; Addison and Naomi try to mend their tension-filled relationship; Sam and Cooper treat a man who was stabbed by his wife.
Episode 3

Right Here, Right Now

Addison isn't the only doctor pleased to see Miranda Bailey.
Episode 4

Pushing the Limits

Sam, Cooper and Addison treat a homeless teen mother's child; Violet's feelings about her attack resurface while counseling a pregnant rape victim; Cooper's financial issues catch up with him.
Episode 5

Strange Bedfellows

A serious complication threatens the fetuses of two of Naomi's former patients; Violet is asked to testify against her attacker; Charlotte tries to join the Oceanside Wellness Group.
Episode 6

Slip Slidin' Away

Naomi struggles with the idea of genetically designing babies; Violet suddenly decides to try electric shock therapy on a patient.
Episode 7

The Hard Part

Addison and Sam stumble across a couple trapped in their car.
Episode 8

Sins of the Father

Addison is shaken by her father's arrival in Los Angeles.
Episode 9

The Parent Trap

Addison must perform a complex in-utero surgery; Naomi and Sam discover their daughter is growing up too fast.
Episode 10


An explosion at Dell's house sends Heather and Betsey to the hospital; a shocking family secret is revealed when Addison's mother visits.
Episode 11

Another Second Chance

Mark follows Addison to Oceanside Wellness in hope of helping his daughter.
Episode 12

Best Laid Plans

Maya's announcement shocks Sam and Naomi; Pete challenges Fife on a patient with a cutting-edge bionic arm.
Episode 13


Addison's patients must choose which one of their sickly daughters to save with their newborn's core blood; Sam discovers that Dink intends to marry Maya.
Episode 14

Love Bites

Naomi refuses to take part in planning Maya's wedding.
Episode 15

'Til Death Do Us Part

Naomi, Addison and Pete try to save a premature baby; Cooper thinks Charlotte's new boyfriend is abusing pills.
Episode 16

Fear of Flying

Addison, Pete and Sam must work together on a complicated case.
Episode 17


Cooper wants Sheldon's help with a young patient; Naomi faces a dilemma.
Episode 18

Pulling the Plug

The hospital must keep a surrogate mother on life support until her fetuses are able to survive; Naomi discovers that Addison and Sam have feelings for each other.
Episode 19

Eyes Wide Open

Addison is surprised to see Derek's younger sister on the team.
Episode 20

Second Choices

After her escape to Costa Rica, Violet returns home and to the practice.
Episode 21


When Violet files for joint custody of Lucas, Pete fights back, forcing friends and co-workers to choose sides.
Episode 22

In the Name of Love

Naomi puts Fife in a conflicted position when she begs him to help William's advanced ALS with his still experimental treatment.
Episode 23

The End of a Beautiful Friendship

Addison, Amelia and Fife try to save Maya and her unborn child.

Taye Diggs Destroys Hip-Hop

Wedding Doubts

Private Practice: All You Need to Know

Private Practice Is Back in Action!

Sam Proposes to Addison

Therapy by Addison: I'm Done

Will Amelia's Baby Be Sacrificed?

Amelia Wants Sex from Sheldon!

Jake Encourages Amelia!

Therapy by Addison: Trash and Wreckage

Therapy by Addison: Nurture

Amelia Thought Her Baby Kicked!

Charlotte Lectures Cooper!

Therapy by Addison: Pride!

Addison Vents to Violet!

Jake Checks On Amelia

Miracle Worker

Saying Goodbye to Erica

Therapy by Addison: Worrying

Therapy by Addison: Life

Therapy by Addison: Too Much

Therapy by Addison: Let Go

Cooper's Son Says Goodbye

Sam Has a Plan for His Sister!

Amelia Is Pregnant!

Jake Confesses His Feelings!

Erica Needs Brain Surgery!

Erica Tells Mason She's Sick!

Whatever Happens

Amelia Wants to See Derek!

Mason Runs Away from Charlotte!

Cooper Yells at Mason's Mom!

Pete Forbids Violet to Date!

Amelia Offers to Be a Surrogate!

Sam Joins a Dating Website!

Pete Is Seeing Other People!

Addison Gets a Pep Talk!

Charlotte Likes the Gun Range!

Cooper Disciplines His Son!

I Want the Best Odds!

I Wanted to Have Some Fun!

Responding to Therapy!

What Do We Want?

Amelia Steals a Prescription Pad!

Pete Confronts Sheldon!

Addison Seeks Help in Picking a Donor!

Sheldon Worries About Amelia!

Amelia Debates Euthanasia!

Amelia Gets Advice from Pete!

Spot the Cougar Town Cameo!

Cooper Has a Son?

Pete and Sheldon Talk It Out

Cooper's Kid Sneak Peek

Jake Moves Into His Office!

Tense Morning at the Office!

Addison Tries to Sneak Out!

Amelia Unloads On Sheldon

Charlotte Stops Amelia!

Pete Is Rushed to Surgery!

First Look

Looking for Answers

The Practice Is in Trouble

First Date

Medical Board

Can Addison Get Naomi Back?

Will Betsy Wake Up?



Wedding Mothers


About this Show

Private Practice

The 'Grey's Anatomy' spin-off focuses on neonatal surgeon Addison Forbes Montgomery, who has left Seattle Grace and moved to L.A., where she practices at the upscale Oceanside Wellness Clinic with her divorced medical-school friends Naomi and Sam Bennett.

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