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pocket.watch JillianTubeHD Ultimate mishmash

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It’s time for DIY fun with pocket.watch JillianTubeHD Ultimate mishmash! Join YouTube...more

It’s time for DIY fun with pocket.watch JillianTubeHD Ultimate mi...More

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Episode 1

Challenges and Cool Trips!

Jillian plays the 3 Marker Challenge with Disney characters. Then, travel with Jillian as she sings the National Anthem at a football game and goes fishing with Uncle Markey.
Episode 2

Donuts and DIY Baking!

Jillian bakes Christmas cookies for Santa Claus and her brother, Evan helps decorate them! Then Jillian and MommyTube try a new recipe for pizza pretzel bites. Finally, Chef Jillian makes a batch of magical mini donuts!
Episode 3

Subscribers and Scuba Divers!

Jillian and MommyTube go on a girls trip to visit grandma. Then Jillian counts down to her 100,000th subscriber. Finally, check out Jillian's go pro Vlog of her awesome family vacation!
Episode 4

Puppies and Presents!

Its Chloe's birthday, and Jillian is throwing a party for her favorite furry pal. Then, on Jillian's birthday, she receives the gift of another surprise pet!
Episode 5

DIY Food and Toys!

Jillian crafts race cars out of candy, then makes a bowl on her very own pottery wheel! Next Jillian makes her own DIY soda at home and then she shows us how to make DIY stress balls at home but things get a little messy and a little stress-y!
Episode 6

Total Makeover and Temporary Tattoos!

Jillian gives her Barbie a makeover but with Jillian-style! Next, Jillian pranks DaddyTube by putting temporary tattoos on him while he's sleeping! Finally Jillian gets a full princess makeover on a Disney Cruise when the Tubes take a family vacation.
Episode 7

Skateboards and Sushi!

Jillian opens up her brand new Hatchimal and hangs on for a ride on a super cool boosted skateboard! Next Jillian opens LEGO Disney Mini Figure Mystery Bags and has fun with arts and crafts when she makes DIY fake sushi!
Episode 8

Gaming and More Gaming!

ROBLOX EVERYWHERE! Jillian puts on her gaming headphones and play games from the ROBLOX collection, including Roblox: Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid, Roblox: Prison Life and Roblox: Gravity Falls!
Episode 9

Gold Slime and Fluffy Slime!

Jillian and DaddyTube make a batch of Giant Gold Slime to celebrate Jillian's 1 Million YouTube subscribers! Then Jillian makes a batch of Fluffy Slime with ingredients in her home, and she breaks open her slime DIY kit for slime experiments!
Episode 10

Spaghetti Yetis and Fall!

Jillian and MommyTube play Yeti In My Spaghetti, when it gets a little too real. Next, the Tube Family heads to Jillian's Harvest Festival for fun family outdoor activities. And Evan and Jillian face off in 5 Second Rule!
Episode 11

Squishys and Hoverboards!

Jillian shows off her collection of squishies and plays, not one but TWO rounds of Squishy VS Real. Then, the Tubes create their own indoor obstacle course to compete in a family hoverboard race!
Episode 12

Baby Teeth and Braces!

It's JillianTOOTH! Jillian hopes the tooth fairy find after she loses a tooth on a trip. After losing all of her baby teeth, Jillian goes to the dentist to get braces.
Episode 13

Princesses and Hawaii!

Jillian lives out her Disney Princess dreams when she films a video with her YouTuber friends at "Disney Princess Headquarters." Next, the Tube Family travels to the Disney Aulani Resort where Jillian gets a Moana makeover.
Episode 14

Crafting and Pancakes!

Jillian turns the kitchen into a science experiment when she creates a batch of DIY play dough. Then, Jillian crafts a cardboard robot and a dinosaur diorama for school. MommyTube + DaddyTube in the parents edition of the Disney Pancake Art Challenge.
Episode 15

Karate and Unicorns!

Jillian's karate themed birthday lets her show off her kickin' skills. In her next turn around the sun, Jillian hosts her friends for unicorn themed celebration, where guests make their own slime!

About this Show

pocket.watch JillianTubeHD Ultimate mishmash

It’s time for DIY fun with pocket.watch JillianTubeHD Ultimate mishmash! Join YouTube star JillianTubeHD and her brother, EvanTubeHD, in all of their Tube Family adventures. Watch as Jillian makes everything from delicious, homemade desserts to gold, glittery slime!

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