1 season available

Polly Pocket

TVGActionFamilyAnimation • AdventureKidsTV Series • 2018

No dream too big, no adventure too small for POLLY POCKET! When Polly inherits a mag...more

No dream too big, no adventure too small for POLLY POCKET! When ...More

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

Tiny Power, Part 1

When Polly offers to fix her Grandma’s broken locket, she discovers this special trinket can shrink her down to pocket size!
Episode 2

Tiny Power, Part 2

Polly and her friends use the power of the locket to get in to a sold out concert cruise and now they must keep it safe!
Episode 3

Bumpy Ride

When Polly builds a tiny replica of the Colossal Coaster at home, she discovers a flaw in the real ride’s construction and must find a way to fix it!
Episode 4

Doggone Disaster

Lila has taken up dog walking, but the dogs are out of control. With the help of her friends, Lila gains control of the pack—until one gets away!
Episode 5

Super Tiny Fly

After finding a baby bird and saving it from Gwen’s clutches, Polly has to come to terms with saying goodbye.
Episode 6

Mommy I Shrunk the Kid

Polly is left in charge of Pax, but finds out babysitting isn’t easy! To stop the crying, she’ll do whatever it takes to find his missing teddy bear.
Episode 7

Mission Ring

It’s beach day for the Pockets! When her dad loses the special anniversary gift meant for her mom, Polly will scour the surf and sea to retrieve it.
Episode 8

The Con Job

Polly and her pals attend Sci-Fi Con, where Shani’s superfan knowledge proves vital to help find a kidnapped actress and save the con!
Episode 9

Club Flub

When Polly and her pals can’t find many people to join their Animal Club, they head to the forest on a quest for more exciting and exotic creatures!
Episode 10

Sugar Rush

An overscheduled Polly bites off more than she can chew when she tries to help Peanut make countless cupcakes…and loses her locket in the process.
Episode 11

The Badgering

While at Girl Squad Sleepaway Camp, Polly, Lila and Shani try to earn all their Seedling badges…while protecting the locket from Griselle!
Episode 12

Night to Remember, Part 1

Polly is forced to work with conspiracy theorist Nicolas to plan their school dance, and they play right into Griselle’s plan to miniaturize the town!
Episode 13

Night to Remember, Part 2

Griselle, now mayor of Littleton, has the town trapped in a forcefield. Polly will have to trust Nicolas with the locket’s secrets to save the day!
Episode 14


Polly wants to throw a pool party! But when that means breaking a promise to her dad, she needs to decide between what she wants and what is right.
Episode 15

A Little Fright

Polly and her pals have big plans for Halloween! But what will happen to their night when Griselle appears in costume to try and steal the locket?
Episode 16

Pocket Poltergeist

When Pierce hires a paranormal investigator to clear the Pocket house, Polly and her pals must stop her from discovering the locket’s true power.
Episode 17

Short Cuts

Shani believes Polly cheated and is so upset, she throws away her own science fair project! Can they rescue it from the trash before it’s too late?
Episode 18

Snowball Effect

Polly competes in her first Gold in the Cold Fest! But when her efforts are sabotaged, she’ll need Grandma’s help to make it to the finish line.
Episode 19

Socially Awkward

Obsessed with a social media star, Lila bails on her local food drive. Now her friends must juggle saving the food drive and saving Lila from herself.
Episode 20

Brotherly Love

To make the skate park open to everyone, Polly and her pals must beat skate king Devin and his crew in a competition.
Episode 21

A Yacht of Problems

Polly and her friends set sail on a yacht adventure! But when a strange island force saps the locket’s power, Shani must step up to help fix it.
Episode 22

Tiny Escape

Polly sets out to rescue her friends from a pencil case and desk drawer.
Episode 23

Spa Daze

When Polly loses her mom’s phone at the spa, she takes Grandma Pocket on a tiny adventure to retrieve it and foil Griselle’s schemes in the process!
Episode 24

Gwen the Great

When Polly notices Gwen is lacking self-esteem, she comes up with a plan to make her feel more confident! But when Polly’s plan begins to work, it is harder than she expected to keep Gwen’s ego in check.
Episode 25

Unlocketing the Past, Part 1

Polly’s locket is on the fritz. Now, she must explore the history of Prudence Pocket to uncover the secret source of locket power.
Episode 26

Unlocketing the Past, Part 2

Polly and her pals have found the Pockite mine! With the locket restored, they just need to make it back safely, but that’s easier said than done.

About this Show

Polly Pocket

No dream too big, no adventure too small for POLLY POCKET! When Polly inherits a magic locket that allows her to shrink to four inches tall, she embraces her pocket-sized powers and finds the upside of shrinking is big fun for her and her friends.

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