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Pororo the Little Penguin

Animation • InternationalKidsTV Series2013

Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a peaceful land cover...more

Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a...More

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Episode 1

We Are Good Friends

Pororo and Rody, Eddy and Crong have divided into teams to play badminton.
Episode 2

Crong’s Wish

One day, Crong becomes very sad because he thinks he doesn’t have any special skills that are helpful to his friends. Just then, a shooting star falls, and the wish Fairy appears in front of Crong who is making a wish.
Episode 3

Just Be Honest

Poby works hard on making a kickboard. The friends have fun taking turns riding it. Petty has so much fun that she asks Poby if she could borrow it for a day.
Episode 4

A Mini Concert for Harry

One day Harry flies over to his friends and starts singing a new song that he just made up.
Episode 5

Eddy’s Riddle Game

Eddy makes a mess of his house after fixing his machines. He wonders how he is going to clean everything up when his friends come to visit.
Episode 6

Real Courage

Pororo takes a shortcut during a sled race with his friends and he ends up getting lost. He wanders around and finds a cave in the forest where he hears a strange sound.
Episode 7

We Need You, Eddy

Eddy finds several things broken in Loopy’s house. He says that only he can fix them and heads home to get his tools. While he’s gone, Poby fixes the broken objects with simple tools at hand.
Episode 8

The Magic Sketchbook

Pororo went to Tongtong’s house to borrow a storybook, but instead he took Tongtong’s magic sketchbook by mistake.
Episode 9

Rody’s True Friends

Eddy and Rody are playing catch in front of their house. Rody throws the ball to Eddy, but his super fast balls make Eddy tumble backward every time.
Episode 10

Eddy’s All-Purpose Backpack

Eddy leads the friends on a mountain-climbing trip. His backpack is unusually big. He shows off his backpack that has everything they need.
Episode 11

It’s OK to Be a Little Slow

Poby is always a beat slower than everyone else. Harry feels like he’s losing out on many things because of Poby’s slow nature.
Episode 12

Crong Gets Bored

Crong falls in love with Loopy’s cookies and so he begs her to teach him how to make them. Kindly and patiently, Loopy tries to teach Crong, but Crong soon gets tired of learning
Episode 13

Get Well Soon, Loopy

Loopy has caught a cold. She can’t taste anything so she’s unable to cook. The friends tell Loopy to stay home and rest because they want her to get well soon.
Episode 14

Let’s Make a New Sled

It’s the day of the sled race. Eddy wins first place with his cutting-edge sled.
Episode 15

Crong and Harry Have Disappeared!

Mad at their roommates, Harry and Crong both leave their homes. They decide to run away together.
Episode 16

Let’s Go to Tongtong’s House!

After thinking about what to do, the friends decide to visit Tongtong.
Episode 17

It’s Fun to Play at Home

It was the day of a snowstorm. The friends have to stay indoors because of the bad weather. Pororo and Crong, Loopy and Petty, Poby and Harry, Eddy and Rody all pair up at their individual homes.
Episode 18

We Want to Go to Space

Eddy is making a spaceship for a trip to space. The friends all want to go hoping for the one assistant seat on the ship.
Episode 19

Pororo’s Special Present

Crong’s birthday is quickly approaching. Compared to all the great birthday presents his friends are preparing, Pororo is having difficulty coming up with a good idea.
Episode 20

Let’s Put On a Play!

The friends learn what a play is and decide to put on a play about the fairytale ‘The Three Little Pigs’.
Episode 21

Dreams Gone Bad

Eddy invents a dream machine that allows you to dream what you want. With confidence, Eddy hands out a machine to each friend, and everyone goes home excited.
Episode 22

A Day With Wall Clock

Everyone is visiting Tongtong today. Poby and Harry are on time and waiting for their friends, but the rest are all late doing other things. Upset about being tardy, Harry scolds everyone to be on time.
Episode 23

Harry’s House Disappeared

Eddy goes to Poby’s house, but no one is home. By accident he breaks Harry’s house. Worried that Harry will be mad at him, Eddy decides to fix the house before Harry can find out.
Episode 24

Petty’s Presents

After being praised for her sewing skills, Petty brags that she can make wonderful outfits for each of her friends.
Episode 25

Harry and the Magical Spring Water

More and more often, Harry ends up going home early because he can’t stand the cold while playing outside with his friends. Feeling sorry for Harry, his friends go to Tongtong to see if he can help.
Episode 26

A Group Picture

While wiping off the dust from his camera, Poby decides to take pictures of his friends. He visits his friends and offers to take their picture.

About this Show

Pororo the Little Penguin

Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a peaceful land covered in snow and ice. All of our friends have distinct personalities and different interests, which sometimes cause little happenings in their calm white world. But they are all good friends and know how to help each other in times of trouble.

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