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Pororo the Little Penguin

Animation • InternationalKidsTV Series2013

Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a peaceful land cover...more

Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a...More

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Episode 1

Magical Car, Tu-tu

Pororo and his friends are having a sled race when a new friend appears. It’s the talking car, Tu-tu!
Episode 2

Nice to Meet You, Tu-tu!

Pororo and friends, and Tu-tu are gathered at the playground reading a picture book called ‘Super Car’. ‘Super Car’ is about how a Super Fox and Super Car defeat a dragon monster that wants to steal a magical jewel.
Episode 3

Magical Glasses

One day, Eddy learns about glasses that can read the mind and he becomes curious. All he can think about is rushing home to make glasses that can read the mind. He is so consumed that he neglects his friends.
Episode 4

Gigantic Crong

Crong wants to get a book down from the shelf, but it’s too high for him to reach. Tall Poby gets the book down for Crong. Crong is grateful, but he suddenly realizes that he wants to be tall too.
Episode 5

Rescuing Eddy

Eddy makes his own spaceship and takes off into space. However, he crashes into the ocean! Then he gets chased by sharks. Meanwhile, Pororo and Tu-tu race to the ocean to rescue Eddy.
Episode 6

I Want to Be Good at Ice Skating, Too!

Everyone is having fun ice skating on the frozen lake except for Eddy. He’s the only one who can’t ice skate and feels humiliated in front of his friends.
Episode 7

Crong, the Troublemaker!

Pororo and Crong had promised to go to Poby’s house in the morning, but Crong sleeps in and so Pororo leaves without him. When Pororo arrives at Poby’s house he meets all his friends and decides to go fishing with them, completely forgetting about Crong.
Episode 8

Pororo’s in Danger!

Pororo goes to the mountain alone to snowboard today. Due to the sudden bad weather, however, he decides to come down early and ends up going to Poby’s house.
Episode 9

Poby, Be Nimble!

Everyone has gathered to eat lunch together. While carrying a big pile of dishes, Poby slips on a salt shaker and falls. Just as the dishes are about to break, nimble Petty comes to the rescue and catches all of them.
Episode 10

A Sled Race

Eddy has made a cutting-edge sled and shows it off to his friends. Pororo gets a little competitive and says that he can make one too.
Episode 11

A Day in Porong Porong Forest

It’s another sunny day in Porong Porong Forest. Crong’s playfulness starts another morning of squabbling with Pororo. And Eddy invents a bubble-making machine.
Episode 12

Loopy’s Secret Friend!

While skiing, Loopy falls after trying to catch Pororo for teasing her and calling her ‘Slowpoke Loopy’. Loopy is so mad she ends up crying.
Episode 13

Harry and Summer Island

Poby loves fishing, and even though the weather is freezing cold he goes outside to fish. But Harry isn’t used to the cold and ends up at home alone. Poby feels bad for Harry and decides to go back home and play with him.
Episode 14

I Want to Be Good at Sports!

Loopy isn’t very good at sports, but she wants to be good like her friends. So with some help from TongTong’s magic she becomes good at sports, but in exchange she becomes terrible at cooking.
Episode 15

The Butterfly Forest

Pororo and his friends go on a picnic to the forest. Pororo and Crong leave their backpacks on the train, and when they go back to get them they get separated from their friends.
Episode 16

Crong: The Master Cleaner

Crong gets in big trouble with Pororo for making the house messy and for scribbling on the floor. Crong had promised to help with the cleaning, but he’s being as lazy as ever.
Episode 17

Our Own Superhero Story

Pororo and Crong are really into reading a superhero picture book together when they suddenly decide to write their own superhero story.
Episode 18

Poby’s Good Luck

Today is an unlucky day for Poby. He is the only one who doesn’t catch a fish during ice-fishing. And just as he’s about to win the sled race a clump of falling snow derails his victory.
Episode 19

Crong Goes Number Two

Crong doesn’t eat vegetables and only eats meat. And when he has to go number two he waits and doesn’t go. So now he is constipated.
Episode 20

Eddy’s Christmas Present

With only a few days left before Christmas, Pororo and his friends are complimenting each other saying that they will all get a present from Santa.
Episode 21

A Meal Made for Loopy

Loopy loves to cook for her friends, and she does so often. But lately her friends have been taking her cooking for granted. They realize they were wrong and promise one another that they will each prepare a special dish just for Loopy.
Episode 22

Rody’s Wish

Rody becomes curious when he discovers that he can’t do or understand many of the things that his friends take for granted. Rody starts questioning things like, “What does ‘hurt’ mean? What is it like to be cold? What are dreams?”
Episode 23

Transformer Troubles!

Eddy calls all his friends over to show off his latest invention, the Transformer. However, the machine malfunctions and Eddy is humiliated in front of his friends. Pororo especially can’t stop laughing at him.
Episode 24

Exchanging Chaos

After seeing Eddy and Poby exchanging a book for a basketball with each other, the friends decide to meet at the playground to exchange things they don’t use anymore.
Episode 25

Loopy and Petty’s Eventful Night

Loopy and Petty just don’t understand why Pororo and Crong, and Poby and Harry keep fighting all the time. Loopy and Petty think that if you live together you should get along better together.
Episode 26

Tu-tu and TongTong

Today is picnic day! Everyone is on the train that Tu-tu is pulling to go on a picnic. But Tu-tu goes too fast and gets into an accident. Tu-tu crashes into a tree and loses consciousness.

About this Show

Pororo the Little Penguin

Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a peaceful land covered in snow and ice. All of our friends have distinct personalities and different interests, which sometimes cause little happenings in their calm white world. But they are all good friends and know how to help each other in times of trouble.

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